How Start to Monetize Videos on YouTube?


If you start a channel you can’t monetize it until you have something like 1000 subscribers and 4000 views on your videos (I assume this has to do with the value for money advertisers can get). So you’ll have to build up your platform and probably make a few videos before you reach that point.

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How Start to Monetize Videos on YouTube?

Some tips to help you to start to monetize videos on YouTube:

  1. Look at viral content in your niche and see if you can make that contains your own somehow (all successful people find inspiration in content that’s proven to be useful to their subscribers)
  2. Solve a problem for your subscribers (it doesn’t matter if you help them through a game, teach them maths or do a makeup tutorial). You have to make both the problem and your solution very clear!
  3. Post content regularly (especially early on), getting loads of views on one video and two on the next will hinder your ability to monetize the channel, consistent quality and content is key to gaining AND KEEPING subscribers
  4. Make a simple logo to try and highlight a brand (again you don’t need to do anything fancy here if the brand is cat videos get a logo of a cat it doesn’t matter what the content is just stringing it all together)… maybe think about a slogan too, really anything that can set you aside from the competition and make you seem legit. There are loads of channels these days you will always need to set yourself apart.
  5. If you use any equipment in your videos, get an affiliate link for Amazon for example, and put it in the description of the video. If your viewers then click on the link and buy the camera, for example, you could make from 1–10% on the sale which is easy money for you, especially if the items relate to your content then you already know the viewers must be interested in the items!
  6. Get involved in Facebook, LinkedIn groups, etc for brands and influencers if you think you fit into that category, sometimes they’ll do paid promotions with you which can be really useful if they operate within your niche … but I’d advise you to only work with a brand that you genuinely think will interest your audience, you don’t want to lose credibility over a bad partnership!
  7. Try to follow some “gurus” on Instagram and Facebook too, I know they brag a lot but they usually do give some solid advice about what they do! Even if you don’t find it helpful it’s a good motivator to keep going when you’ve accidentally been scrolling through your feed for a half hour and can’t seem to get started.

I hope this was helpful to start to monetize your videos on YouTube! I know everybody want to know how to make money on his first video but unfortunately, that’s quite hard to do unless you have a lot of viewers and going viral these days on a once-off chance is rare. You need to be patient and consistent in early failures. Your first video may not do too well but trust me when I say the next one will be better and in a year’s time, you’ll look back and thank yourself for starting your channel! Once you’ve got some subscribers and views go to the monetize section of your YouTube page and enter things like Scale Lab to scale the channel (and therefore make more money).

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