How do Authors Deal With the Disappointment?

Newbie writers: how do authors deal with the disappointment of putting months of hard work into a book and then watching it fade into oblivion with very few or zero buyers?
As much effort as we put into writing a book, the real hard work comes after we publish. There are millions of other books out there, so if you aren’t spending time building your audience via social media, advertising (when it makes sense to), networking with other authors, and/or finding other marketing opportunities that will put your book in front of your preferred audience, it will quickly fade. So if you are disappointed by a lack of sales, put that energy towards engaging your audience and getting the word out.
Other things to look at as well. Make sure your cover and book description are the best they can be. Also, if you published independently – hopefully you had a good editor, if not (and even if you did, it still can’t hurt), go back over your book text (and e-book as well if you have both) and make sure everything is formatted correctly and there aren’t any glaring typos. Nothing will turn off potential readers quicker than bad formatting or other text errors.
The point is that writing the book is just the beginning. Too many people think that once you’ve published all you have to do is sit back and watch the $$$ roll in. Unfortunately, it doesn’t usually work that way. Especially when one is first starting out.

How do E-book Authors Deal With the Disappointment of Very Few or Zero Buyers?

It’s really disappointing because the authors put a lot of work on it. Honestly, being a Kindle author, there’s a lot of work to do from the author’s end for publishing a book. From the book cover, editing, copywriting thing to the slightest mistakes, it’s a tough job and needs a few days.

When I saw very fewer sales, I was taken aback at first. My first book i.e., the print book got only 20–25 sales including all sites with a profit of only a few bucks.

Although I never concerned about the profits and still don’t, I try to see if I don’t get in any loss because, as an author even I’ve to invest a few bucks to proceed with publishing.

Even my free eBook downloads count just around a 40–50 each for 2 of my books.

I’d say, it feels sad to get over how many people, my book catches the attention of. But again after a few days, I realized that I need to improve it as it’s not that rich. That’s the best step of writing. When you feel that your past writings seem vague in front of your current posts or writings, you’re surely growing and getting mature to write anything. Although my book wasn’t hugely vague still, it lacked something to make readers dive in it.

Although I haven’t recently planned any of the new books, I’m planning to publish later for sure and even get to making music soon with my own lyrics. As of now, I just post poems whenever I have that so said, rare free time.



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