How To Create Profitable Micro Niche Site?


Most webmasters when they think of building a new website, they generally think big. But in most cases, thinking big isn’t always a necessary step to take, especially if you are just beginning. The main reason why I say this is because time over time, do I see small sites make as much (sometimes even more) than large websites. Basically, what I am trying to get at is that in some scenarios, having a micro-niche site can play out to be the better candidate because it can in some ways, benefit you greatly. I am talking about the direct focus quality of a micro niche website to a user.


How To Create Profitable Micro Niche Site?

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The Benefits of a Micro Niche Site

The main reason why micro niche sites are generally a popular choice among marketers is that in most cases, they have a quality that most large websites do not; and that is the direct sensation that a user feels when visiting a particular micro niche website. Generally, this gives the user more aware of what the website is about, and if provided an offer related to the micro niche site, in most cases it will be guaranteed to convert. Also, not to mention, micro niche sites are generally easier to maintain and to manage. You can almost say that micro niche sites rely mostly on quality moreover than quantity like those of the larger sites.

With a micro-niche site, the website has a direct approach because it specifically talks about one particular thing and lays everything out there. This makes it extremely clear to visitors what the website is about. The main attraction from this really, is that in combination with this laser-like direct theme, it makes it extremely easier for affiliate marketers to obtain stellar conversion rates for campaigns they thought it was near impossible to obtain. That is one of the beauties of having a micro niche site.

The qualities of a micro niche website can only be apprehended when having a precise plan, and in this case, we have one laid out for you.


The 3 Step Process

  1. Before all else, a webmaster should do proper keyword research and not say, have some type of plan as to what he/she plans on promoting. The main idea of a micro niche site is to tackle a specific topic and to use that advantage to increase a webmaster’s overall earnings. The type of research that is recommended to be conducted, can really vary between websites. If you are running a micro niche website that targets a certain ebook, sometimes it is good to look at keyword research tools like Google’s Keyword Suggester tool. But realize, on the other hand, if you plan on promoting an entertainment type site, you may want to be conducting a different type of research. Like for instance, instead of using Google’s Keyword Research tool, it is a lot wiser to look into YouTube’s search volume ratios if you are dealing with entertainment type websites with their YouTube Keyword Suggester tool. So in essence, research really varies between websites and just depends on the type of website you plan on building.
  2. One of the most disregarded areas where most new coming marketers fail to achieve is trying to obtain a believable web theme that goes with their overall website. If you didn’t know, web designs determine a somewhat large portion of a webmaster’s sales, leads, clicks, and etc. For the most part, if you are unable to provide a believable web browsing environment for your visitors, your campaign is doomed to fail from the very beginning. This does not mean your website requires the latest state of the art web design, but just something that is at least easy on the eyes and is somewhat believable. There are plenty of free professional web templates floating around the web, crying to be used as landing pages.
  3. Also, last but not least, increase your website conversions by one or more of the following ways

Increasing conversions can be a hefty job. Trying to increase conversions on a page is sort of like pleasing a little child who is very picky. If you overextend yourself, you will lose sales. If you do too little, you won’t get anywhere. When trying to increase conversions of any sort of page, our main objective is to find that juicy center that will not only convince customers to buy but also ultimately, increase conversions. There are a few things you should consider when trying to forge a better-converting page, and here, I’ll list the few major ones to be aware of when trying to increase your webpage conversions.


Simplify it

Get straight to the point. If your webpage looks too bland or looks like it is cluttered with tons of text, reword your sentences and phrases you see maybe awkward to viewers.


Use the persuasive language you learned from English

Remember, for your landing page, every single word influences if customers will buy your product or not. Recall learning rhetoric in your English class? Use the power of ethos, pathos, and logos to your advantage because if you happen to be good at persuasive writing, you are more likely to get high converting rates.


Add more variety

If your landing page has all text, your landing page has it all completely wrong. Make use of images as well as media to your advantage. Text can become extremely repetitive and tedious to read and by having a few images or videos for readers to rest their eyes from reading long lines of text, visitors will more likely read your entire landing page. Which could possibly mean, more sales.

When I am thinking about adding variety on a certain page, I always visualize a car engine. Without the proper attention and fixing of the engine, it will slowly die out and so will your readers if you only have 1 way of presenting your product.


Shorten it

Did you know that surfers who browse the web have short attention spans? Which means, long lines of text generally isn’t needed or wanted. More text doesn’t equal more sales. It is all about the quality of the writing which influences viewers to buy your product mostly. Invest in quality writing and worry less about the number of words. Always, I mean always include sentences that add value to your page, but fluff that is generally unneeded and unwanted, should get the boot from your landing page.



Offer incentives or free bonuses. Incentives can come in many forms, from 24/7 support, 30-day money-back guarantees, and bonus ebooks, to even bonus software. As you can see, the list can go on and on and incentives can be a great way to entice the reader to buy more so than before hearing about the extra bonus incentives. This overall spark helps to increase conversions, which in turn could lead to more possible sales.


Include testimonials

Including real testimonials on your landing page is a great way to showcase how great your product is. Whenever given a chance, don’t forget to mention in your testimonials, the customer’s full name, company, and position. Usually, if able to provide these statistics, it helps to build assurance for new coming buyers that the product is actually worthwhile and that there are real-life customers just like them. Because no one likes to be singled out and be the only one who is interested. Humans are very social animals.


Make use of security stamps 

Half of the buyers don’t buy on the web because there has always been this idea, that transactions on the web are unsafe. Usually, by providing security stamps, it doesn’t matter what kind, it generally gives the buyer that extra boost of assurance that their money is actually going to go to good use and not be stolen. You’d be surprised at how many people hesitate when buying on the web because of this. But by providing a security stamp, especially from reputable and familiar sources like the Better Business Bureau and eTrust, you can guarantee that there is nothing stopping your customers from buying then you being unable to convince them otherwise to buy your product.


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