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If you’re looking for ways to make $10 per day online, then you’re only under-estimating the power of the internet. Making money, online doesn’t have to be that strenuous or a tall-order as many people take it to be.

There are several websites where you can start making money online just by rendering services ranging from article writing to Amazon product review writing, article re-rewriting to proofreading, Kindle books, eBooks, cover letters, etc. But most of these sites today are getting crowded with a vast number of freelancers making it too competitive and hard for new freelancers to easily get hired. But you don’t have to get discouraged by that as there are always alternative sites where you need not compete with anyone to get jobs.

My best recommendation is: iWriter: Content and Article Writing Service

iWriter: Content and Article Writing Service is an online freelance article writing platform where writers can get hired for writing jobs from those clients in need of their services on any topic. It’s a very easy-to-use website where anyone can just start making money immediately after registration.

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Getting Started to Make Money Online With iWriter

The first step to getting started is to go over to iWriter: Content and Article Writing Service and register an account using your email address. After the registration, go to the main menu and click on the option “Write Content” to select order under the standard writer type. You’re taken to the test page where you’ll take simple 15 questions on grammar and understanding of English.

Once you finish the test–which should be easy for anyone to pass–then you can view the instructions of the requester for the topic you’ll like to write on. Click on the + sign to expand the order. Always ensure you read carefully the client’s requirements by clicking on the “Special Instructions” menu and after that, you can decide whether you’ll be able to write in line with the instruction stated by clicking on “Write Article” or you will go back and search more orders.

Once you click on the button “Write Article” the clock counts, and you can submit your article by the expiration of the time. Under no condition should you waste your time on any order you know you wouldn’t be able to deliver scroll down the submission box and cancel it? Doing this doesn’t affect your level or status in the platform.


Writer’s Rating – iWriter’s Types or Levels in iWriter

Every new member on iWriter is placed on the Standard level when they sign up on the platform. At this level, you’re limited how many orders you can take at a particular interval, say 45 minutes after you just delivered an order. What this means is that you will have to wait for like 40-45 minutes before you can take another order following the one you just finished. This shouldn’t give you any discouragement as you can get more orders once you’re able to get 5 article approval and more so if your requesters approve your work as early as possible.

Below is the breakdown of the iWriter’s ratings:

  1. Standard Writer
  2. Premium Writer
  3. Elite Writer
  4. Elite Plus Writer

Note: Charges vary with each of these levels, and you’d need to keep refreshing to get more orders. For example, an article of 500 words count could go for $32.40 in Elite, the same word count could be $8.10 in Premium or even far less than that in Standard writer’s type.


How Do You Get Paid In iWriter?

Payment in iWriter is fast and is through PayPal. You can choose when you want to get paid within the week or month, and you can also set your minimum cash out to as low as $20.

Tips for Using iWriter

There are lots of problems you may encounter with using the platform, but with these little tips and tricks, you should be able to fine.

As a newbie, you are so eager to make money so it behooves you to start on a very strong foundation. I should always give the following key things consideration as you’re working:

  • Maintaining 5 Start Ratings: One of the best and easiest ways to get to the Elite writer status fast which is where the money lies is by maintaining a good rating when starting out your article writing on iWriter. Always go for requesters with a good rating from 4 and above. From my experience, requesters with an approval rate from 80% or above and with short and friendly or easy-to-understand instruction (not “I will reject your work straight away if….) are better to work with and would likely give you a good rating.
  • Delivering Quality Job: There is no way I think I can over-emphasize this, but you just have to give it a priority that your work is superb. That is the only way you can ensure you keep having a high rating and repeat buyers. Avoid plagiarism, and if you must research for your article (which is never a crime and in fact everyone does) always rewrite the ideas, you get from your research in your own words. Never copy and paste because your article will end up getting rejected as iWriter will subject it to Copyscape check.
  • Paying Attention To Details: Another area you will have to pay attention to is in articles that have to do with using keywords. Don’t overdo it but maintain a balance. Depending on the word counts, for example, keyword density of between 1% and 3% is normal, but anything above this might not be well again. Try to ensure you don’t use the keyword in the article of about 500 words length, for example, over three times. This way, divide your article into three paragraphs, use your keyword once in the first paragraph (first 150 words), once in the last paragraph, and last, in the article’s body.

Remember SEO article is never a sale pitch and should neither sound like one. No mentioning of the requester name anywhere in the article is accepted.

  • Asking For Clarity Where Necessary: One way to ensure you build a friendly working relationship with your clients is through communication. Although not all requester will approve of this at a start, you should never under-estimate the benefit you can get from this especially when you are handling a job that requires a more or long time for you to conclude. Send messages to him to keep him in touch and to let him know you’re doing his work and ask for any clarification as regards his work.


Things To Avoid To Protect Your Account From Being Terminated?

There are few cases that could lead to iWriter to ban your account. Except for any of these, you wouldn’t have any problem with your iWriter account.

  • Maintaining multiple accounts from the same IP.
  • If your article/order some requester tagged as spam.
  • Giving yourself a rating.
  • If you continuously submit low-quality or poor articles.
  • Using insolent words against other members or requesters.
  • Taking requesters out of the platform by requesting for their emails or external means of communication.

I’m sure you have learned one or two things from this article that can help you jumpstart your freelance writing to make money online?


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