Making and Selling Jewelry From Home


In this article, we will explain the details about making and selling jewelry from home. Using jewelry is always fashionable. Of course, you can buy trendy necklaces, trendy bracelets and stylish earrings in jewelry stores or online stores. However, homemade jewelry is unique and is always preferred.

Making and selling jewelry from home is a very fun and joyous job. You can use a variety of materials to make jewelry in different styles, and you can find the best place to sell jewelry online. Before you start making and selling jewelry from home, it is helpful to determine your sales policy for making and selling jewelry successfully.


How to Make Jewelry to Sell Online?

If you have the ability and interest to make jewelry is a very fun way to make money selling jewelry from home for you. Since the type of jewelry is various, the cost of making each jewelry will be different. You can find the right materials and you can also get jewelry making ideas by searching online.

You can get various ideas about making jewelry through Youtube. It is also possible to publish the jewelry you make from your Youtube channel.

Shopify site has detailed information about how to make jewelry to sell online. You can also sell jewelry through this site.

Jewellerymaker site has a lot of information about jewelry making and the materials used in its content. This site also provides detailed information about the type of jewelry you want to make.


How to Sell Jewelry Online Successfully?

Make Money Online With Handmade Jewelry


Making jewelry at home is quite fun and easy. You can sell jewelry online. But there are a few ways to follow.

  • Low cost but the high-quality material selection is important. You can buy your jewelry materials wholesale. This increases your chances of finding more affordable materials. And it is very important that you use quality materials to ensure sustainability in your sales.
  • In order not to increase the kind of material you will use for the beginning, you should determine the type of jewelry you will produce well.
  • You should try on the jewelry that you will sell online. You must be careful not to sell jewelry you don’t like.
  • Remember, buyers only buy products by looking at their photos in online sales. So take a nice picture of your product.
  • You need to calculate your production cost correctly. You must calculate your material, labor and overhead costs in detail and determine the cost of selling jewelry online from home well.


How Much Money Can You Make from Jewelry Making?

After the details we shared about making and selling jewelry successfully, let’s see how much money you can earn from jewelry making.

Jewelry types and prices are very different from each other. For this reason, it is very important that you decide which jewelry you will make as described above. In this article, we will make a sample calculation based on your daily working hour fees.

First, you must calculate the cost of materials, labor, and overhead costs. This calculation will determine your cost of jewelry. You can calculate your jewelry cost by taking 3 times your expenses in a simple way.

According to our research; daily earnings of jewelry sellers on average are $25. If you work 7 hours a day and you can earn

7 x 25 = $175  per day for making and selling jewelry from home.

It means you can earn 175 x 30 = $5250 per month on average.

This may vary depending on your working hours and the jewelry you are selling.


The Ideas of Best Place to Sell Jewelry Online?

How profitable making and selling jewelry from home is obvious. And you learned how to sell jewelry online successfully. So do you know the best place to sell jewelry online?

Here are the sites that you can sell your jewelry:

  • Etsy: Etsy is one of the largest areas where handmade products are sold. It has great sales potential and is developing day by day. There is a $ 0.20 commission for each product you add.
  • Amazon Handmade: Amazon launched Amazon Handmade in 2015. It is possible to sell all your handmade products through this platform. By the end of 2019, Amazon offers Professional sales plans at Handmade dealers. There is a $ 1 commission per item sold.


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