How I use Quora to Make Money Online


There are several ways that you can make money using Quora, but each the method revolves around one thing and that’s answering questions.

I have seen some business owners, affiliate markers (like myself), and coaches (also me) on Quora and while I’m sure not all make money using Quora, most do. Now I’ll explain how I use Quora to make money online.


How I use Quora to Make Money Online

When I first came to Quora, I was posting links to my affiliate links in just about every one of my answers, even to some of my lead generations. What I found is, posting a link, or asking people to go check out the link in my profile seemed a little spammy. So I stopped.

Then I started to post my link less which ended up getting me more leads somehow. So, I went from posting my link in every answer to posting it in every third answer I wrote. The video below will clarify questions you have about this method.

Back then, I was still writing approx. 3 answers per day, ensuring that I would post my link once a day. However, I use a different method now, which has been getting me an average of 4 to 5 new leads a day.

Right now, I’m just giving out the information I know, because I want people to be successful with affiliate marketing. I want people to use my content and start their own digital marketing business. Also, I want people to buy that Bentley they want or whatever.

I do this because I know I will always learn new things, new ways to use affiliate marketing to make money.

Now, as you can see from above, I use videos in some of my answers as well. That’s because I write long answers with tons of value and certain topics come up often.

The videos help me shorten my answers and give readers a quick insight into what an otherwise super long post would be.

Some people sign up to my product and begin their training, while others contact me and we have conversed with each other to get them started. I try to get to everybody, but sometimes people’s names get pushed out of my list before I can respond.

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