How to Build Audiences or Followers or Adoring Fans?


The question, of how to build audiences or followers or fans, is a basic of online business. But in truth, those who have a loyal audience don’t ever build audiences.

Why do you convince others to follow you?

Why do people follow you?

Do you have reliable answers?

When I started full-time blogging, two years later, I could understand the mystery of building an audience.

What do you want to say? If someone follows you, the person must succeed in an online business.

Did you become a success?

What is success?

Success is a series of successes, a set of winnings, or overcoming the obstacles on the way of your business. People become successful step by step. It needs a year, or a decade or a full of life. That is a journey or adventure or battle. A journey can teach you how to deal with all kinds of situations, to be patient, and be humble. 

It guides on how you don’t lose companions left and right. In this situation, how can you motivate others to follow you?

Thousands of articles are on the net to guide you on how to build your audiences. Your primary aim should not be teaching others success.  You are searching for how to be a success? Keep doing.

Once you become a teacher, people get started to follow you. Your tone, voice, and approach should be as a teacher. People will get noticed before you.

So put your head down. And finding ways of learning to improve yourself persistently is your job.

how to build audiences or followers or fans

How to build audiences or followers or fans


  1. How to build your audiences?

Building audiences is a matter of winning their hearts. People willingly will stick with you. In the real case, you can’t measure how many people follow you. If you build them, you need to count them.


I am a writer on Quora. Once I became excited if someone gave me an upvote.

Now, in the above image, it shows the notice Quora sent me. 

In eleventh notices, 2 is upvote, one is weekly viewer’s report, and 8 is sharings.

When the author shares my posts, that means she introduced me to her audience.

When do people do this?


My Facebook profile has 4951 friends. I didn’t send a friend request. These are organic growth.


I have a LinkedIn profile. And I have 800+ Connections. I connected with a few fellows who are my mentors. The rest all increases organically.

I am busy with the work on my own. I don’t have time to spend it elsewhere. But in truth, I feel shame to convince others to follow me.

What is my task?

I follow who are my mentors. I don’t play the game follow-back-follow. 

When someone follows me?

The person follows me to see my bio and my skills and is grateful to me for my help.

Why do I follow the person?

In response to follow me. 

I NEVER do this. 

YES. I always back follow when my mentors follow me first.

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  1. Who are my mentors?

I follow Jon Morrow. Do you know him? 

He is the father of pro bloggers all over the world.

I follow Hennek from the UK. She is my writing mentor. And I learn from her how to write. She sent an email yesterday. That is my feed. I am getting a letter monthly or sometimes weekly.

Can you read the email, please? Can you realize her point of view? Stop marketing on how to increase sales. What do you learn?

Something exceptional, extraordinary, and another principle of online make money. She is my mentor. So I follow her. I read most articles on her blogs. And I don’t read only one article. Even I don’t read one time. I have been reading her posts for at least two years. Her online business idea is my idea. I am a dedicated follower, adoring fan, and a member of a loyal audience. Maybe she doesn’t know everything at all.

My other mentor is Ryan Biddulph. He teaches me generosity and humble to my audiences. If you are a moneymaker blogger, you don’t understand generosity. Generosity in helping people for free is my fun. Generosity is my blogging success tool.

My other mentor is writer Alex. Lastly, he polished my heart. I learn about an obsession with him. His ideas make me alive in blogging when I didn’t get a single dollar in my hand within two years of blogging.

I was busy with my mentors’ ideas on how to digest them. I was too much busy, so I didn’t get time to build my audience.


  1. Google algorithm:

Search engine algorithms and social media algorithms take your every action and keep them recorded. Algorithms try to understand what you want.

What are your interests and your expertise?

These records will be carried forwards for years to build your authority. These algorithms trace your motive and let your content move to its perfect readers.

So your likes, comments, and shares should be aligned with your niche topics. Your reading and writing show your business focus. Your search queries should be around your business topics.

If the algorithms can understand your unique business interest, they will help you to grow your business.


  1. What do I do for my followers?

I don’t build them. If someone follows me, I have responsibilities.

I learn from my mentors. I implement what I learned in my practical life. And I research and experiment to discover the real effect. 

If I get success, I share them with my followers. So my followers get proven ideas that work for them. I share my mentors’ posts to my audience. I introduced them to my audience.

Guess what? My fans will go to my mentors’ audience. Here are the things people don’t calculate the math or equation. Every person is unique. My voice, ton, and style are unique. Nobody can copy my uniqueness. My audience always keeps stuck with me. 

I share everything free for my audience. For two years I didn’t add any ads, banners, or posters to my blog. Now I am adding a few affiliate links.

First 2-3 eBooks I give them freely, then I sell my EBook. It creates a sales environment for me.


  1. Keep value before sales.

“Hi, if I give everything free, how can I earn money from them?”

YES. This here is the point you should understand with clarity. Nobody buys online from strangers. People search for a trustworthy place or person.

When strangers or newcomers or beginners offer something free, chances are people come close to them. They take free offers as risk-free. Thus, you and your prospect get a scope coming close to them with each other. Most likely, they realize your skills. They trust in you. That is why a business basement grows up.

When people trust your skills, commitment, and quality, your authority will grow. Then people throw their money at you for what you are selling. That is the root concept of how online business works.


  1. Search engines:

Search engine algorithms don’t check every content. They follow people’s engagement asunder.  

  1. Returning visitors.
  2. Session duration.
  3. Click throw rate.
  4. Other pages navigation.
  5. Bookmark count.
  6. Direct search volume.
  7. Social signal.
  8. How often does your content get readers?
  9. Repeat visitors.
  10. Decrease bounce rate.

They easily discover quality content. So quality content gets organic traffic. Very sensitive and fully audience mental issue. Sales pitches never work here. People don’t like marketing drivels. That is why Google will happy with you if your audiences keep trust in you.


Take away from how to build audiences.

I never think about how to develop my audience to sell my products. I discover my audiences’ needs. 

How can I help them? My full audience grows up organically. I read more than I write. I learn from my mentors and share it with my audience.

People buy thousands of followers. You don’t buy followers. It NEVER works for you.

I help them continuously and keep them active. I take care of them, and they look for me. Take action. Keep doing. The outcome will come in time. Don’t wait for the money. Money is a reward for your proven skills.

So, find ways of improving your skills persistently.


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