How Effective are Facebook ads in Generating Sales?


Facebook ads are VERY effective in generating actual sales.

BUT UNLIKE most people will tell you, the truth is that the success of your Facebook Ads campaign depends a lot more on other aspects of your company and digital marketing strategy than on the ads themselves.

Now, don’t take me wrong.


How Effective are Facebook ads in Generating Sales?

Creating great ads and knowing what you are doing is extremely important when it comes to Facebook Ads. Therefore please don’t ignore the actual ads side.

However, the truth is that a GREAT Facebook ads manager will not be able to make your company and product successful unless all the pieces of the puzzle are in place.

Some of these things you might have that will not help your ads be profitable to include:

  1. Your offer is terrible
  2. You don’t have a landing page to send the ads to (using your website is a bad bad idea and it works with few exceptions)
  3. Your overall strategy is lacking
  4. You have no presence at all
  5. You don’t provide real value
  6. Your copy (the message/text in your landing page) is not good
  7. You don’t know your audience
  8. You are not solving a problem

It sounds like a lot, and the truth is that it is, but if you don’t have those elements in place, your Facebook Ads campaign will most likely not be very good – even if you have a great Facebook Ads person on your side.

If your ads are awesome but the rest is lacking, the truth is that you will get lots and lots of clicks (so really low CPC) but very very low conversions on your page.

Believe me, I’ve been there years ago and my clients have been there.

It took some pretty big falls for us to learn and start implementing a full online strategy. This is why nowadays I help clients get all the pieces in place BEFORE managing their ads.

So, if this is you, stop your ads RIGHT NOW. Go and fix the rest of your strategy before you keep on wasting money 🙂

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