Get Results With YouTube Marketing


There is one thing that almost always determines the outcome of a campaign even before starting a campaign, and that is research. Research enables webmasters to foresee the outcome of their campaigns without even starting or lifting a finger. One of the main reasons why research is a very important topic to consider in any marketing campaign is because the idea is like supply and demand. The main purpose of the research is to try and find markets that have no ideal established web zone, and to make use of these “empty markets” to ultimately profit money-wise for your self. Research in YouTube marketing is no different from trying to learn search engine optimization. If you already grasp a good hold of SEO and keyword research, chances are, this will be a piece of cake.


Get Results With YouTube Marketing


Learning how to use YouTube wisely will not only give you an additional source in your arsenal of websites to bring mass traffic to your money sites, but it will also help give you a general idea of how crucial research is in any marketing campaign.

Here, I’ll discuss a few methods I use for YouTube and techniques I use to optimize my campaigns ultimately for YouTube marketing to get results.

Get Results With YouTube Marketing

Get Results With YouTube Marketing


Learning How to Filter

If you are a regular YouTube user, chances are, you still are not 100% aware of the advanced filters YouTube has incorporated in their website. What this feature enables marketers ultimately, is to let them be able to filter out unsuccessful web videos and take a peek at and learn from the more prominent videos on the web that are up-to-date. Learning how to use YouTube advanced search is mandatory for any of your video marketing campaigns. The reason why I say this is because it enables you to see what is considered “hot” and what is not.

Here is a great example of how easy it is to use YouTube’s advanced search functions to funnel out only the videos you want. Let’s say you were into American Idol videos and only wanted to find out what videos are among the most popular of the batches that are available.

Your settings could look like this:

Search Term: American Idol 2020 | Sort by: View count | Upload date: This month

You get the idea. The purpose of this is to look ahead of time of what is popular and what is not because as being a marketer, especially ones who deal with entertainment, you want to be decisive and correct when beginning your campaigns — because or else, you will only be blindly uploading videos. The key to any marketing campaign is to find out as much information as you can beforehand and with that knowledge, utilize it to ensure your campaigns have the best impact. Now that you know how to use YouTube’s filter function, you can use it to your video marketing advantage from now on.


Use YouTube’s Keyword Suggestion Tool

Another great tool to help fortify your campaigns is the YouTube Keyword Suggestion Tool, which Google enables users to open access to find out which keywords are among the most searched among YouTube viewers. What information presented within the tool allows you to do, is allow you to generally approximate and find high search phrases at your disposal within just clicks of your mouse.

Although you are not only limited to these methods, these are just some ways that I utilize to help me gather enough information to decide if a market is worth tackling or not before even investing time and money into a project. Also, one of the most important factors in getting your videos to have the most impact on YouTube that I cannot emphasize enough on is to use proper titling, tagging, and description writing. Although many people may not realize the impact of these factors, they do still play a role even if it may be a minor one in deciding if your video is worthy of being on the front page of the search term you are targeting.


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