Is that Drive Traffic to Your Website? Or what is your problem? Your posts have no readers, right?. But why? Your post doesn’t find its readers? People don’t find your post. Or both.

Well. Can you say—why people spend time to click to read and comment on your post? How much more you make separate yourself than others in your niche market? Do you create a unique solution; nobody could create that earlier?

Your posts have two problems you need to solve. And then your bandwidth needs to extend.

  • One is you have to have hyper super skills on your niche, niche market, and niche audience & their urgent need.
  • The next is you need to write sentences that lead the reader to the next sentient. Thus, effortlessly, the content carries on your reader to the end.
  • Your content gives a gift to readers, giving a specific solution. That is great.

For instance, a practical example, this content offers you how to drive organic traffic to your blog post. 

If I can give you a real-life solution and then you can drive traffic to your post. The post is an example of how to write a post that attracts readers.

I said two problems, the reason why you can’t drive traffic to your website.

  1. Niche related problems
  2. Writing related problems
  3. And the gift to solve the reader’s problem

Improve yourself as an expert in your niche, super expert, and even extremely super expert. 

For instance, when I launched this blog, I read 200+ posts related to my niche topics and wrote 25 articles with around 100,000 words and then published them on LinkedIn. They are still alive. I spent time for that near to 90 days.


Solution one:

Read ten articles and write one with 2000 words daily. Reading and writing must align with your niche topics. 

If your writing quality is well enough to publish the posts on your blog, otherwise, publish them on elsewhere such as LinkedIn, Medium, and on creating a free blog. 

This exercise is for 90 days. And then, if you write on your niche topics, it will get readers. 

I can promise you to be a success, thus, if you spend full time for 90 days persistently. 


Solution two:

How to improve your writing skills? You need 30 days more. You choose the last 30 days from 90 days, to improve writing skills. 

The topic is how to improve writing skills. Read ten and write one article daily.

 Advance tips for increasing traffic to your website: 

The very extremely sad news is that people commonly don’t ready to spend time, money, and effort to learn. 

I am a writer on Quora. 95% of the answers, how to earn over there? 5% of the answers, how to learn.


Drive Traffic to Your Website: What about your gift?

  1. Do you know search intent, keywords intent, or reader intent solution? Reader persuasive, intention and quality content are some of the best SEO metrics in 2020.
  2. Right Keywords targeting is a massive issue. How to find long-tail keywords? How to find LSI keywords and use them well?
  3. Don’t spend more time on social media. Pay focus on driving search traffic, organic traffic, and Google traffic.
  4. Do you know the continuous process steps that compel your post crawling on to the first page on SERPs? Crawling your post is a big job. 
  5. Do you know why 90% of new bloggers are failures? They rely on social media traffic that makes them unqualified to drive organic traffic.
  6. Look at the homepage, about us page, and contact us. How much SEO friendly those pages? Google and your readers can understand the business you are doing? If not, update them with perfect keywords around your niche topics.
  7. Improve your website health for optimizing load speed, mobile-friendly, and 100% performance score. You can use Semrush that is free.
  8. Write what your readers want to read, not for you, or even not for Google. 
  9. Your paragraph and sentences must represent your subheads. All subhead together represent the ideas of your post title. The relevancy is crucial.
  10. Your content may have 5000 words, but altogether it provides a unique solution.

Write for readers only. If you want your content to get more readers, you write for yourself but not for the reader. In contrast, we write for leads, sales, and increasing revenue. Write for readers is hard to understand, but our failure pinpoint is here.  



Can I solve your problem? Can you drive traffic to your website from now on? Do you find the reasons why your content has no readers?

Do you need to go elsewhere searching for else more solving your problem? If not, this post is an example of how to write that makes readers satisfied. If yes, read the post more two times, and then skip it. 

Blogging needs experimental ideas from different angles, what works, and what not for you.