10 Easy Ways to Make Money Online From Home


Nowadays the concept of making money online has become quite established. This notion is increasingly spreading its presence competing with the conventional ways of making money. There are quite 10 easy ways to make money online from home and these are getting popular day-by-day. Interested individuals can take training from competent organizations and establish themselves as successful online workers.


However, before anyone considers online work, they should keep certain issues in mind. First of all, they should take it seriously. There is substantial competition regarding online jobs these days. Although there is no office environment, colleagues, or supervisor, workers should think of it as a typical job. Moreover, they should keep a professional attitude right from the beginning by writing resumes correctly. Also, a person should provide some samples of his/her work so that the employer can get an idea. Finally, it is advisable to double-check every document before applying anywhere for online work. If they do not follow these steps, then they could not generate a satisfactory result. There are many aspects of how to make money online. Following are the ten legitimate ways of earning money online that one can follow:


10 Easy Ways to Make Money Online From Home

Make Money Online From Home

Getting paid by websites: 

Several sites spend a decent amount of money for doing an array of things, for example:

  • Swagbucks: In this site, one can do works like take a survey, use their search engine, etc. This website is a great way an earning some money rather than sitting idly in front of the computer surfing web.
  • InboxDollars: This is also like the website mentioned above. They even offer a search engine that pays and provide $5 for signing up. Some similar sites include Global Test Market, E-Poll Surveys, Survey Club, etc.
  • Project Payday: People can earn money online by signing up on this website for getting paid to get a free trial.
  • User testing: Here a site tester gets $10 for visiting and navigating a new website and the website owner gets to watch it. This is an easy way to make some money.
  • FiverrThis is an interesting site where every work is charged and offered at $5. In this way, someone can earn some quick money online.
  • Idea: This is something that works about a blog or separately. Workers get paid for blogging, tweeting, taking photos or videos. However, since the payment depends on traffic, the freelancer should try to increase blog followers.


Freelance writing: 

An individual should only go for this if he/she has a knack for writing. Ten websites that pay for printing are as follows:

  • Listverse: This site pays for write-ups that are at least 1500 words long and are in a 10 item list format. For every accepted post, the writer gets $100.
  • TopTenz: This website pays $50 for every accepted a post that is in a 10 item list format and a minimum 1500 words. 
  • A list apart: In this site, a writer can get $200 for each approved post, but they write up has to be 1500 words long. However, there is a slim chance of the job getting accepted here.
  • International Living: Here an individual has to write about their travel experience of visiting a new country. Each accepted piece of writing gets $75.
  • Funds for Writers: An author can submit an article of 500-600 words about writing. If approved, they can make $50 for each approved post.
  • Uxbooth: Although this website takes four to eight weeks to publish a write-up, they pay $100 for each accepted job.
  • iWriter: This site offers some flexibility to write about a topic or number of articles and pays up to $15 for each approved post.
  • Text BrokerHere a writer can start from 3-star writer and work their way up to becoming a 5-star worker.
  • Matador Network: This site pays $60 for each accepted post, but the standard fee is $20-$25. An article can be a maximum of 1500 words.
  • The penny hoarder: This website pays up to $800, but this is very rare. The pay depends on page view and starts at $100 for 50000 page views


Selling goods: 

Selling one’s stuff can be the lucrative option of online income. However, the possessions must be of decent quality and have to be appropriately photographed to get a good price. Lastly, the seller should get a PayPal account for a smooth transaction. The following websites are an excellent starting place for online selling:

  • com: This is the best option when a seller does not have a warehouse and does not want to get into the hassle of shipment.
  • Craigslist: Here one can list their item for selling, and interested buyers can contact the seller. This is how one can make money online.
  • eBay: One can open a shop on eBay or just sell some of their stuff here. This is a great way of making money fast.
  • Etsy: This is a remarkable way of selling arts and crafts. Etsy keeps a small listing fee and takes 3.5% of every sale made from the site.
  • FacebookMany business opportunities have flourished with the help of Facebook. One has to post the item they want to sell and get some amount of money after selling.



An individual can earn money from home through blogging. However, he/she has to have massive traffic following for the blog to succeed and thus make a significant amount of money from it. There are some ways of monetizing the blog. They are as follows:

  • Advertising: Placing an ad on the blog is the most common way one can earn money online. In this way, one can generate money fast.
  • Affiliates: In this way, the blogger promotes someone’s product and get paid for that. Products that are relevant to the blog are to be selected for promotion.
  • Membership: Some bloggers charge membership fees for exclusive content that are only accessible to the members. But the content must be unique.
  • Products: Products created by the blog owner, for example, app, professional article, etc. can be a good option for sale to the visitors.
  • Services: Just like products, services can also be sold off a blog. However, it has to be genuine. The afterward blog owner has to fulfill the claims made before.
  • Sponsored/paid posts: This is promoting someone else’s product through an article placed on the blog. This can be a quick way to make money.
  • Subscription: Here the blog owner has to supply a newsletter, magazine, etc. to the subscribers on a regular basis and charge some money for it.
  • Videos: People can create account or channels on YouTube and can make money from there.


Work at home companies: 

Some businesses allow employees to work from home while deciding their schedule. Some of such firms are as follows:

  • Crowdsource: This site offers many types of work, from small tasks to large ones. One can earn money only through such works.
  • Demand Studios: This is an ideal place for creative professionals, like filmmakers, writers, artists, etc.
  • Fast Chart: Here one can work as a medical transcript by fulfilling some requirements and qualifications.
  • Leap Force: This is one way through which Google ranks websites in search engine result pages. Real money can be earned after one gets hired.
  • Lives: This is a call center in which one can operate, work, and make money from home.
  • Speak write: This site pays up to $15 for transcribing information. This is a quick way of earning money online.


Quick ways for online income:

People often ask how I can make money online. Fortunately, there are some quick ways to do so. They are discussed below:

  • Buying and selling domain names can be a profitable option for online income
  • Doing paid surveys online is a lucrative choice for making some decent money
  • Editing audio, i.e. cleans up recordings, interviews, etc., before they go live is another way of making money online
  • Entering lots of free contests increases one’s chances of winning and making some money online.


Online marketing: 

With the advancement of internet, online marketing has entered into a new dimension. Following are some ways through which one can earn money online with the help of online marketing:

  • Becoming an online mystery shopper
  • Doing webinar marketing, which is a cheaper than real life seminars.
  • Referring other professionals for jobs, where people get paid when their designated person gets hired.


Selling online content: 

The following online materials are a profitable way of earning some money online:

  • Selling one’s music
  • Becoming freelance designer
  • Selling stock photography


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) outsourcing work: 

Many outsourcing organizations provide training for becoming qualified freelancers. Once someone establishes themselves in this field, they can take part in online jobs from home and thus make money.


Target a niche:

There is always a demand for a special kind of product that no one else is offering or has required to a particular group of people. If someone can provide such a product and set up a website for providing it, then they can earn a substantial amount of money from it.


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