How to Get a Google Adsense Approval?


Google Adsense Approval is not a complex process if you follow proper google Adsense policy and guidelines. Many new bloggers dream to get a Google Adsense approval because it is one the oldest and legitimate PPC ad programs, in which you can earn a good amount of passive income for a lifetime.

I have seen many new bloggers comments on youtube and forums regarding Google Adsense rejections. Yes during older days it is very difficult to get Google Adsense Approval, but slowly google change their guidelines and policies which make even easier to get a Google Adsense approval. If your one of them who got rejections then don’t worry, just follow these simple steps.


How to Get a Google Adsense Approval?


1. Words, Texts Vs Images vs Quality Content

It is worthy to note that there are many types of content: texts, images, videos and more. And if you really want to get a website AdSense account approval; you want to produce quality content. Wait.

I do not just mean quality image content, you know why? If you produce only quality image content, Google won’t or may NOT approve your AdSense account because they need some words articles to throw in AdSense ads.


2. Create your 5 Compulsory Pages

There are pages that will kick Google AdSense Team in the butt if you want to get your account approved, and the top 5 are; About Me or Us | Contact | Privacy Policy | Term Of Service Page | Disclosure.


3. 6 Months Wait Period Vs 10 Articles Before Applying For Google AdSense

There are myths about waiting for 3 -6 months before your AdSense account can be approved. Do you want to hear the truth? This is just a myth. Why?

A one-month website has been approved for AdSense, so, 3-6 months is a myth from bloggers who probably spread the wrong hack.

Again, 10 articles.

Having 10 articles is just my idea because I think the Google AdSense team may flip your first page to see if you’ve got more content. All in all. I suggest you have 10 quality content too fast to track your approval rate.

Here is the bump. I moved this site from a TLD of dot com dot ng to dot com, and guess what? It is not up to 1 month and Google has approved the site already for AdSense ad placement.


4. Beat Plagiarism

Plagiarism is the cheapest way not to be approved for placing google AdSense ad on your website.


5. Mobile Friendliness

Making your site mobile friendly is so important that according to Google, the web is being accessed more and more on mobile devices.

Designing your websites to be mobile friendly ensures that your pages perform well on all devices,

According to SearchEngineWatch, 72% of Consumers Want Mobile-Friendly Sites.


6. Responsive + Well Design Theme Templates

I guess we’ve heard that Google is trying everything possible to show the best results in the form of a webpage + content to her readers. This is so important to them else if users have a bad time they will move to Bing or other competitions that offer a responsive web presence for readers.


7. Verify the ownership of your Website or Blog

This is so crucial if you are considering being accepted into the Google AdSense program. And believe me, verifying your site won’t take you 5 minutes.

Just copy the “Meta Tag and paste inside the heading of your site – Heading & footer settings plugins.

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