How do you Make Money with Vlogging?


Vlog, if expressed in simple terms then it is a combination of Blog and Video or you call it as a video form of your blog. Vlogging is getting very famous these days as you also generate a side income rather than passive income with some efforts. But how do you make money with vlogging?

When I first read the word “Vlog” on YouTube and the Internet, like many others I thought that it’s an intentional spelling mistake to catch the attention of viewers.

But to understand in more simple terms, people who are good writers and like to write and share general information, are referred to as bloggers. This piece of information which is posted on the internet on a website, most likely in the form of Articles, is called blogs.

Now, when you share such a piece of information or knowledge or experience or can be any other thing via recording videos, these videos are referred to as Vlogs.

Mostly, these Vlogs are generally posted or uploaded on the most popular internet-based site and mobile application – “YouTube”.


What does it take to be a Vlogger?

Like most people, we all think vlogging is easy and if difficult but it not tough at all. But what we all don’t know that it takes a lot of effort and time to provide valuable content. And this is needed to be done on a regular basis like most other tasks other your video and fades away slowly.

There are hundreds of thousands of new videos being uploaded daily on YouTube. New channels are being created but not each of these is being watched nor people are interested to watch these, mostly because of two reasons:

  • Lack of real content/information/value to your viewers.
  • Poor engagement with your viewers as most likely your viewers don’t feel connected

With the increase of internet users and an increase in internet access through and 3G / 4G plans, competition has risen sky-high. People tend to switch faster to other videos once they note the content is not appropriate.

For a pro-blogger, first and foremost is the content in which the viewers are really interested in. The second thing is the gear you use and knowledge of editing.


Facts about YouTube 

For most people who know that YouTube is part of Google, but to update your facts, it is not from the beginning. YouTube was launched as an American video-sharing site by three former Paypal employees Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim in Feb 2005. It was bought by Google in Nov 2006 for a whopping USD 1.65 billion.

You might be astonished that Youtube is still considered as very new as the first Video on Youtube was uploaded on April 23, 2005. And since then it hasn’t looked back. Youtube team has implemented all new ideas and resources to give the best experiences to its users.


More facts about YouTube

  • There are over 2 Billion logged-in users who visit YouTube each month.
  • Every day people watch over a billion hours of video and generate billions of videos.
  • More than 70% of this time comes from Mobile devices.
  • YouTube has a local version in more than 100 countries.
  • You can navigate YouTube in 80 different languages (this covers almost 95% of the total internet population)
  • YouTube is ranked as the most popular second most popular website after Google.

Credits: YouTube statistics


What is there in a Vlog?

These days with an increase in the pace of life, most people prefer to hear or watch rather than reading whenever they need to know about any information. This is one of the main reasons Vlogs are getting so famous these days.

The pager of information can be easily shown in a few minutes of video and what you get is basically the real feel with practical experience.

What’s covered in a vlog can be broadly categorized under below:

  • Tutorials / classes
  • Short movies can be comedy skits, travel vlogs, lifestyle and luxury vlogs
  • News, updates, and information
  • Review of products, movies, games, cars, mobiles, gadgets, etc.


How do I Make Money with Vlogging?

The primary source to make money with vlogging is through advertisements. Now advertisements can be various ways and you can grab them all together when you start:

  1. Google AdSense: When you start to get some views on YouTube, you can open an account with Google AdSense and link it with your YouTube Channel. Google will start placing ads on your videos. These add views generate less income, but whenever viewers click on these add, income is slightly higher. But these add revenues are not that very high and then almost 45% of the cut will be taken by Google/Youtube. So what you are left with is just 55%. To give you an idea, If you are able to get 100,000 views on YouTube what you generate is USD 300 and then this gets shared by Google/Youtube and you.
  2. Paid sponsorship: This comes at a later stage when you have lots of subscribers, like 100,000 and all your videos are getting over 100,000 views. Once you can achieve this, then private companies contacts you to mention their products in your vlogs. And in exchange, they pay you some money for it.
  1. Affiliate marketing: Same as above, once you a good number of subscribers then you can apply and get affiliated from many websites and companies. Basically, you partner with these websites and promote their products and sell them through the partnered online links.

So whatever revenue you generate, you get a small portion of it – this may be anywhere generally from 2% to 15% depending on websites and companies you get affiliated with. Most popular affiliated websites where you can make money with vlogging are,, cj affiliate program, Bluehost and many many more.


What gear you will need to be a vlogger?

Here I will just talk only about basic things, that you will be needing before you start to make money with vlogging. As you will soon be a beginner, so there is no point that you will invest loads of money. Depending on your success and result you can increase and invest more in your setup.

  1. Tripod – This is the first and most important thing I have given it a priority over the camera. This is primarily because if you are beginner then instead if recording from a DSLR you can always from your smartphone. Now, when you are vlogger, you might need to record in many outside locations and carrying your phone or camera in your hand which will shaky videos and you will find huge difficulties in recordings. Instead, I would recommend using Gorillapods primarily it is easy to use handy and can be adjusted anywhere. Also, the foldable legs give you an extra distance from the camera.
  2. Video Editing software – especially, when you are a beginner, I wouldn’t recommend you spend on this and purchase high-end professional software. You can always google search for the best. You can always work out with free trial and demo software.

Moreover, in the initial stage, you can always work with built-in software in your Windows laptops or even in Apple MacBook / iMac.

  1. Windows 10 and above: If you are Windows 10 user, then, of course, you will be having free in-built “Photos” in-built software.

How do you Make Money with Vlogging

In-Built “Photos” App in Windows 10


It has options like cropping videos, splitting clips, combining clips, adding custom audio, adding title cards with free custom text. Also, it has nice templates.

Overall, it really delivers great results video but you need to get familiar with all options.

  1. If you have an older version of Windows: then most probably you will have Windows Moviemaker.

How do you Make Money with Vlog?

Inbuilt “Windows Movie Maker” Application


This application will also cover all basic features like the Photos App. And same you need to use it a lot to get familiar with all options.


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