How do you Get People to Subscribe to your YouTube Channel?


You have a YouTube channel but not sure how to get more subscribers? YouTube has had a little of competition in the past few years but is still a great video marketing tool. Reaching 30 million users a day and 5 billion daily video views, there are plenty of people watching cat videos on YouTube. Here you can find how do you get people to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

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So just how do you get people to subscribe to your YouTube channel?

Promote yourself

If you were to google how to get “free subscribers on YouTube” you will most likely find where there are hacks to get free subscribers, these are pranks and will not actually help you get subscribers. They are a waste of time.

You need to get subscribers to get the attention of YouTube’s algorithm. Without the attention, your videos will not show up searches or appear in recommended lists.

To get organic traffic, not only do you need to produce great content but you need to promote your content.

You can do this in a few different ways. You should ask Facebook friends to share your videos. Find your target audience and where they are hanging out and share your videos there. Go to blog sites that discuss your topic or if your own blog site has a lot of traffic and share your video there.


Content Schedule

When creating content you should create a lot of content and make it consistent. The frequency will help you keep subscribers, which is just as important as getting new subscribers.

You need to create content consistently because once you start your audience will start to expect and look forward to it.

An easy way to keep a schedule is to have 1 video a week.


Watch Time

YouTube videos and channels that have higher watch time will probably show up in searches and recommendations.

To increase your watch time the biggest thing is to value your viewer’s time and you need to deliver value right away.

People have shorter and shorter attention spans and you need to make sure you grab their attention in the first 8 seconds of your video. Skip the fancy titles and get straight to your topic.


YouTube Playlists

To turn casual viewers into subscribers, use YouTube playlists. Create a track of the content for new users to watch. Playlists help boost content consumption, keep subscribers, and boost your watch time.

You can make playlists related to different groups of people

The new viewer playlist should have videos that all new viewers should watch. These videos will need to introduce your videos to the viewer. They should also be your best, funniest and most helpful videos you have.

If you have training videos, you should group them together for the viewers that want to know how to do something. These are good videos to increase content consumption as well as letting your viewer know that your channel is a good place to come back later when they have a question.

You can also create a playlist directed towards one specific topic. Viewers can find your videos that are based on one specific topic and work their way through your playlist. Also known as binge-watching your videos.


Title your videos

When coming up with a Title for your videos, make sure that it is a searchable and SEO focused title. Do a little research and find out what your customer is searching for and create your YouTube title using keywords. This will also help if you need help to come up with a topic for your next video.


Social Media

Share your videos on all social media platforms to reach as many people as possible. Make sure that if you use your video as an answer to a question that it is relevant to the question.

If your topic fits on Pinterest, you can create images from your videos and share on Pinterest and then they can view your video from Pinterest. You can also use keywords in Pinterest to optimize your search in google.

You should be hitting it big with subscribers once you constantly create and share content, have a great title and grab the attention of your consumer. It may take a little work but Rome wasn’t built in a day.


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