Achieve Your Dreams with SEO Content Development


We are writers, authors, or content writer. Considering we can write our father’s name. SEO content development is not the same.

It needs research, practice, and in-depth skills. SEO and users’ intent content is difficult. Without SEO content generating, nobody can stand out online marketing.

Here is what I express how to create SEO content to satisfy Google winning adoring fans.

Sound hard?

Don’t worry. Keep reading. I am with you. Ok?


Achieve Your Dreams with SEO Content Development


Here is the game to write SEO content on how to meet your dream. Write exceptional nobody could write it earlier. Do you have that writing dream? The writing dream is a challenge; you need to win.

Writing skills and SEO skills are different. You are an SEO master, but don’t how to write a persuasive sentence? Or you a pro writer, but you don’t know how to write SEO content. You get failed, no doubt.


What is SEO content writing?

Google satisfaction with your content sends readers to your website, and readers are pleasant to read that definition SEO content writing.

Here are a few ideas on how to improve SEO content development. Only writing is not enough. You have to calculate SEO and quality from different angles.


Idea 01: SEO optimization:

Visible your web pages on SERPs. How to optimize your pages in SERPs? Google can recognize your post, and readers can choose your blog post to read.

Optimize your pages with particular keywords. Keywords based SERPs is our goal. How to pick a topic to create content? It needs keywords. 

How to get keywords? So, It needs keywords research. 


Idea 02: Keywords research:

Why do you need research? What does your reader want to read? And which keyword they use in a search query to meet their needs.


Keyword research


I have done a keywords research on how to pick a topic for this article? 

Step-by-step guide on how to make keywords research? Ok?

Are you ready for that?


Step 01: Find the seed keyword.

Around your niche topic, you need a seed keyword. My niche is blogging tips. I thought I write for content? I pick a seed keyword as SEO content. 


Step 02: Find related keyword around the seed keyword.

Open the google planner tool to detect related keywords SEO content. Look at the below image.


Google keyword planner-min


The Google keywords planner provides keywords in the first red color box. I cut other irrelevant columns. 

The first red box shows monthly two search volumes by range. The next red color box shows a monthly single search volume. 

I collected it by using tool. 


Step 03: Keywords grouping: 

The keyword planner tool provides me 913 keywords. It does not relate 913 keywords to SEO content. So I need to make them into groups with related keywords. 

I am searching for an SEO content-related long-tail keywords list. How to collect it? Look at the below image. How do I make them into grouping?

Achieve Your Dreams with SEO Content Development

Keywords grouping-min


Step 04: Which keywords group I select:

I selected SEO content + keywords for long-tail. I pick SEO content development, which has 170 monthly search volumes.

The first column is for SEO + long-tail keywords. And Second column is for SEO content + long-tail keywords.


Idea 03: long-tail keyword:

How to prepare a blueprint of a content frame? I have 100+ long-tail keywords for this SEO content development. Without pressure and in natural ways, I will use them spread out over the content. 

Every line and paragraph must align with the post title. Relevancy is a matter of SEO-oriented content. 

Achieve Your Dreams with SEO Content Development

Content blueprint-min


If you outline the content you write, subheads don’t mislead your titles. Here is what I blog about in my blogging. I don’t suggest following. I do not prescribe a standard method to follow.


Idea 04: on-page SEO:

On-page SEO is still a matter. Don’t ignore it. Please remember three keywords.

  1. Long-tail keywords: SEO Content development.
  2. Related other keywords: Create search engine optimized content. 
  3. Synonyms keywords: SEO-friendly article.

You should use entire long-tail keywords, with the above different patterns, spread out over the content. Where to put keywords? 


Place 01: Title


  1. SEO CONTENT DEVELOPMENT: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For Everybody. 
  2. Here Is What You Should Do For Your SEO CONTENT DEVELOPMENT
  3. How I Improved My SEO CONTENT DEVELOPMENT In One Day

Look at the above three places in a title. You can use any pattern. The first pattern is the best.


Place 02: Meta description

SEO CONTENT DEVELOPMENT Is Not That Difficult As You Think. It needs a Mindset. Genius Idea! Here I show you how to write an SEO-friendly article.


Place 03: Slug, permalink or URL


Meta description-min


Place 04: Keywords in the first paragraph:

Where the exact place in the first paragraph, you should keep your focus keyword. There are four places you can understand. 

  1. The keywords are in the first words of the beginning sentence.
  2. Anywhere in the first sentence.
  3. Anywhere in the first paragraph.
  4. Anywhere in the first 100 words.

Focus keywords, anywhere in the first 100 words, is the best idea. 


Place 05: Keywords in H1, H2, H3 tag:

Use the exact focus keyword once in the following H-tags.

  • H1 is for the title.
  • H2 is for the subhead.
  • H3 is a sub-subhead, if possible.


Place 06: Keywords spread out over article body:

There is no ideal or specific percentage for a better SEO ranking.



Keywords density


Look at the above picture. The 12 focus keywords are among 1804 words. The rate is below 1%. 

But I use more related keywords and synonym phrases. 


Place 07: Closing paragraph or conclusion:

Focus keywords anywhere in the closing paragraph.

In the above places, you need to use the exact match of focus keywords. Related keywords and synonyms, you can use as much as you can. 

Thus, you can create an SEO content development to drive an organic traffic stream. 


Idea 05: SEO strategy:

You should have a plan for how to use SEO in your blog and blog post. On-page SEO, I have just above discussed. 

You need to have a plan for off-page SEO. How many ways do you want to reach your niche audience. 


Steps-01: Backlinks

High-quality content can win quality backlinks organically. A backlink is a reward for quality content. So you need to spend time on how to create quality content. 

Do you know, if you spend 2 hours of crafting an eye-catchy post title, how much improve your post title is.

We create poor-quality content and spend money and time building backlinks.


Steps-02: Internal Link 

Internal links can drive traffic from your domain. Do you know that? 

And an internal link is one of the best SEO metrics. So, link your page to other pages in your domain.

Remember! Relevancy is a mandatory rule. But only links are not enough. The internal link connects with anchor text with other pages on the website. And anchor text, you need to use proper keywords.

Google loves internal links. The user stays a long time on your blog. Thus, they can navigate to other pages.


Steps-03: Blog comments 

Commenting is one of the best outreach methods. You read the others’ blog posts and put their insightful, multi-line comments. Commenting make your extended yourselves in your niche market. People know you, and you can understand other people in your niche market.

Commenting can build valuable backlinks that SEO metrics. It can drive traffic, too. 


Steps-04: Guest posts. 

Guest posting is efforts and audience sharing. You create content for another blog. Right? They give you to write your bio with a link. OK? Their audience can understand and come to visit your site. SEO content development works behind the guest posts. Sure!


Steps-05: PPC ads. 

If you can invest money, you earn traffic through paid ads. It is cost-effective. So, it needs calculation so that the PPC doesn’t backfire. 

It needs to measure how helpful using PPC ads. Right?

SEO content development is not only an on-page SEO strategy. You need to use the entire SEO strategy to make SEO-oriented article writing. 

Achieve Your Dreams with SEO Content Development

Idea 06: SEO marketing:

Online marketing depends on content strategy.  Quality content is a matter of SEO marketing. How much your audience is ready to read your articles.

SEO content is also a matter. How much Google can recognize you in your niche market. Google wants to see your expertise, trust, and authority in your niche market.

SEO content marketing is the basement of the entire online marketing. It needs proper strategies and services.


Idea 07: SEO service:

You need SEO service providers. To compete in the online marketing, competitive world, you need to have pro SEO skills. SEO expert is a talented job. Beginners can’t serve the entire SEO service.

Because of that, specialists, agencies, and companies developed to give the SEO service.

SEO service is costly. Affordable SEO service is a matter.

You can write quality content. But quality content needs to make SEO oriented.


Idea 08: SEO company:

SEO specialists, agencies, consultants, and companies give SEO services. They are professional SEO.

They know the latest and updated SEO strategies. SEO service providers do great research in SEO fields.

Because of that, SEO for the quality content they need other help. They buy the SEO service from others.

If you have SEO lacking, you can read 300+ SEO articles, which SEO gives you to thank. You can solve your SEO problems in your life.

Content development needs perfect SEO to apply. Do it by yourself, or others, and you will make a decision.

If you are a serious blogger, you can invest for the first time after launching a blog to make an SEO-oriented blog. It is a good idea.


Idea 09: SEO content development:

You need to have at least three pro skills to develop SEO content.

  1. Professional SEO skills.
  2. Persuasive writing skills.
  3. You need to be an expert in your niche, market, audience, and products you will sell.

What is quality content? If your readers want to read your content, then your content has value to readers. What is SEO content? Google recognizes your content in its field. 

How to develop SEO content? When you can create quality content by applying on-page and off-page SEO strategies. SEO optimized content that its readers want to read is SEO content development.


Idea 10: SEO content analysis:

Analysis content for SEO is SEO content analysis. Over 200 SEO metrics, people how to measure to apply. 

How much you can apply, it can figure out through SEO audit tools or content analysis tools. The following tools you can use.

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Google Search Console

These tools help you discover the problems and advise you on how to fix them. 



SEO content development is a tough job. It needs long experience and pro skills. 

The content is King. It is not true everywhere. When you can develop user intent content with SEO oriented, then this content is King. 

The entire online marketing method they need quality content.

Quality content is a powerful element of successful online marketing. Social media drive traffic to your website through quality content.

Improve your writing skills. Be an expert in SEO. Discover what your audience needs urgently. Then you create SEO content. 

I am interested to hear from you. How much does the article influence you. Or your skills share with us so we can learn from you. Leave a comment.


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