How to Discover the Ideal WordPress Theme for Your Blog?


A lightweight, Mobile-friendly, and SEO-optimized premium WordPress theme leads your blog near to success. Do you know that? Have you ever heard of it? The WordPress theme can finish half of the battle to win your business goal. How to discover the ideal WordPress theme for your blog?

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How to Discover the Ideal WordPress Theme for Your Blog?

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Might you find free WordPress themes for your blog? Might you discover the ideal WordPress theme for your blog? Could you think about it ever? 

YES. You can get the WordPress themes that are possible, and people use them.

If you find, should you use it for your blog where you have the ambition to get stand out your blog in the competitive crowd online market?

I shall break into pieces the steps you need on how to find a premium WordPress theme as free for your blog. Keep sticking with me. Keep reading to win the game.

The Premium WordPress theme is available on the net. How to discover the ideal WordPress theme for your blog that is a matter? To find out the theme matching your blog needs is very hard. 

If you find the free premium WordPress blog themes that has everything you look for your blog, you should use it for your commercial blog that will stand for earning money.

WordPress is a Content Management System that has lots of artistic tools to create a great blog or website.

WordPress needs a WordPress theme. WordPress theme makes your site dazzling, delightful, and receivable. The WordPress plugins turn your WordPress dashboard into the best performing machine.


  1. What are the limitations of a free theme?

Free things are for ads and entice users to convert paid customers. Most free offers have limited options for a few times. 

  1. A blog needs to continue updating
  2. WP is updating on day by day
  3. Plugins are updating on with WP
  4. Add-on update always
  5. Widgets are updating.  
  6. SEO strategies have been changing forever.

The theme you use for your blog, keep updating alongside. And it needs a post-sale service. 

After getting ranking, if you change your blog theme, it must be hard on your ranking position. Do you know that? No doubt. Sure.

People check out the quality and feature they offer with the trial version or full free themes. Those themes are not for a commercial business blog.


  1. Why people offer free stuff on the net?

Everything free online is a marketing trap. You don’t get the features as much as the paid theme offer.  

  1. With limited features
  2. Limited services
  3. No security
  4. No update
  5. People offer free stuff to convert to paying customers.

How much are you ready to pay for the theme later? You get paid the hidden money behind the free offer.

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How to discover the ideal WordPress theme for your blog?


  1. Why do people search for free stuff?

Free platform users and part-time bloggers are failures in online marketing. Research says 90% of new bloggers are failures. A part of them is free platform users. 

People search for free platforms to use when they have no money. I suggest you don’t get started blogging in this case. You can be a freelance writer. The freelance writer can earn handsome money.

When you get started blogging, you need to invest. In contrast, you fall into struggling with endless obstacles.


  1. Blogging should have a smart budget?

Blogging is a lucrative online business. It needs high skills and a handsome budget. When you buy a theme, you need to invest the money as much as it needs. 

The budget should be $60-$200 for a theme, plugins, and related add-ons. 

A high-quality premium WordPress theme is not enough. You learn how to use full features to achieve the most benefit using the WordPress theme. You will get YouTube tutorials for the WordPress theme you use. 


  1. When the free premium WordPress blog theme is suitable?

YES. When you need to learn how to use a theme before getting started a blog, is momentous. It is a good idea, no doubt. It is helpful too. You learn what are features and how to customize a theme?

If your blog has no ranking issue, you can use a free premium WordPress blog theme. If you use to learn a free theme for one year, after that you launch a new blog with a paid premium WordPress blog theme. You are right.


  1. Can you use a free theme for one year, then change it with a paid theme?


The new theme may harm your blog health, performance score, and SEO status you earn during the year. It may disorder your blog technical factors.

The new WordPress theme wants to reset in its way. And it can break the website earlier performing status.

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  1. What is a trial version? Why do you take the offer?

The trial and the free version are not the same ideas. The trial version is a period you can use the WordPress theme to make a buying decision. You can use it with a buying intent. 

Thus, you have time to study the inner side of the theme.

If you want to buy a product, the trial version is an excellent idea too. The free version will give you the product for free of cost.


  1. What is the money-back guarantee? Why do you use the offer?

The money-back-guarantee is the same as the trial version. Here is the conflict, you pay first, then you use the product as a trial. 

If the product doesn’t satisfy you, you can withdraw the money you paid.

The most genuine and perfect product offers a money-back guarantee. It is a win-win policy. Right?


  1. How to find a genuine free premium WordPress blog theme? 

It is OK. You can discover the theme you need. Keep reading. I am with you. What genre of business needs the blog theme? 

For instance, you have a travel niche blog. So you need a premium travel WordPress blog theme. Right?

How to search on Google for it to get?

  1. A free premium theme for WordPress travel blog
  2. Download a free premium theme for WordPress travel blog
  3. A premium theme for WordPress travel blog as free
  4. A free premium WordPress theme for a travel blog
  5. Source of a free premium WordPress theme for a blog

Your search for what your niche instead of travel. You can search for what you need by the above search queries. The searching is research on how to search for a serious matter? 

Don’t make a hurry. It may take time to discover what you are searching for a free theme.

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  1. The genuine source of free premium WordPress blog themes.

Those who offer free premium WordPress site theme. Here is a list. You can check them out. As a beginner, do you know how to choose the best WordPress theme for your blog? Read it, then go ahead.

Before selecting a theme to check out demos thoroughly whether multi-browser compatibility, responsive WordPress themes, blog layout, minimalist design, slider, masonry grid CSS3, and end-user customizer.

The theme should not be a multi-purpose WordPress template for personal blogs.


  1. Features of premium WordPress theme:

The Premium WordPress theme offers fabulous features. When you pick a WordPress theme, check out the presence of the following features.

  • Ajax driven code
  • Drag-drop
  • Responsive design
  • Google fonts
  • Cross-browser
  • Multipurpose
  • Color scheme
  • Page template
  • Customization
  • Page builder
  • Page layout
  • Header image
  • Footer
  • Sliders
  • Template hierarchy
  • Full width
  • Parallax
  • Parallax scrolling
  • Optimize page loading speed. 
  • Portfolio WordPress
  • Twitter bootstrap
  • Html5
  • Flat design
  • Color schemes
  • Magazine style

These are the standard features of the premium WordPress theme. The paid premium WordPress theme offers you more advanced features.

Please take it in your mind, according to your business you select the features. All advanced features you don’t need for your website.


  1. WordPress plugins:

The WordPress Plugins make the theme more workable. But immense WordPress plugins make the site more weight. You can’t avoid a few WordPress plugins. 

  • BBpress
  • Buddypress
  • Contact form
  • Jetpack
  • Yoast
  • Woocommerce
  • Widget
  • Other Plugin

Be careful of the same work, but you installed two plugins. 

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  1. Type of WordPress themes: How to learn using them?

WordPress covers most business category blogs and websites. The Envato ThemeForest offers for each category WordPress theme. 

  • Premium WordPress themes
  • Magazine WordPress theme
  • WordPress blog theme
  • Best WordPress themes
  • Free WordPress theme
  • Personal blog themes
  • Blog WordPress theme.

Install WordPress on your computer. Create a blog using WordPress. Download a free premium, responsive Wordpress theme for the blog.

Watch YouTube video tutorials. Customize themes in different ways and from various angles. Learn how much you can.



How to win rapid success in blogging? You need to build a stable blogging basement from the beginning. Choosing the right premium WordPress theme is one of them. How to find the free premium WordPress blog themes?

Blogging is an online business. People make money online from blogging. If you follow the right ways, you can arrive at your destination. There is nothing to test whether it works for you. And You need to invest in the following items.

  • High-quality domain name with SEO friendly
  • Hyper super-speed hosting plan
  • Premium quality WordPress theme
  • Blogging course or Ebook

Here are the places you should invest as much as it needs to get high-quality stuff. Don’t be a cheap or free platform user. Thus, you can develop a strong blogging foundation at the beginning. 


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