How to Become a Top Rated Freelancer?


Top Freelancer! Do you want money? More money? Urgent money? Financial freedom? YES. You are right that you need money.

More, urgent, and freedom– these are misleading sounds in making money online. Financial freedom is a reward of performance, skills, and persistent effort with a lengthy patient? How much do you have this?

A realistic mindset, perfect discipline, and persistent efforts can meet what you desire.

Many countries all around the world have enormous skilled hands who can earn tremendous foreign currencies through online income.

Unfortunately, they don’t know about their proven skills. And how to use their skills online? And then how to earn money online using their existing skills?


How to Become a Top Rated Freelancer?

How to Become a Top Freelancer

Tips 01: About freelancing:

Freelancing is not job-career or job skills. It is a process to earn money online. Let me elaborate on it you have typing skills from the offline job. Your typing speed and accuracy is satisfiable. Can you earn money online with typewriting? Or, you need a freelancing career with it?

But in truth, you already have typing skills to earn money online. You have to learn how to use them in the online job marketplace. And no more else you need. You can become a top-grade freelancer.

The process is signing up on Upwork, find the typing category jobs, read the job description, and then attend bid to win. 

Here is all you can earn money from Upwork by using your existing offline skills typewriting. You have to learn how to use Upwork.

I like to proof you freelancing is not a career skill to earn money online. It is a process of how to earn online income by using your existing skills at your local office.

Tips 02: Freelancing site

Lots of professionals work at worldwide freelancing sites such as Upwork, Fiverr, and else more. 

Remember! You need one or two sites for maximum. Don’t search for 100 freelancing sites. You will get the long list, but then what will happen? Get become the greatest freelancer in one site.

Create a high-quality professional profile on the freelancing site. Crafting profile needs in-depth research on how to create a killer profile on job sites. The compelling profile is your right one step to success ahead.

Everything should represent your skill to hirers. For example, you are a writer, creative writer, or an SEO expert writer. How do you show your username? ABC123, creativewriter, and SEOwriter. Your user name shows your skill and even location. 

You should have a website or blog. If you have no budget, create a free WP blog. Write articles over there, showing your maximum quality skills. Write with different pattern writings, such as How to, List, To ten, Review, and Comparison.

The blog is your portfolio. You add the site when you attend bidding. 

Make a relation with 10-20 pro writers in your field globally.

Tips 03: Freelance jobs

How to Become a Top Freelancer

Here is a big mistake if you know full jobs are on freelance sites such as Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer. You will get lots of jobs out of there. The leading freelancer works over there.

Let me break this down for you. You are a General Manager at a local company. You have professional skills in managing an office, factory, production, and else more. 

The 9-5 job makes you bored. Do you have any chance to earn money online by using your managing skills? Y-E-S. You have. But you have to learn how it is possible.

Step 01: Search for features of management on Google and collect 100 features or as much more as possible.  

Step 02: Discover 5 features you have the best ideas such as 

  • Management is a goal-oriented process
  • Management is Pervasive
  • And management is Multidimensional
  • Management is a continuous process
  • Management is a group activity

Step 03: The above five features which one is best for your writing, reading, and teaching purposes.  

Step 04: Research on the site:

Step 05. For example, choose  Management is a continuous process. Discover 100 subheads of it. Every subhead is a niche that means 100 subheads are 100 niches. Choose ten subheads out of them. 

Step 06. Read ten articles and write one around one of ten subheads. And publish the article you write on as a free member. 

Step 07: Thus, spend three and six months. After this training, you can become a master of these ten topics. This is the way of being the topmost Freelancer.

Tips 04: Freelancing earning

After six months, you become a freelance writer. Professional writer. The writer on a highly demanded topic is management-[your-subhead].

How to earn money by using your online career? Here’s an interesting matter. You can sell your writing skills on management. How?

Search for “intitle: Sites To Get Paid For Writing” on Google. You can find hundreds of sites for those who are paying on writing. Copy with double-quote “intitle: Sites To Get Paid For Writing.”

Choose a few good sites that have reliable reputations on payment.

Get started your writing on management. And the site gets you paid for that.

Why can’t people stand out online? They search for how to earn. They hardly search for how to learn. How to improve their skills for online earning?

Keep it in mind that you need to follow a precise and concise path that compels you to reach the goal. Don’t mistake here, please.

Searching more makes you messy, disorder, or misleading. You can’t reach the end.  

Improve the skill that leads you to how to earn money.

Problems are not earning sources. The problem is to have qualified skills.

Tips 05: Freelancing training

How to Become a Top Freelancer

Without training, you lose your energy, become tired, and make you depressed. 

So, you need to complete training or course on your topics.

People get failed on online when they search for learning on Google and YouTube, and they imagine getting trained. You never earn online money without strong discipline. 

Tips 3 and tips 4, I explain there a self-training process. You do this first, which makes you half expert. After that, you can complete your course, as you can digest paid training very well.

You can find enormous free online training courses. You can attend there. But this doesn’t fit for earning. Remember! Don’t mistake here.

I am a pro blogger and writer. In various forums, I have placed one of the top ten writers around blogging on at least ten topics.

If I tell you about blogging or writing topics, you should follow because I have proven ideas.

So learn from where they have practical experience. For example, I watched a YouTube video. Someone was giving answers about affiliate marketing. After how many days one can earn money from an affiliate website? The answer was three months. 

From my practical experience, I can say, earning to live after three months is impossible for most people. You can earn decent money to live after 2-3 years. 

Learn from where they have real-life experience on the topics you learn.

Tips 06: Online freelance job categories

Countless jobs are on freelance job sites. I think the job list is nothing for you. Your job, is what do you have offline skills? Here a job list just for getting ideas.

  1. Web designer
  2. Marketing strategy
  3. SEO Expert
  4. Ghostwriting
  5. Academic Writer
  6. Accountant
  7. Advertising Copywriter
  8. App Developer
  9. Business Analyst
  10. Business Writer
  11. Commercial Writer
  12. Computer Programmer
  13. Content Writer
  14. Copywriter
  15. Creative Director
  16. Drupal Developer
  17. Blog Writer
  18. Book Designer
  19. Book Editor
  20. Bookkeeper

Tips 07: Successful freelancer

How to Become a Top Freelancer

How to measure success? In a common idea, we are all successful. We are in the job market, and we are earning from freelancing jobs from the international market. Do you want to be the highest Freelancer?

Let me clarify that. When you make a desire for an online job, you get one step success. When you get trained, you are a next step success. Thus, you can reach the end. That means you can earn decent money daily.

So pay focus on training, course, and experiment. People are hiring efficient workers. Sharp hand. Sharp crafting hand. You want to be that. 

When you get started freelancing, remember, payment is not a big issue. Always find the ways of improving yourself is the sure successful path. 

You have no competitors, and your rate is pretty high. Because you make yourself different from others in your niche market, you create a unique offer to your niche people. Who does compete with you? You are the number one freelancer.

When does the competition work? If the same products, the same quality, but different prices create robust competition. Your product and quality aren’t the same as others. 

You are king in your field. And you are an influencer on your market. And then you are a market dominator. Can you? How much time do you spend on online laboring? Upgrade your skill and move ahead. 


We are happy that we have a place in the freelancing marketplace. Do you know we have a place in supplying online laborers? When we become online engineers, doctors, and professors.

I waited for three years to earn money from blogging, affiliate marketing, and creative writing. Now I am happy. I am a pro blogger. Once I got my page rank with a guarantee, in first place on the first page.  

Leave a comment on what is your opinion. We want to learn from you or your aspirations, that courage us. 


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