eBay Fees to List and Sell your Products


eBay Fees to List and Sell your Products


eBay is not a charity, of course; it’s going to charge you fees to list and sell your products. Essentially, two main fees must be paid:

  • an Insertion Fee, charged when you list your item, and
  • a Final Value Fee, charged when you sell the item.



You can find a listing of all the fees to list and sell your products at the following web address: http://pages.ebay.com/help/sell/fees.html.


You pay the Insertion Fee whether or not you sell the item. Plus, you pay a fee for each category into which you place the product. An example of this type of pricing is shown in the following listing:


Starting or Reserve Price

Insertion Fee













$500.00 or more



What if you’re listing multiple items? You simply multiply the price by the number of items. Even then, you never pay more than $4.80 for one listing.

The Final Value Fee is charged when you sell the item. If you don’t sell, you don’t pay the fee, of course. The Final Value Fee is based on the actual price you sold the item for; this doesn’t include any shipping charges. Some examples of Final Value Fees are shown in the following listing:


Selling Price

Final Value Fee



Over $1,000.00


5.25% of the initial $25.00 ($1.31), plus 2.75% of the rest

$28.12 plus 1.50% of the price above $1,000.00


These eBay fees to list and sell are for most products, but some items have a different fee schedule. For instance, the following list shows the current fees for vehicles:



Insertion Fee

Transaction Service Fee

Passenger Vehicles









Pocket Bikes



Other Vehicles




Remember, other fees are involved in completing a transaction. If you’re using PayPal, for instance, you’ll probably be paying 2.9% of the transaction price, plus 30 cents.

In the case of vehicles, eBay charges a Transaction Service Fee, payable, whether or not the item is actually sold, when the first bid is placed, or, if using a reserve price, when the reserve is met.

eBay Fees to List and Sell your Products

Another special category is that of Business & Industrial products, such as farm machinery and manufacturing equipment, which have $20 insertion fees and a 1-percent Final Value Fee with a $250 maximum.

Other fees to keep in mind are those for ancillary services and for using specific categories on eBay. The following shows a more comprehensive list.


Reserve Fees

$1 for items up to $49.99, $2 for items up to $199.99, and 1% of the reserve
price above that (to a maximum of $100). But note that if you sell the item,
these fees are refunded.

Buy It Now Fees

From 5 cents to 25 cents depending on the Buy It Now price.

Picture Services Fees

When you list an item, you can include one picture free. You can add
more, though, for 15 cents each, “supersize” a picture (75 cents), create an
animated picture show (25 cents), or purchase a special Picture Pack that
allows you more images than these other image services for $1 or $2.

Listing Upgrade Fees

You can “tart up” your listing by including a photo in the search results
(Gallery), adding bold to your listing text, putting your item in the Featured
Items section of a category (Featured Plus!), adding the item to a special
placement program that may see it placed onto the home page, and so on.
These fees vary from 10 cents to $80.

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