How to Create a Free WordPress Blog for a Beginner?


Blogging is a lucrative and alluring make-money-online process. Free WordPress blog is the first step to learn how to blog. Most beginners become bored with understanding how to blog and where to start? Here I shall breakdown the steps you need to Create a WordPress Blog. The step by step guide makes your training a little bit easier. To learn how to blog is the fundamental knowledge of online money making systems. 

It needs full care to achieve ideas of the complete blogging steps to avoid mistakes. Nobody can stand out online without having pro skills. 

First, select your niche topics, head keywords, or narrow target market. In this tutorial, I use the finance industry niche that is Make Money Online. It is a big niche market — it has huge competition. I make it narrower by adding BD, such as Make Money Online BD. Now it makes sense to make money online for Bangladesh. 

Before launching a blog, you must have ready your niche after niche research. 

Sound comfortable?

Do you like a blog for free? Do you want to start your own blog?

Don’t worry. Keep reading. I am with you.

Let’s go to a real job. Ready? Right?

I describe it step by step that makes it slightly easier to yours.


How to Create a Free WordPress Blog for a Beginner?


Step 01: What is WordPress?

WordPress is a website, a framework, and a blogging platform that has enormous innovative tools to create a free new blog or website. Using WordPress to make a blog is still free. WP is one of the best Content Management System.

WordPress with domain and hosting has two versions that are free and paid. Free WordPress blog hosting means a sub-domain blog with free hosting. For instance, the URL is

In this article, I show you how to create a WordPress Blog? Beginners can use the free WordPress blog for learning. It is tough to get stand out on a competitive market online with a free WordPress site.


Step 02: Create a  Free WordPress Account for Your Blog?

Let’s get started

First, create your account.

Search for a free blog on WordPress on Google. Look at the below image. I marked the red box with two links. 

  • The first link’s title is to create a free WP website or blog.
  • The second link’s title is to create a free blog with WordPress.


How to find a site to create a free WordPress blog?


Click on the first link, you will get the page image asunder. Look at the bottom, A button labeled with start your website. Click on the button, you will get the page image below.


Step 03: How to create a free WP blog?

Start your website

Start your website


Look at the bottom, a button labeled with start your website. Click on the button, you will get the page image below. The page is to create a WordPress account for registration.

How to Create a Free WordPress Blog for a Beginner

To create your free WordPress account


After creating an account, you will reach the following page.  The page is to select your website type.

Select your blog topic

Select your blog topic


After choosing the website type, you choose here your business topic.

Free WP Blog

Create a free WordPress blog


Choose the blogging to go the next. The following page will come up with.

To create your account

To create your account


Look at the above image, you can find a button labeled to continue.  Click on the continue button. You can find the following page.


Step 04: What is your free WordPress blog name?

This page is to give a blog name. What is the blog name? This name will represent your blog activities. Your audience easily can understand your business type and range. It should be eye-catching, memorable and stunning. 

Write a blog name

Write a blog name


Write here what is your blog name. I write here Make Money Online BD

Press continue again. You can see the following pages. 


Step 05: What is the domain name?

A domain name is a website address, slug, and URL. The SEO friendly domain name is a matter. A domain name, blog name, and niche keywords together, you do pick the right blog address. To create a domain name is a vital point for your next business growth. 

Now you should choose a domain name. You can find a paid domain and free domain. 

Don’t forget we are creating a free WP blog. Select the free domain name.

Write here a free domain name

Write here a free domain name


Step 06: How to buy a domain and hosting of WordPress?

WordPress is the most powerful, flexible website builder. It offers the cheapest price and advanced features domain name and hosting plans for beginners. 

You can buy a personal blog plan to learn WordPress deeply. Because the free version offers limited features. You can see, learn and get trained with advanced features in the paid version. 

After selecting Free, you will get the following page. WordPress offers you various commercial plans. But you go through a free version.

WP hosting plan

WordPress hosting plan


Look at the above images. Follow the yellow arrow mark. Click on the red link. You can see the following page.

Launch your site

Launch your site


Your site has been created but as a private level. You can see the page only. You need to launch it for the public. Press on Launch My Site button.

Again the WordPress offers paid versions. Look at the bottom of the page, you can see the skip the purchase

How to Create a Free WordPress Blog for a Beginner

WordPress offers a purchasing plan


Click on the Skip Purchase. Your launched site design mode comes out on your screen asunder.


Step 06: How to launch your free WordPress blog?

You have gone through lots of options. After passing the options, here is the place you can measure everything you need for your blog. 

You have created your blog. But it is a private version, and you can see it only. To make it public, you need it to launch.

Launch your site

Launch your site


Press on the Launch My Site button, you can find the My Home. This is a place you can do everything you need for blogging.

Now, Where to start? There are mainly two jobs.

  1. Update your home page
  2. Write your post

You need to go to the main Dashboard where you work. Follow the left side for the menu on the above image. Go to the bottom of the menu bar. Find the Admin button. Click on 

My home- where to start writing a post

My home- where to start writing a post


You have created your site. To see the site position how it looks like, press on the View Site button.

Now you need to create your blog post.


Step 07: How to create a WP blog post?

Look at the top-right corner of the page you can see a button labeled with Write. Click on the write button. You will get post-editor-page. 

Look at the below image. This is that page where you can create your post. This page is a blog post editor. 

How to Create a Free WordPress Blog for a Beginner



Step 08: The essential post elements?

Look at the highlight points. You should understand them, what is it, and how to use them? These are the essential post elements using them your blog daily. I listed them asunder.

  • Categories: What genre of the post is? For instance, writing, SEO tips, and Pinterest.
  • Tags: More specific topics. Pinterest Pins, Boards, and Pin Worthy Images.
  • Permalink: Customise link. By default, a link created by title. You can edit the link you need.
  • Feature image: Most post images showing the top of the post.
  • Save as draft: During the writing post, you save it as a draft. You can see the drafted post until you publish it. Everybody can see and read the post after publishing.
  • Preview: Before publishing, you check the outlook and presentation.
  • Publish: To make the post public for people to read.
  • Discussion: Allow a comment

After writing a few blocks, you save it as a draft to avoid data loss. After saving the post, you can check preview as desktop, tablet, and mobile. 

Look at the below image for a preview of the mobile view.


How to Create a Free WordPress Blog for a Beginner

Preview post


Step 09: How to format WP block?

In the WP post editor, you write and put post elements in the block. You can write here sentences, paragraphs, and images. Here you can format text. You can move the block up-down. Alignment, bullets, and colors you can apply in the block.

Look at the below image. How to format your block elements?

How to Create a Free WordPress Blog for a Beginner

WP Block format


Thus, you can finish writing a post. You keep it for an hour, half of a day, or a day. After that, you must read it, refine it, and do a proofread it. Check it out through post preview.

When you get everything perfect, what quality and how to look it you want, then make your blog published for people.

Here is what you have learned about how to write a blog post? Don’t look at the writing quality in the post. Write posts as much as you can daily. What are you doing is for your learning how to write a post. Quantity leads to quality.

The day is coming soon you will be a pro blogger.


Step 10. WordPress hosting:

WordPress is a hosting company akin to Bluehost and Hostgator. The WordPress hosting package is affordable for beginners. The WP web host is one of the cheap web hosting providers. A blog hosted WordPress is better than other free hosting services. 

WordPress is about the best hosting companies and hosting providers. With paid hosting, you get Cpanel


Step 11. WordPress plugins:

WordPress is plugins compatible CMS. WordPress has thousands of WP plugins as a free and paid version on the web. The WP has plugins akin to woo-commerce and Jetpack. The Yoast is the best useful and popular WP SEO plugin. 

For almost every web-related solutions, you will get WP plugins. Don’t use the most plugins. Plugins make the blog weight.

You need a plugin on how to make an email list.


Step 12. WordPress themes:

Do you have a blog, a free blog, and a WP hosted blog? WordPress has free blogging and free WordPress themes services. You find WP free and paid versions themes on the net. Responsive WordPress themes make your blog the most performing machines. 

WordPress dashboard is rich, WP theme makes it more powerful, and WP plugins set up your blog for getting more readership. 

The theme must be search engine optimization and mobile-friendly. You need to optimize SEO and page loading speed. A premium WordPress theme offers you a one-click data import. The WordPress template should be for the personal blog not for multi-purpose. 

You should check out the demos thoroughly before selecting a theme whether minimalist design, Blog layout, Slider, masonry grid CSS3 bootstrap, and browser compatibility are available.


Step 13. How to make money?

How to monetize your free WP blog? To start your blog for monetization is a tough job when you use WordPress. Google Adsense is one of the earning processes. Affiliate marketing is an earning source if your free WP blog gets approved. 

To set up a blog for making money is labor-intensive, hard-work involved, and time-consuming. How to create a blog is simple? Creating a blog for earning money is challenging.


Step 14. Domain name:   

WordPress has domain services. You can also use your own domain name at paid hosting plans. WordPress provides free subdomain names. Domain privacy is a matter these days to protect your personal information. The search engine optimization has a different value on a new domain and old domain 


Step 15. Self-host:

The practice of running and maintaining a website using a private web server. A self-hosted blog needs a WordPress installation over there. Installing WordPress is easy. 



Congratulation! You have create a free WordPress blog and a blog post. You have finished the first WP basement of blogging in this step.

As a beginner, to build a blog, you work slowly and take steps ahead with carefully. 

Don’t make a hurry. Finishing something is not your job. How to start a blog is easy. Blog content, blog design, and blog traffic are a matter.

You aim to finish with quality. Be a perfectionist isn’t your job. You improve yourself every day. 

Blogging is a lucrative and alluring online business. You need high skills to compete with world geniuses in the competitive market online.

With simple ideas, learning from here and there searching for Make Money Blogging with Google and YouTube is not enough skills. Learn, then earn.

Free blogging platforms users can’t be a success on how to blog. You can learn by using it as a free WordPress blog. You require a hyper super quality domain and hosting for mobile speed optimization.


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