How Much Can You Earn With Paid Surveys?

In my experience of speaking with people who take online surveys, people often fall into one camp or the other. They love online surveys and can appreciate the rewards they receive for completing them. They see online surveys as a scam
Obviously, this creates a huge amount of bias making it different to see exactly how much money it is possible to make money from online paid surveys – or if indeed it is impossible to make money.
This is why it’s important to not only go into completing surveys with an open mind – but a clear mind. I’ve mentioned before that surveys are NOT a way to get rich quick. Further to this, they will never be able to replace your day job (at the moment, anyway). However, they ARE useful for making some extra cash.
What one person considers worthwhile cash for their time may not be worth it for another. Those that can appreciate the opportunity to make some extra cash will be the most successful.
As you can probably tell, I fall into the first camp that I mentioned above. I recognize that you can make money from online surveys – and I do – but I also recognize that this isn’t always consistent and I don’t really expect it to be. Having said this, sometimes the pay is fantastic, but I’d be lying if I said this was the case all the time.
The problem with online surveys is that you aren’t in full control. If you don’t receive an offer to complete a survey then you won’t be making money, regardless of how much the survey site pays.
While the income from online surveys is not always consistent, I am a member of so many sites that I always make something. How Much Can You Earn With Paid Surveys? Here’s my general income from online surveys…

How Much Can You Earn With Paid Surveys


A slow week

On a slow week, I could receive around 15 – 20 surveys from the various sites I’m signed up to. How much I earn depends on the surveys lengths and the sites that are offering. I can usually make around $50 cash – but remember that this isn’t the only way to earn money with survey sites.
On some sites, I get fantastic gift card deals and can transfer these points and receive back double my points. Certain survey sites offer added incentives if you pick one of their preferred vouchers/gift cards and on these weeks this option stands out for me.

A good week

I probably have one good week a month – and in these weeks I can receive so many surveys offers that often I can’t complete them all. This allows me to earn up to $300 on average, however, I have had some fantastic periods of high paid surveys where I was lucky enough to earn more.
Now, of course, this doesn’t allow me to quit my day job, but I’m realistic and that’s not the reason I do online surveys anyway.

Is it worth it?

In my opinion, the pay is definitely worth it. For a few hours of my time, I can be $100-$300 richer by the end of the week. The surveys are often fun and I have begun to look forward to completing them!
I think most people would agree that a few hundred dollars at the end of the month would be a nice bonus indeed.

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