How Much Earn YouTubers with 1 Million Subscribers?


How much does YouTubers with about 1 million subscribers earn in a year if he uploads at least two videos a week and gets 300k visits average per these two videos?


Recently, PEWDIEPIE one of the biggest and the 2nd most subscribed YouTube channel shows his earnings and if you know about it, you will want to be a YouTuber Too. He recently uploads a Video titled “Looking into My statistics” and compares his channel and Net Worth estimation with the number and rumors listed on other websites. According to the video, he is making somewhere between £49.9K – £799.1k in the year. In one a site that his total Net worth to be estimated about $20 Million, he said it is more than that.

Different factors influence the amount of money that you can make from the Videos on YouTube. Three of the biggest chunk of Revenue YouTube sources are; Ad-Revenue, Product Placement, and Merch.

Before I can give you an estimated amount of money, that YouTubers can earn yearly from your videos on YouTube with about 1 Million subscribers and 300k views per video. Here are some Factors that Influence Video Ad revenue.

  • The Video niche: Yes, Religious content will make you hardly $100 with that videos but if your content is about business or real-estate or teaching, then YouTube system will run ads on your updated videos that have a Higher CPM And CPC. CPM Stands for Cost per mile that is the amount of money that you can make from 1000 Video ads and CPC Stands for Cost per Click which is the cost of a click on the ad.
  • Demography: Developed Countries have a High CPC And CPM as compared to under-develop or developing countries. As you didn’t mention from which demography your majority of viewers are so, I will gauss a Number based on both of the demographics.
  • Viewers of your videos on Desktop vs Mobile. A desktop user has a high CPM And CPC then Mobile users, one disadvantage of mobile users is that YouTube Shows fewer ads on Mobile devices.
  • The Age of your Viewers.
  • The CTR Rate: If 100k visitors watch your videos and all of them use Ad-blockers then your revenue will be $0. Why? Because it does YouTube pay you for the impressions and clicks, not on How many people watched your content? Or how many subscribers did you get from your Video? Your revenue has nothing to do with it. CTR Stands for “Click Through Rate” it is calculated in Percentage. If YouTube Stat. shows you a CTR of 5% then that means out of 100 People, 5 clicked on the ads.
  • Ad-Placement: For better User Experience, some Video content producers, often add a fewer amount of ads, which affect the CTR Rate.

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CPC Rates by Country

It is very easy to make money and if your audience is from the developed countries, then you can easily do it full time, otherwise, YouTube going to pay you very low if your audience is from developing countries. As more and more people on YouTube are watching the long-form of videos, this gives a better opportunity for people to upload Longer Videos, as YouTube Policy is that “If your Video is longer than 10 minutes then you can add over one ad” this is one of the interesting features of the YouTube which you can use for making more revenue with the same user by showing them more ads. It will affect the revenue of your YouTube channel By This. As you didn’t mention “How much your frequency of uploading videos that are longer than 10 Minutes” so this gauss may affect the estimated revenue.

One of the most important aspects that most people have missed here is the YouTube Search Traffic. Videos consume more than articles because People on YouTube search for the problems, and so The Videos that got more search Traffic have a Very High Cost per Click and CPM, the Reasons is “Google Knows about this Person interests and so they display the more related ad”

Let’s go back to the Question and find out an estimated monthly ad-revenue with the statistics.

How much does YouTubers with about 1 million subscribers earn in a year if he uploads at least two videos a week and gets 300k visits average per these two videos?

  1. 2 Videos a Week means 8 Videos a Month. We will calculate the monthly revenue from your YouTube channel.
  2. 300K Visits average per video, that is making it 2.4 Million views per month.
  3. You have 1 Million subscribers channel.

YouTube pays $2 to $7 Per 1000 Views. We assume it $2.5 per 1000 Impressions, as Recently YouTube Ad prices go down.

  • $2.5 Per 1000 Views, the amount of money you will make from 1 Million views is $2,500. For 2.4 Million views, you will make somewhere between $6,000 to $7,000.


Quality Is Free!

Yes, you heard it right. Quality is free. The more effort you put in making your videos (Making Making resource) more quality the more people will buy products you recommend, more people will buy products from your Merch site and they will be loyal to your YouTube channel. That will affect every passing month, your YouTube views will increases which will affect your revenue too.

That amount of money with that Huge number of subscribers is only from the Digital ad Revenue. We miss the most important ad-revenue for YouTubers. Which are:

  1. Product Placement. Your companies approached you and ask you to showcase their product. If you are making videos in Health Niche, then companies that dealing with Healthcare products will approach you because you have access to their target audience. This is like a Venn Diagram, your channel audience is the Target users of the Companies. These companies want the exposure of his products and so you charge them by including their product (s) in your videos. Sometimes, some companies have a one year contract with some of these Famous YouTubers. According to the report published in the eMarketers, mostly companies choose Instagramers and YouTubers for showcasing their products or services.
  2. Merch Account: Merch is a platform developed by Amazon to give Influencer an easy Platform for selling their own designed products. Often YouTubers use it for making money from selling their T-shirts and Hoodies. This is one of the biggest revenue streams for most of the YouTubers and online Influencers.

So combining every way of making money from your YouTube videos, you may end up making more than $9K To $10k per month from your videos. This is only possible if you use all the three above-mentioned ways of monetizing your YouTube channel otherwise if you are just relying on Digital Ad-revenue then you may end up with $5K To $6k per month.


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