Best Mobile Friendly WordPress Theme is Road to Success


Why is the WP theme intensely important? You might be a beginner. WordPress theme gives you pro services. I will show you how to drive the most quality services through the best mobile friendly WordPress theme.

Authority websites capture the full market in your niche industry. They are the main divider-wall between beginners and their success. 

Industry influencers dominate your niche market or industry. Is it right? Do you believe it?

I don’t believe it. Google doesn’t keep biased with influencers. 

Google wants to make sure quality service to its users. It stresses to achieve quality services, nothing else.

Remember, Google itself is a business. It has customers. The customer wants the best service from Google, or they will move elsewhere. 

As a result, if you are a beginner and have a new blog, you must wait to catch the destination. It is so far from you. You need to improve your skills, and your website gets qualified for a quality service provider.

You don’t get a quick button, auto button, and top-secret on online marketing. It craves Labor-intensive, hard work involved and time-consuming effort. 

Is there a way of Winning Tactics to overlook them? Outreach to avoid them. Go through bypass road to arrive at the destination.

YES. YOU have. Sure!

Sound comfortable, right?

Being a star in your industry is a matter of best mobile friendly WordPress theme. The super-quality theme has a great achievement on your behalf. 

You have a lacking of SEO, but the WP plugin provides professional SEO services and guidelines. Do you know that? 

You don’t know structured data, Shema markup, and rich snippets. But your theme is well-organized with those high configurations.

Fascinating best mobile friendly WordPress theme tactics can help your business grow. Here is what your WP theme has the golden features.


What is the best mobile friendly WordPress theme?

Google gets indexed our pages as a smartphone basis. The smartphone is a lightweight device.

If you want to optimize your page loading speed on the smartphone, your page should be lightweight and speed-loading.

What makes your site speed-loading? The best mobile friendly WordPress theme can make your website lightweight. The mobile-friendly site is an influential part too.

If you want to be a star in your industry, the best mobile friendly WordPress theme can finish half of the battle. And it can manage the full on-page SEO strategies. 


  1. Lightweight and SEO friendly

Mobile users grow day by day. And mobile is a lightweight device that needs high-speed loading pages. 

Google pays stress on quality service for the mobile device. It gets indexed pages based on the smartphone. 

The premium WordPress themes that as lightweight and mobile-friendly. The theme organizes the pages loading and makes the business website mobile friendly.

So you need the best WordPress theme that is mobile-friendly. You need to have enough budget to buy the right WordPress theme.


  1. AMP ready

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. The tactics work behind AMP converts lightweight pages that load faster for smartphone and tablet users.

I am using an AMP plugin. But the WordPress theme itself gives the services. Google gets AMP pages indexed.

Premium WP theme manages the technique without a plugin. So you need to pick the WordPress theme that has an AMP version.


  1. Newsletter subscription call-to-action

Email building tool that collects emails from visitors. Newsletter subscriptions with the call-to-action drive the emails. Can you estimate how important the subscription tool?

WP theme you buy should have the feature. Otherwise, you need a plugin. Please remember you need to avoid WordPress plugins. It increases the site’s weight.

The money is on the mailing list. It comes from the subscription. You can convert the subscribers to potential customers with communication through mailing. 


  1. Rich snippets support

Google stress on it getting a well-form search result for its user. At the age of beginning, we need to write code. Then it comes up with WordPress plugins. Now WordPress theme itself configures your site for rich snippets.

Google has a few snippets, such as reviews, recipes, and events. The rich snippets are not your headache. 


  1. SEO ready and schema integrated

SEO is a gigantic idea. People become failed to achieve real techniques. Google changes its algorithm. You need to get updated alongside google changing. The old and new SEO are the main problems. 

The premium quality WordPress theme manage the latest SEO metrics. It takes an SEO hassles out of your headache.

The theme can manage most on-page SEO strategies. After that, you need a plugin such as Yoast WordPress SEO tool. 

The schema markup is for rich snippets. The best mobile friendly WordPress theme can manage it. 


  1. Responsive and Retina ready

The theme makes your site squeeze for mobile-friendly and gets relaxed for a desktop version. Your site must be compatible with desktop, mobile, and tablet users.

So it needs a powerful technique to manage the features. You can’t avoid those features.

Retina ready is a phrase coined by Apple. Over time, this has become a significant part of web design. The main goal of this technology is to have sharper images. It can pack more pixels per inch, such that the colors are brighter and more vivid. It helps you get sharper fonts


  1. Full flexibility

Flexibility is not like a responsive idea. The theme makes your site more relax. You can change whatever you want. It makes your site fit for all. It means integrating with most features.


  1. Local SEO optimization

Your website can optimize the entire online. Your business location is in your country, or near to me, and even your city. Google provides the service through Google map. So Google needs your full mailing address and location of your business.

The local audience is a potential customer based on trust. To collect them, local SEO needs a few configurations that our theme should have.


  1. Lightweight and super fast

Super fast loading depends on the lightweight WordPress theme and hosting server speed. Fast loading is a matter for multi-device support. Mobile users grow day by day.

Google stresses on page loading speed, mobile-friendly page, and site. The page loading speed is a tremendous problem these days. How to optimize your site speed for mobile?

Mobile itself is a lightweight device. It needs a lightweight theme, website, and super-speed hosting server.

The WordPress theme gives you the services and takes the load out of your headache.


  1. Optimized for high performance

You find on the web many tools to measure your website performance. Page speed, mobile-friendly, AMP, minify resources, and site SEO and technical audit.

By using these tools, you can measure how much optimize your site for high performance.  Without those tools, the theme can craft your site a high performing machine.


  1. Optimized for high-speed

Do you know why and when your site becomes overloaded? Look at the following reasons.

  1. Low-quality host server
  2. Too large images
  3. External, embedded media
  4. UN-optimized browser, plugins, and app
  5. Too many ads, banners, and sponsored post
  6. High-weight theme
  7. More Widgets
  8. Double-barreled code
  9. Browser Caching
  10. Worse server requests

Do you know your premium WordPress theme can control the above everything? When you choose a WordPress theme, check whether it has the features.


  1. The design is for SEO and digital marketing companies

New bloggers don’t find the features.  And even they don’t know how to configure themes, enable them, and use them. 

The eCommerce theme means the theme has more resources to sell products online. 

It has exceptional SEO orientation for digital marketing.


  1. Minimalist layouts

The minimalist themes focus is on your content. The theme needs to be lightweight. But it needs a stunning even without massive effects and design elements.

No extras, no waste, and it needs the required design elements. 

Modern minimalist design is fully AJAX-enabled functions. It has no plugins required to solve it. Your theme needs to have the minimalist is a trending feature. 


  1. Modern SEO services icons and illustrations

The image related to your content is SEO metrics. It is well-known, and people use it. But the icon services, SEO strategies. So the theme needs to have SEO icons and images organized.

Search engines can extract image direction. Pinterest is famous for its visual search engine. It can search for queries from images such as Google can search query from the text.


15 Minimal designs

The minimal design combines black and white or other color palettes based on unbiased color design.

The simplicity is the best, using a two-color palette and pairing it with one intense color is the right choice for a minimalist graphic design.

It is basic. Be basic. And keep it basic.


  1. Flexible grids

The theme should be a flexible manner. It can squeeze or enlarge to support the multi-device. CSS design has 12 grids based on a percentage to make the theme responsive.

The theme needs flexible grids to get responsive design. You should confirm when you buy it. Look at image below is a flexible grids example.


  1. Short-code generator

What is a shortcode? How can it generate?

For instance.

You create a newsletter subscription form. You need to keep it in different places. Now you take the full code or shortcode to use the form. 

If your theme has a shortcode generator feature, you get the shortcode to use the form.  Then you can copy it and paste it elsewhere.


  1. Enormous Typography and color options

Look at the below image. It shows a typography setting in the theme design view. You can change your font color, size, and other fonts related to formatting.

The feature is very crucial to design your text and pages.


  1. Feature image functionality

Google gets images indexed. Your image can get SEO optimization on the SERPs when images are SEO organized.

How to configure your image for SEO strategies? How and where you can work for image SEO in your theme.

  1. Image file name
  2. Image format. ForthGen image is the best format.
  3. And image ALT tag.
  4. Image description.
  5. Image caption
  6. And image size
  7. Image resolution


  1. Responsive and Retina-ready layout

Apple invented the term “retina-ready” when it released the iPhone 4. The theme developers use the trending feature. 

It refers to devices that are more suitable for showing more pixels per square inch. The effect is sharper images with pixels that aren’t observable by the human eye.


  1. Fully customizable

End-user level customization is a vital-point. The theme design, format, and layout show the default setting. But you can change it. 

Nothing fixed here. Most parts of the theme you can change. 

But sometimes you need skills to change. No problem, you can come back with the default setting with another button press.


  1. The advanced network of options

To get one solution, you can use different options. Look at the image, four options you can edit one thing.

This feature makes the theme user-friendly. 


  1. Parallax and lazy loading

A page loads through different layers. Images are more weight that makes them lazy load. So the page load partially. 

Because of that, Parallax 3.3 announced. Now with lazy loading become smart images.

Find the best Lazy Loading WordPress Themes with Parallax Effect. 


  1. Simple design

Simplicity is the best. It is basic. Be basic. And keep it basic. Follow the simple design. 

So we need the simple design, lightweight, mobile-friendly, and SEO optimized WordPress theme.


  1. Other related features

I have discussed a few features briefly. Most features remain unlocked. Here is what you can get simple ideas to define a theme for best mobile friendly WordPress theme. Webmasters should have theme features, practical ideas. 

  1. Color schemes
  2. Cross-browser
  3. Customizer
  4. Footer
  5. Full screen
  6. Full width
  7. Google fonts
  8. Header image
  9. Html5
  10. Magazine style
  11. Masonry
  12. Minimalistic
  13. Multipurpose
  14. One-click
  15. One page
  16. Flat design
  17. Page builder
  18. Page layout
  19. Parallax scrolling
  20. Page template
  21. Sliders
  22. Twitter bootstrap
  23. Visual composer


  1. Best WordPress themes

Your WordPress theme selection depends on considering your business and blog types. If you have a personal blog, you need a WordPress theme that is a premium, cheap, or free theme. The responsive WordPress theme makes your WordPress site fabulous.

Envato — Elements and Themeforest offer you the themes you like such as portfolio wordpress theme, Magazine wordpress theme, and Woocommerce. Elegant themes are not bad at all.



It makes me amazed. Most new bloggers search for free premium WordPress blog themes. 

Most of them don’t know what genre of rich features has in their themes. They buy premium themes, but they can’t use the business features.

Buy the best mobile friendly WordPress theme and learn how to use it. 

The above features make you understand how many features a theme should have. What is the act of them? How to configure them with right align to its perfectness. 

Can you believe me, a theme can make your business achieved the goal.

For instance, you don’t know about SEO, but your theme is configured SEO with the right alignment.

What more features of WordPress them, you know? Let us know. We will learn from you? Leave a comment.


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