How Much Does a YouTuber Earn in a Year?

What do you think, how much does a YouTuber with 1 million subscribers earn in a year if he/she uploads two videos a week and gets 300k visits average per video?
You’re looking at it all wrong.
I don’t know why people are so focused on views per video, it’s monthly views you should be focused on. A YouTube channel with 1 million subscribers getting 300k views per video uploading every single day getting 9 million views a month isn’t going to make as much money as a channel uploading every day getting 50k views per video, but getting 20 million views per month. Monthly views matter, not views per video. YouTube also isn’t linear like the question suggests. You’re not going to get consistent views per video like that, it’s going to vary a lot.
Now to get into the actual answer, it depends. Since 2017 it’s been harder and harder to get an idea of how much money channels make off of just Ad revenue from views. Location, video topic, video genre, amount of profanity, video length, etc. are just a few of the variables. Even the smallest change in any of these can impact your earnings, making it impossible to tell unless you have access to the person analytics.
But the foundation of this question is flawed. Subscribers don’t matter, views per video don’t matter either. I’m assuming we’re not talking brand deals, merchandise, or any other additional ways to monetize yourself on YouTube either.
I hope 2019 can be the year in which these types of questions finally die off, that’s not going to happen though. There are just too many variables nowadays to even give a remote estimate of earnings. This is why I barely ever answer these types of questions anymore and ignore most of them. But occasionally I’ll bite and answer one.
If you want clear cut answers on earnings, start a bunch of channels from all different types of genres and see what makes the most money. That’s the only way you’ll know how much does a YouTuber earn in a year …


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