How do Small Blogs Make Money?


There are many ways that small blogs can make money and generate revenue, but we should also look to expand to other platforms such as YouTube, Social Media and expanding your list out.


  1. eCommerce

Quite a lot of smaller blogs or smaller social media followings will link to merchandise stores, either their website (using something like WooCommerce or Shopify)

Most will use a print on demand, which means they only generate the product when someone purchases it, low cost, low overhead and easy to do.

Others will use their blog or social media to sell other products. They use the SEO side of getting traffic to then pass people across to products they have on their stores


  1. Paid posts or sponsorship

This only works if you have a decent DA or Authority Level, or you have at least some backing with traffic… so smaller blogs may struggle with this.

Sites and content creators are always on the lookout for guest posting opportunities, usually, sites that have a decent authority ranking as it will boost their clients own ranking.

Now, these posts can sometimes be rubbish, but you get say over the final article before you make payment for it.

You won’t become a millionaire, but you will make a few $$’s here and there


  1. Affiliate Links

There are two main types of affiliate marketing, or at least in my eyes

eCommerce / Product Affiliate Marketing is whereby you imbed or provide affiliate links to marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay to products that help solve issues.

You will always find Amazon review sites if you search for certain products, so in exchange for a bit of advice, they get a few $$’s if you click their link.

Now if you have a blog set up already, that says, documents your journey about Rock Climbing, you may occasionally link through to products you have used (usually in passing) or you may write up a little article about the products you like to use or things you don’t use.

The other type is Service or Software Affiliate Marketing, these type of affiliate marketing is usually a lot more focused around providing reviews and advice about services or software, that may help solve a problem that someone is facing (the most obvious is the Make Money Online Niche – There are thousands of blogs out there that focus on just doing this..putting products in your face and return getting a % of the sales).

Now you can do this with a rock climbing blog, there may be a book or piece of software that helps rock climbers (who knows) and in return, you again can advise or recommend to readers and followers

Both types work very much the same, a link is provided to a service or product and in return, you get some kind of reward.


  1. Ads (AdSense, BingAds, CPM Networks)

A rather old school way of doing things, but adverts are still a thing, they are not as lucrative as they once where, just because of the sheer number of sites and platforms, but they can still generate a small income.

I believe the rough estimate is around $1 – $4 per 1,000 visitors, but this will depend on the blog and traffic type you have.

Some ad types pay more per click because of their competitiveness (think health, fitness & wellbeing). So if you are in a niche or your blog caters for people who may enjoy rock climbing, then the payout you get from those adverts may be lower.

The other option for small blogs to make money is just to do all 4 🙂 Mix and match!

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