Tips for Students to Make Money Online


To start, I am wondering; you become tired.

Are you searching for online money income for students? Whether you get confused about where to start and how to start?

I know that. You need extra money, pocket money, and extra cash! Are you searching for an online job, outsourcing, freelancing, and work from home? Students usually do a typing job and mobile apps.

For clarity, don’t worry. Keep reading to the end. I show you exactly how a student can make money online.

In short, students can make money online with more comfort.
You never thought like this. But in truth, most students don’t know that.

Most significantly, be careful of decision-making — action-taking –processing to earn, everything should be precisely and concisely.

You decide online money income for students, considering the following thing.

  1. How much education do you have?
  2. How much time can you invest daily?
  3. Can you invest money to improve your skills?
  4. How often do you need money?
  5. How much more money do you need?
  6. Which device do you have — smartphone — laptop– or both?
  7. Can you read, write, and understand English?
  8. Do you need urgent money?
  9. Do you want to make an online career?
  10. Are you searching for part-time or full-time jobs?

In research, we observe that most students take the wrong decision considering the above factors. 

The wrong decision makes you mislead to go nowhere. You require coming up with the right discipline.


For GPT program, what do you need?

  1. No skills
  2. No investment
  3. And no need a high education
  4. For a short time job
  5. Anytime you can do
  6. You can leave or stop anytime
  7. Easy doing jobs. Watching videos, click on ads, surveys are simple jobs.
  8. You need only a mobile device with a net connection.
  9. Anytime all over the day or night, you can work.
  10. Increase income day by day


How to earn money online without investment?

What are the Best Legitimate Ways to Make Extra Money Online

Never think like this, so we keep ourselves behind for this reason. We were worldwide laborers, and then now we are online labors.

You should invest time and money to build your online career as much as it needs, competing worldwide competitors. Are you searching for online money income for students?


  1. GPT program: Online money income for students

Do you know GPT job sites? Student or unskilled worker platform where they can do simple jobs. Jobs always are available on GPT sites. 

Don’t pay to learn anything. What do you need to do these jobs?

GPT stands for ‘Get Paid To‘ which means to get paid after finishing work. Students do jobs in this job marketplace. No skill, work any time, payment instantly, withdraw anytime though it is $1.

I give you Job Search Keywords, which means you can search for this job on Google and YouTube for more information.

I also give you a Job site link where you can get the job directly.

Furthermore, I give a YouTube English video tutorial. You can search for those tutorials. Students make money online through the GPT program.

  1. Watching videos:

If you choose to watch videos, why not get paid for it? You can earn money by watching videos in your spare time.

Job search keywords: earn money watching videos online 2020

Job site:

YouTube tutorial:

  1. Reading emails: 

Job search keywords: earn money online email reading 2020

Job site:

YouTube tutorial:

  1. Paid surveys: 

Job search keywords: earn money paid surveys online 2020

Job site:

YouTube tutorial:

  1. App installs: 

Job search keywords: making money install apps 2020

Job site:

YouTube tutorial:

  1. Free trials:  

Job search keywords: make money signing up for free trials

Job site:

YouTube tutorial:

  1. Paid to click:

Job search keywords: earn money paid on click online 2020
Job site:

YouTube tutorial:

  1. Quiz: 

Job search keywords: play quiz and earn money app 2020
Job site:

YouTube tutorial:

  1. Polls:  

Job search keywords: earn money from polls online 2020
Job site:

YouTube tutorial:

  1. Paid games:

Job search keywords: earn money from paid games online 2020
Job site:

YouTube tutorial:

  1. Sign up: 

Job search keywords: earn money from Sign up online 2020
Job site:

Youtube tutorial:


Category-02: Writing jobs for students to income online money: 

Job careers are for educated people such as graduate or postgraduate or similar degree. If you have an interest in writing, you can do the following jobs as a career. 

First, learn how to become a freelance writer and then you can make money online.

You can earn decent money. No doubt. Sure!

Our educated students can earn money online through writing.

  1. Freelance writer: 

Do you like to write? If you are a postgraduate, English is clear to you, and you should have a laptop. So you can complete a writing course and then earn money. 

Enormous writing jobs are available on the net. A quality writer can earn decent money easily. 
Training course keywords: how to become a freelance writer 2020, or free course on a freelance writer, or paid course on a freelance writer.
Job site:

YouTube tutorial:

  1. Copywriter: 

Can you write now? When you become a freelance writer, and you earn money by writing, then your next focus point is the copywriter. 

A copywriter can write advanced business content such as Landing pages, reader persuasive writing, and high-quality content

They can earn more money than a regular writer.
Training course keywords: how to become a copywriter 2020 or free course on Copywriting or paid course on Copywriting.
Job site:

YouTube tutorial:

  1. Technical writer:

Have you finished the Copywriting? If yes, you can try for technical writing.

When you can earn money from Copywriting, then your next focus is technical writing. I have seen an offer for technical writing $1000-1500 for an article.   
Training course keywords: how to become a technical writer 2020 or free course on technical writing or paid course on technical writing.
Job site:

YouTube tutorial:

  1. Course writer:

Now, you can do business with writing to earn more money online. For instance,

You can write a course and then sell it online. When you write it, you need to do in-depth research on the topic you write.
Training course keywords: how to become a course writer 2020 or free course oncourse-writing or paid course on course writing.
Job site:

YouTube tutorial:

  1. Ebook writer:

Similar to the course writer, you can earn money by writing ebooks. Amazon Kindle is one of the best places to publish to sell your ebooks.
Training course keywords: how to become an ebooks writer 2020 or free course on ebooks-writing or paid course on ebooks writing.

Job site:

YouTube tutorial:

Other online writing job sites asunder.

  1. iWriter
  2. FlexJobs
  3. BloggingPro
  4. Guru
  6. People-Per-Hour
  7. Craigslist
  8. Writer Access
  9. Textbroker
  10. Constant Content


Category-03: Web site design 

Best Way to Get Traffic to Your Blog

Do you know? People launch thousand of new websites daily. It has Endless jobs are on the web. For website design, you need professional skills. Here is the way students can make money online?

WordPress is a free CMS blogging platform. CMS stands for Content Management System. 

WordPress site needs a WordPress premium theme and plugins. A significant part of web design is theme configuration and plugin setup. 

  1. Create new websites:

Creating a new website is an excellent job. A professional website designer earns enormous money. 

First, you need to complete a website design course. Lots of webs site design jobs are available on the net. 

  1. Fixing website errors:

Critical errors, usually people can’t solve them. They hire an expert.

Google search console errors are the most critical jobs. 

Google Analytics, search console, theme configuration, and plugins mismatch errors are job types. Short time technical jobs, but you can earn huge money.

  1. SEO service:

Most high professional jobs. SEO service is very demandable and evergreen jobs over the world, if you can do. 

How can you learn? If you can read 500 SEO related posts and write 100 posts on SEO related topics, SEO itself gives you thanks.

  1. Theme master:

You can configure themes for a new website that is a relaxed job. 

But when you configure a new theme for the old website, that is very tough jobs. 

Change the theme for the old website makes it hurt for SEO and ranking. You need to have SEO skills. Enormous jobs are on the job marketplaces. 

  1. Sell ready website

The website designers can do this is business. A niche blog that has 20 posts, and it can drive organic traffic. If it has 20 DA, you can sell it near to $5000 to $10,000.


Category-04: Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate Marketing Make Money While You Sleep

Affiliate marketing is a great job. It has different part-jobs such as keywords research, SEO services, and organic traffic & SEO ranking. These types of jobs are available on the web.

When you become a writer, during this time, you can develop yourself for those jobs. Direct starting this job is almost hard.  A student can earn money online.

  1. Keywords research:

Do you know keyword research? It is an excellent job. That is an essential job and a strategical job. A research job is demandable and high-paying jobs. For a new affiliate site, it needs highly targeted keywords.

Discover niche topic keywords for a niche website, long-tail, and relevant keywords. They also need informational, commercial, and LSI keywords list.  

  1. Amazon keyword research:

Affiliate marketing with Amazon product’s website needs product-related keywords. They need highly targeted buying keywords.

If you can understand keywords research, it is the best job. You will get per keyword basis payment. 

  1. Commercial intent keywords research:

Affiliate marketer looks for commercial keywords. Sales come through buying keywords. 

Identifying niche related commercial keywords is a tough job.

If you can make yourself an expert on keyword research, it is a highly qualified career. The research needs fewer keywords paid tools. 

  1. Sale affiliate blog:

If you are a smart affiliate marketer, you can create a website, and then make it ready to sell. You can sell it at a high price. You require to be a professional blogger. 

To sell a website, it has a sale site. You get an attractive price if the website gets ranked and organic traffic driver.  

  1. Affiliate marketing:

You can earn from your affiliate website. The affiliate is a well-known online digital marketing business. You require having full affiliate skills, full time, and enormous efforts.


Category-05: Jobs on social media.

How to Increase Facebook Followers in a Month

Do you have a social media account? If yes, you have a friend building skills. But nowadays, social media is a great marketing platform. Mastering social media is a tough job.

You need proven skills such as building a niche audience, ads analyzer, drive traffic,  and depth research. 

I spend 15 days on how to create a professional Facebook page. In contrast, you may be confused about why and how I spent 15 days.

At least ten times, I changed my FB page URL and bio. Why?

So social media is a big platform to build a personal career. The virtual assistant is a favorite job for women over the world. 

You can make your social media skills in the following job categories. People hire experts from anywhere. How can a student earn money online?

  1. Social Media Content Strategist:

  2. Social Media Manager:

  3. Social Media Marketer:

  4. Social Media Expert:

  5. Social Media Graphic Designer:



The ultimate guide about online money income for students. Don’t be crazy to earn money faster, otherwise, you become tired. 

From the beginning, think about how to learn the job you want to make money. 

For GPT program, spend one month to learn. Attend every job on the site and read the terms and conditions looking for you like. 

After one month, choose two jobs and two sites. Don’t work in everywhere for every job. 

If you do all the jobs everywhere, you can’t learn at all. Permanently, you must leave the rest of all sites. 

First, you may earn a little money or no money. Don’t worry, day by day, it will increase. After three months, you can understand everything, and then you can perform quality jobs.

Freelance writer, you learn for three months. You should read writing-related posts on our website. After three months, you write for free on LinkedIn, Medium, and Quora. Then you get started earning from job sites.

Web designer, you should complete a course on web design, and watch web design YouTube videos. After three months, do free jobs for three months. After gaining practical and robust skills, you can start earning.

Don’t forget three things:

  1. Do online jobs persistently.
  2. Learn, gain practical and useful skills, and then get started earning.
  3. GPT program, you should spend a month for training. And other jobs, three months in training and the next three months free job gaining practical and useful skills.


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