How to Earn $100 Daily with AdSense in 2020?


If You want to Earn $100 daily with AdSense in 2020 and beyond without doing much work, Might be this will help you. First, You have to Create an engaging Blog that can attract Viral Traffic by Search Engine, Social Media or by Paid Traffic. Since AdSense earning depends on the CPC which is based on the country of visitors and Niche who clicked on AdSense Ad and number of Clicks.

Let us understand this in a detailed way.

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Suppose You are having a High CPC Niche and You are driving traffic to it, then in Fewer visitors, you will make more money compared to a low CPC Niche website. Similarly, if you are having Low CPC Niche-Specific website, you need to drive more traffic.

The Problem is that Mostly High CPC Niche is having too much competition due to Authority websites have domination on them. To Get Traffic to Highly competitive Niche Based website, You have to establish Your website with Very Good Content and then You have to acquire traffic for it by doing rigorous SEO. In short, to outrank and existing Niche website You Need to be better with –

  • Content
  • SEO
  • Authority

Once Your website has better Content and Authority, You will start getting High ranking thus getting more and more visitors to Your website.

On the other hand, if you focus on Low to Moderate CPC Niches, there are good chances to get success as there is less competition in the market


Click-Through Rate (CTR)

CTR refers to Ad Clicks with respect to Ad Viewed. Suppose your website is having 1000 Impression and 20 Ad clicks received, which means Your website CTR is 2%. To increase your website earning, You need to increase CTR by optimizing the website and Ad placement.



More Legit Traffic your website receive more will be the earning.

Now let us move to the 2020 Target that how you can make $100 per day from AdSense. Well if you focus on SEO based Traffic websites, you need to work on it at least for 3–4 months. If you focus on highly competitive- High CPC Niche, you have to work hard to drive visitors.

My suggestion is that go for Low to Moderate CPC Niche with Viral Content such as Listic Article website, Quiz website, Viral Image website and Movie review website and focus on Tier 2 and Tier 3 traffic instead of on Tier 1 as that is highly competitive zone. To Learn How to focus on Easy AdSense websites Business you can refer to Adsense Academy that is free to Learn.

These websites are easy to run and you can easily make $100-$800 per day from them by operating and Driving Less competitive Traffic. I had Made $400K from Low CPC websites in Past years and continue the same with New Methods and Tools. I am confident as these methods still working for me and are sustainable beyond 2020.

Hope this will help you to earn $100 daily with Google AdSense in 2020.

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