4 Proven Ways to Increase Website Traffic


There are many techniques you can use to increase website traffic, so you can avoid the fate of many internet marketers. One of the biggest challenges for most new internet marketers is getting enough traffic to start producing sales. Since many new marketers lack the experience to utilize effective traffic-building strategies, they often become disappointed with their results rather quickly. As a result, most of them give up before they start making any significant amount of money.


Search Engine Optimization

Proper search engine optimization should be your primary traffic-building strategy. You can increase website traffic simply by including the correct keywords on your website or blog content. To determine the right keywords, you can use a tool such as Wordtracker or Keyword Country. These tools will use existing content from your website or blog to suggest keywords that people are searching for on Google and other search engines and will tell you how many other internet marketers are targeting the same keywords. By choosing highly searched keywords with relatively little competition, you can help your site rank well in search engine listings and gradually increase website traffic.


Comment on Other Blogs

Another good technique to help you increase the traffic to your website is to comment on other marketers’ blogs. There are thousands of blogs available on just about every niche imaginable. Leaving comments on blogs helps gain exposure for your site; plus, in some cases, the links back to your site from these blogs help boost your site’s search engine rankings.

When you comment on blogs, make sure that your comments add to the discussion. You should make a genuine effort to read the blog posts and write comments that are relevant to the post’s content. Many internet marketers just try to get away with leaving comments like “Nice blog!”, but these are often disapproved by the blog owners. Meaningless comments make it look like you are simply trying to get exposure for your own business, which is typically not taken very well in the blogging world.


Pay-Per-Click Marketing

A third option to increase traffic going to your website is through pay-per-click marketing. You can craft ads that will appear on the first page of search results on Google and other search engines, and on other marketers’ websites and blogs. It is important to use this strategy cautiously, though, because you will be charged a fee every time a visitor clicks on one of your ads. If you do not actively monitor your traffic results, and compare your pay-per-click marketing expenses against your website revenues, you can quickly end up in financial trouble using this technique.


Forum Posting

Finally, you can use forum posting to increase website traffic. No matter what niche market you are targeting, chances are good that there are several discussion forums related to your niche. You can place a link to your website in your forum signature, so it will appear each time you post to the discussion forum. It’s very important not to actively promote your business in your posts, though, as this is viewed quite negatively by forum users.

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