How To Get Traffic To Generate Sales?


Do you want thousands of people coming to your blog each day, looking for products to buy from your recommendations?

If you’ve been into affiliate marketing for a while, you may know that you need basically two things to succeed:

  1. Get a site of your own to write about interesting topics and recommend products that people who are interested in that topic would like to buy.
  2. Once you’ve built your site, you then just need to get people interested in your topic to read your blog and see your product recommendations.

So, basically, you need TRAFFIC.

In this post, I’ll show you a cool little trick anyone can do – regardless of experience – to start generating traffic as soon as TODAY.

It doesn’t only deliver FAST results… But it’s 100% FREE to implement too.

Pretty awesome, right? Well, let’s go!


The Facebook Traffic Over Flood

I’m gonna start by saying there are literally hundreds of traffic methods out there. But I thought I’d share this particular method because it’s great for anyone who’s just starting.

It’s quick, easy and free to implement 🙂

For this method, we’ll be using a little known website called Facebook. (Just kidding… I’m sure you may hear of it.)

Anyway, here’s how to do it…

1. The first thing you’re going to need is a Facebook account.

Now practically everyone has one, but if you haven’t got one, just go to and sign up.

2. Once you fill your profile with some cool pictures of your last vacation, head to the search bar at the top and type in the keyword that best represents your market, but remembers to keep it in the broadest term possible.

For example, if you are focusing on the internet marketing niche, you may want to type ‘how to make money online’.


3. Once it brings up the search results, you want to click on the “Groups” tab.


4. Now this will bring up all the groups related to your market.

What you need to do now is join around 15 – 20 of the largest groups you can find.


WARNING: You can join more groups if you want to, but if you join too many too soon, Facebook can potentially lock you out of your account anywhere up to 7 days.

5. Getting approved at these groups can take anywhere from minutes to a few days – depending on the group admin, really.

Once you’ve been approved, you want to head to the group and post one of the articles of your blog.



When posting your article, I recommend putting a little blurb before your link. This will help “humanise” the post and make it less spammy looking.

So just before you hit “Post”, write something like…

“Hey guys, just thought I’d share this with you. It shows how to blah blah blah …”

6. Once you’ve done that, you basically rinse and repeat the process and post your link to the rest of the groups you joined.

7. Then on the second day, find and join another 15 – 20 groups in your market with a large following and post in them as well.

You can also post some other articles in the same groups after a few days so people can see that you are a savvy in the topic. It’s just a case of repeating the method, while slowly scaling it up in the process.


So there you have it!

As I mentioned earlier, this is just one of the hundreds of cool traffic methods you can implement to generate sales.

If you want my very BEST traffic-getting methods, you should totally check out what I’ve got for you on the next step…

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