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Tips to Avoid Getting Rejected for an Google AdSense Approval

  I got Google AdSense approved 5 years back. I will tell you the story behind how to get Google AdSense approval. That time I was a newbie to this…

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Why is it so Hard to Earn Money from Publishing eBooks’?

  I do make good money from Kindle publishing, but I have been writing in the same genre for five years, and have spent the same amount of time building…



Top 3 Free Traffic Sources for Your Website

  Free traffic sources are what I was fascinated by during my early days of affiliate marketing. Traffic is the lifeblood of this industry. This could be either paid or…

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How to Improve Writing Skills?

  Is it the reader’s persuasive writing tips? What makes you being a failure. You were struggling for a long time. You want, but getting refused evermore. Writing is an…

How to Create a Highly Effective Writing Routine?

  Many writers spend a disproportional amount of time idea-generating rather than getting down to work. Only with hard work, you will create a highly effective writing routine that will…

Affiliate Marketing

How To Become A Successful Affiliate Marketer?

  Affiliate marketing is one of the first steps for anyone seeking to make money online due to the little amount of money needed to get started. Sad to say,…