How to Become a Freelance Blog Writer?


If you have the highest dream of making money online, first you need to become a freelance writer. This idea is to go ahead means you are on a straight path. The path leads you to the destination.

You might search for a financial freedom life. If yes, this dream is so tough to achieve. The life-changing or challenging steps if you choose. This aspiration can build or destroy a career. 


How to Become a Freelance Blog Writer?

How to Become a Freelance Blog Writer?

Most people get failed to search for how to earn money online. They can’t align with steps one after one to go ahead. Without writing skill, you don’t get access to high-quality online jobs. 

So they get started visiting from website to website on the web. Nothing gets a hole to enter the existing jobs marketplace. They become tired and frustrated.  

Improving writing skills to stand out on the online crowd job market faster.

Here is what I show you, the path on how to improve writing skills to earn money online. 

You need a budget for the time span and money to complete an online writing course. Become a blog writer, you need a blog, to write blog posts. Right?

Using free WordPress, create a free blog or website writing over there. 

Integrated with the writer’s blog WordPress theme and essential WP plugins, the blog becomes a performing machine to create a website or a blog where you write for practice. 

Thus, you become a professional writer. 


What is the range of freelance blog writer course?

The content is the core component of the entire digital marketing. The top skills of a writer are the content marketer, copywriter, and author of books or novels. These are professional skills. You can reach there day by day.

The range of freelance blog writer course is the post index covering the course topics. You can be a writer, blog post writer, reader intent writer.  

Blog post writer, maybe with different niches, is as under.

  1. Wedding Blog Writer
  2. Writer Lifestyle Blog
  3. Resume Writer
  4. Blog Traveling Writer
  5. Beauty Blog Writer

Here, you need writing skills and niche skills to write niche blog posts. In this course, your niche is how to improve writing skills?

How to Become a Freelance Blog Writer?


How to increase word vocabulary to write a brilliant blog post?

Read. Read more, you can learn more. Read on purpose to learn words and diversify your reading list. 

Play games, word-board games, you can learn new words. Do word puzzles, you can learn. Join online vocabulary tests.

01: Use New Words: When you write, use new words in your writing. This practice is a proven method to increase words.  

02: Use a Thesaurus: Right, the thesaurus is the best way to improve the word list. For instance, you can drive traffic, increase traffic, generate traffic to your blog. 

The words such as drive, increase, and generate is the same meaning in the sentence.

03: Keep a Journal: Keep a swift file or journal regularly. Leading writers become great by using them. When you find something new word or sentence, keep it and write about them. 

04: Find Empty Words: When you proofread your articles, discover the remaining words. Create new sentences with them or insert them in earlier sentences.  

05: Look up Words You Don’t Know: Finding the way of improving.

06: Learn New Words Every Day: In my practical life, I learned this way. Everyday memory, ten words. A successful method to improve vocabulary.

07: Make Synonym Word Lists: Create sentences with different words for the same meaning. For instance, I can write the post quicker | faster | speed.

08: Edit Your Writing: Proofread your content from different angles. Change your writing with words, improve word count, and synonyms. 

09: Take a Writing Course: You will find the course, writing course, and even a free writing course on the web. Join over there to improve your writing skills and improve vocabulary. 

10: Read Every Day: Yes, read daily. Don’t read you find to read.  On purpose, you should read the selected books.

Pay focus on power words, sensory words, emotional words, and active verbs. These words make your sentences life to invite others to read.


How to write the best sentence for your blog posts?

You know, what are elements to write the best sentences. Do you know that the heart is a part of those elements? 

I love you is an excellent sentence, while it comes from the soul. If not, it is a cheating device. 

Great topic, but a worse writing method makes it boring. A simple topic put in brilliant writing makes it exciting.  Be a brilliant writer.

I am not a writer, but I crave to be a writer.

If I convince you to follow me, that will be an injustice to you. I can say what I have done to win the game. Because of that, If you win the game, your winning is my pleasure. 

I don’t follow others. I don’t play the game ever, follow-back-follow. 

And I do my job with full attention timely. My followers grow organically.

Excellent topics with heart touching sentences make readers engaging. One sentence leads the reader to the next sentence. How to write hook sentences?

Doorbell, mobile ringtone, burning smoke, and smell from the kitchen don’t disturb the reader. Have you read it ever? Have you seen someone read this?    

The power of the sentence doesn’t come from artificial decorative elements, but it comes from the heart. 

How to write it? These are the best sentences. 

Use the active voice, use active verbs, and follow grammar rules.

You need to study them, memorize them, and collect them. 

Staying in practice will keep your writing hand stronger.

Be specific, precise, and concise in writing a sentence. Don’t use fluff, trim the fat, and come to the point in a short sentence. 

Insert facts, make a promise, but don’t bury the lead. Write first, then edit later, connect sentences with smart, and learn to speak the language of benefits.

Write sentences to build suspense, be provocative, but don’t distract attention.


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