Work From Home Online Trading on Financial Markets


By my experience, a good way for extra income or work from home online is – trading on Financial Markets.

I was in the same situation for over 3 years, and I was searching for an online job where I could earn money from home, while I am studying at college, then university.


It was hard to find a good source for extra income

I tried making videos and publish on YouTube, but this market is so full of different content, I spent a lot of time for recording videos of a certain topic, tried to promote it, but unsuccessful, I didn’t get what I expected. I found it very hard.

Then I moved to another type of online business – Affiliate Marketing. I registered in different companies where I could resell their products, created several websites, added a huge amount of products, and tried to promote them through Social Media Networks and Search Engines. It was weak, but I got some income.

I did so much work, I spent about half a year on creating everything, and in a result, I got a small income and it was not stable.

I invested some money into advertisements to check will that help in promoting and getting a profit. It helped for some time, my expenses covered by profit, but then profit became equal to expenses.

I don’t know, maybe I was doing something wrong, but in common, I spent about 1 year on Affiliate Marketing, and my income was floating. Actually, it was not what I expected and I quit this online business.


Enroll in online courses TO FIND what else I could do from home

I was thinking about what else I could do from home, while I am studying. I searched in Google any ideas and found platforms with online courses, where people share their skills and experience – Coursera, Thinkific, Udemy, and Skillshare.

Before I enrolled in any of the online courses, I looked through all topics and found good material about YouTube marketing and Affiliate marketing, exactly what I was doing. I enrolled in some courses to check if I can find something new and correct my work.

I took 4 courses, watched it, and I understood that in 80% I was doing same as instructors explained in the courses. Looks like YouTube and Affiliate Marketing was not my topic for earning money online.

As there were a lot of online courses, I continued searching for another topic where I could earn money, and I remembered about Bitcoin, that it was on the TOP since 2017, everybody was talking about cryptocurrencies. I decided to check it and something related to that.


Trading Financial Markets have NO competition

I checked some courses about cryptocurrencies, Stock market and Forex market. Before enrolling the courses I read the information on Internet about Financial markets and watched some videos on YouTube.

I discovered one good thing – working from home online trading on Financial Markets have NO competition, compared with YouTube and Affiliate marketing.

After I watched several courses about cryptocurrency, Stocks, and Forex, I traded on Forex. I found it more effective in day trading, comparing with the Stock market. Stocks are more for long-term trading, but I prefer trading within a day. I watched some courses about cryptocurrencies, but I didn’t find any good instructor who could learn to trade, only surface material.

If you want to make extra income online sitting at home, you can check online courses on the Internet. There are a lot of different topics, and you can choose any you want.

I found Forex the best for me, and it brings me extra money today. I think working from home online trading on Financial Markets is one of the best sources for extra income or work from home online.


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