How to Increase Organic Web Traffic Faster?


Nobody can stand out in the online competitive market without having the skill on how to increase organic web traffic.

That was not organic traffic, what I said for it.

Google? YES.

Who is your online business friend? Can you recognize her? You mightn’t want her. Possibly, you go away from her, too, far and so far. You might think about organic traffic.

No. Never. 

Who gives you organic traffic? Google? Yes, the best friend. 

Sound unfamiliar? 

You can addict with social media. But Google gets addicted to you, your content, and your website.

Guess what? Can you believe me? We don’t know Google. As a friend. Business friend.

In this article, I show you how google is our business friend? How can we use it to drive our business growing? You can measure how much helpful Google to us, for our business, and our success.

Let’s go inside deeper.


What is organic traffic?

Organic traffic comes from a search engine without paying.

Google users use several search terms in a search query to get desired results. Why and when does your site get ranking in SERPs?

Without organic traffic, you can’t stand out online for a long time business. Search engines, Google, give you organic traffic. You can earn visitors from Google.

Is it possible to get Google’s natural traffic for a new entertainer faster?

Or Google gives traffic within few days?

A wrong idea spread out over the net for Google. Google sends visitors so late. A new website gets Google traffic after one year. Right? No. The idea is wrong.

On the first day, Google can send organic visitors to you. You need to meet what Google wants. Sure.

Sound amazing?

We don’t know Google how it helps us? How can you use google to develop your business?

So Google is the best friend to improve your business status. It helps you free. It gives you powerful business tools. Do you know that?

The entire paid tools help us get data from the Google database. In contrast, Google gives us pure and updated data to increase your business. Can you believe me?

So, you need to understand Google, how it helps us. The problem is that, who wants to help me, I run away from her.

In my experience, most bloggers don’t know the advanced level of Google Analytics and Search Console.

And I know the weakness is very tragic news.

The good news is that Google is ready to increase organic web traffic. Can you imagine?


  1. 1. Google Analytics:

How to increase organic web traffic to your blog? And how to increase or why decrease? If you don’t know the fluctuation factors, how you control organic traffic.

Google Analytic Status-min


  1. Users: 

How many users visit your website within fixed days? Look at the above image. It shows a 7-day report. Within the last seven days, 40 users visit the site. The site is running a month.


  1. New Users:

Every day, new or returning users come. Returning users are old users who return. Every day, you will get new users. 


  1. Sessions:

How many times users visited the website. Look at the above 40 users 70 times to visit the site. Returning visitors increase more sessions than total users count. 


  1. Bounce rate:

How often users leave the site. Look at the image bounce rate is 60%. According to your business quality standard, it increases or declines. 


  1. Session duration: 

The average time users spend on your website within a fixed period. Look at the above image. It shows 4:08s. 


  1. CTR: 

Click-through rate, how many times your web pages get clicked on a particular period. 


  1. Traffic channel: 

The source of your traffics you are getting.

  1. Direct: Most of returning users browse your site through URLs. This genre of traffic is direct traffic. 
  2. Social: The traffic comes from social media. The users get your site through Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Right?
  3. Referral: Your site gets referred for visitors. For instance, users come from backlinks. 
  4. Organic: Google sends you traffic through SERPs. Users search on Google your page gets optimized and clicked.   


  1. Device: 

  • Desktop users
  • Mobile users
  • Tab users


  1. Countries:

  • USA
  • India
  • Bangladesh
  • So on and so forth.


  1. Query:

Search query string, by which your website gets impressions. These are keywords, long-tail, and useful keywords.

Google Analytic Query-min


The above data is traffic factors. Google Analytics gives you show your website status. 

If you understand the factors, why the increase and decrease values, you can take the next steps so. Google shows you what is your next job, according to your website status. 

For instance, increase session duration, decrease your bounce rate, and increase returning visitors means your website has user intent contents. 

Do you know how to increase session duration?

Which tactics do you apply when increasing the bounce rate? How to increase organic web traffic?

If you follow up GA, take steps for necessary actions, your website will be eligible to get organic traffic. Google waits to get your website’s fitness.


  1. Google search console:

How to improve your organic traffic to your website? Why fail or how to increase? You need a precise and concise guideline to follow.  

Your website needs to be healthier, error-free, and suitable for different devices. 

Google gives you entire notice and guides on how to fix problems. 

The best online website upgrading tool is full-free from Google.  

You need to be an expert user of Google search console. Every piece of advice is to improve your website conditions.  


Indexed or ask for an index:

When Google indexes your web page and crawls, SERP shows your page. If your site has a sitemap.xml file, your page will get indexed. 

Or you can ask for indexed on the search console. You will get noticed when your page is not eligible for indexing. Make sure your web pages get indexed. 


Live test:

You check the live test when your page gets indexed. The live test proves to you how much the page loaded well. If the page loaded partially, you need to fix them. If not, your page never comes SERP.  



AMP is for the mobile version. Mobile is a lightweight device. It needs a well-formed design to browse your page.  

You need a WP amp plugin. The plugin auto-generate amp page. The amp page can meet the mobile speed and mobile-friendly support. 


Mobile visibility: 

Mobile users grow up daily. A mobile-friendly website is a matter. So they need support. Google gives priority to the mobile device over the desktop.

Google has a mobile-friendly tester. You should check the website pages.


Page speed:

Page speed is a big issue for mobile devices. Mobile users are increasing. Mobile needs a lightweight webpage. Google index on a smartphone basis. 

Without a high-speed server, you can’t control page speed. A few WP plugin can help your page optimizing the website’s compatible speed. The page speed issues make me tired. 


SEO audit:

Organic traffic depends on your site’s healthiness. The SEO audit checker can find errors.

You need to audit your website a daily, weekly, and month. Annual, you need to check by the SEO consultant if you are affordable.

Enormous SEO audit tools you find on the net free or paid version.


Structured data: 

Structured data is a format to show website data in a prescribed form. Google gives priority to this format.

Structured data is not so hard today. You must design your website according to the structured data. 

You can use WP Plugin to configure structured data.


Rich snippets: 

Do you know the rich snippets for SERPs? Google wants to show the data more useful way in SERPs. 

The rich snippets are a more insightful format on how to show data in SERPs.

Premium theme or Plugin can solve your rich snippets configuration. 


Schema markup:

‘’ is a set of extensible schemas that enables webmasters to embed structured data on their web pages for use by search engines and others.

Premium theme or Plugin can solve your website schemas configuration.



A breadcrumb trail on a page shows the page’s position in the site hierarchy. A user can navigate up in the site hierarchy, one level at a time.

Google search console gives errors, warnings, and valid data information. You need to check them out daily. And take action where it is necessary. 

If you don’t familiar with it and friendly with it, you can’t win organic traffic to your website.

These are factors on how to increase organic web traffic?


  1. SEO optimization-increase organic web traffic: 

Organic traffic needs powerful SEO strategies. Google can understand the content, genre, and audience through SEO design. You need to have an in-depth idea of your niche market.

On-page SEO is still a matter. Keywords spread out over the content.

User experience is one of the best SEO metrics. How skillful you are on the website health, best SEO practices, and niche marketing.


Keywords research: 

Find the related keyword phrases around your niche. How many ways your niche audience uses search queries to find their needs.

Your audiences are your readers. They visit your website. So they are your traffic. To catch them, you need to find out the keywords they use in search queries.


Long-tail keywords:

A long-tail keyword is unpopular, lower search volume, and weak competition. The long-tail idea is the easiest and quickest way to get your first blog post readers.

Users apply 4 or over 4 keywords group in search queries to get more specific results. You can understand what do your audience needs. How they search for what they need?


On-page SEO:

On-page SEO is still a matter. Don’t ignore it. This SEO makes Google understand you, your webpage, and your site.

Keywords in the title, first lines, H tag, and meta description are still valuable SEO metrics.

Google and its users can understand what about your page through the meta description.


Off-page SEO:

Outreach. How many ways you can reach your audience without your website.

Backlinks, Guest post, and PPC can send your readers to your website.

Off-site SEO is an actionable SEO metric. Google prefers it.


Sales funnel and content map:

Buyer’s journey or sales funnel ideas to make you able to write quality content. You can choose the right keywords to produce user intent content.

You distribute the long-tail keywords list according to sales funnel layers to convert your readers into customers is a content map.

Without a content map, how can you create quality content?

You can’t drive regular traffic. Right?


Internal link:

Link your page to other related pages on your website. An internal link is an SEO metric. It can generate more traffic from your domain.

Readers can stay on your website longer. And they visit different pages.

You build links through keywords, anchor text, but you don’t use your focus keywords. Relevancy is a condition.



A backlink is still a matter in SEO optimization and ranking. Link to the high ranking site. You need a strategy on how to generate backlinks.

A backlink is a gigantic idea. You need to learn more.


Guest Post:

The guest post is the best outreach strategy that is a share audience policy. You create content for other websites in your niche market.

The host gives you to write your bio where you can put your website link. Thus, their audience comes to you.



The insightful, actionable, and multi-line comment must work for you. You need to read the post. You don’t write a sing line comment. The blog and the post need your niche related topics.


Quora Answers:

Write the Quora answers. Quora is a reliable source of increasing organic web traffic. I know it. So I use it.

Where is our mistake with organic traffic? After launching our blog, we engage with social media for traffic. We ignore Google optimization.

After a long time, when we pay attention to Google, it becomes complex to build organic web traffic.


  1. Writing skills:

Nobody can stand out online marketing without having professional writing skills. You can write something that is not sufficient as a kill. You need to meet the following topics. Readers’ persuasive user intent quality content generates organic web traffic.


Error-free writing:

Grammar and spelling errors are not tolerable.

Punctuation is tough. You can’t stand out online with these errors.

Diction, vague, and abstract words free sentences you can write.

The proper writing style is essential. You make sticky sentences easier and simpler.


Reader persuasive writing:

Seductive, compelling, and engaging writing skills you need. Can you write hook sentences? Can you write a closing so that the reader can subscribe?

Persuasive writing is another skill in basic writing. You need to achieve it.



You can be a writer. But storytelling is an advanced skill. The story makes the reader engaging. People love stories.

Your own story is joyous to your readers. Improve your writing skills to write a short story.



Writing with metaphors is engaging.

For instance, my mentor has advised me to write a story in a day for 30 days to continue. And I have written those stories.

So, I can discover the power of storytelling in business content.

An example that can explain the fact clear.


Readability scores:

The readability score is a matter of SEO metrics. Correct writing and the readable score is a different thing.

For instance,

Once I had 20 most related long-tail keywords.  When I used them in the content with pressure, the readable score becomes 34.


Engaging writing:

Mobile makes the reader scanner. People don’t want to read more. People don’t want information, description, and features or benefits.

They search for else more that can make the reader engaging.



The headline should be catchy, attention-grabbing, and reader compelling. The title is the main gate your readers go into your website.

How to generate a title that attracts readers?  People use the title generator tools to create an eye-catchy title to increase organic web traffic.


Hook sentence:

Do you know how to write a hook sentence? One sentence leads your reader to the next sentence that is writing skills.

You need to learn and achieve the skills.


Insightful solution:

Your content must have a unique solution to the readers. Your readers come to your site searching for what they need.

Readers don’t want to read your marketing drivels. They need a sharp solution.


Clear CTA:

Your content nurtures readers to convert them into customers. Without clean CTA, your readers go nowhere. They may not come to your website again.

Clean CTA leads readers to the next steps to sales.

Organic traffic is a grade of how much you are qualified. There are no simple tips you get started organic traffic. Organic traffic is a reword of being you and your website skills.


  1. Quality web content:

Your content will get organic traffic. Right? But why?

If you search for quality content on Google, it provides 8,330,000,000 results.

The organic traffic comes from the first SERP. The first page displays ten results.

Can you hope your content will get access to a top-ten result where the total search results are 8,330,000,000?

Can you imagine?

How much preparation do you need to grow organic traffic to your web?

  1. Specific solution: Your content itself has no worth if your readers don’t want to read it. The readers are looking for the content they need. The content needs to have a reader’s intent solution.
  2. Visual content: The images attract readers. The video makes the reader engaging. Infographic is more attention-grabbing.
  3. Statistical data: Statistical data attract reader attention and concentration. Content topic related to statistical data is more engaging.
  4. Long-form: Google likes user intent long-form content with visual presentation. Though readers become scanners, insightful information needs long-form content.
  5. Subheadings: Subheads must support the headline. Most people first scan subheads. Then they read the full article. So subheads must keep value to the main title.
  6. Social share button: Easy social share button you need to place for readers as if they can share. More share is a social signal that is a powerful SEO metric.
  7. Email collection: Content can collect the reader’s email. You can offer readers valuable free stuff. Thus, you can earn readers’ emails. The money is in the list. It is still true.
  8. Keep value before sales: You earn money that is ok. What did you give them value before sales? Online marketing needs trust, authority, and proof of your skills to your audience.
  9. Promotion: Nobody comes to promoting your content. Your content has no value if it has no readers. Promote as much as you can with different methods.
  10. Social signal: How much and how often your content gets social engagement? Google follows the social signal to deliver website traffic. How much your reader has the interest to read your content?

Organic traffic is a reward for your user experience and your website fitness. Quality content is one of them to drive organic website traffic.



Nobody can stand out online without having organic traffic. You need to meet a few factors. So you need to be an expert.

Google Analytics is the best tool to drive organic traffic to your website. You will get hints to improve and guide you on how to fix it.

Thus, Google search console shows you how making your website healthier? It shows the present status of your website’s health.

Writing skill is mandatory. You never can ignore it. And reader persuasive writing skills you need to improve.

What is quality content? How can you achieve quality in content to increase organic web traffic?

Thank you for reading the content. Now I want to hear from you.

How much content influences you? Or your experience, we can learn. Leave a comment.


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