How to Make $2,000 a Week From Your Laptop


Making $2,000 a week is doable from your laptop no doubt, but you’ll have to do it a few different ways rather than hoping a single method will do it for you. Here I’ll list the ways my happy little laptop is churning out the ch-ch-chings.

How to Make $2,000 a Week From Your Laptop



This is not exactly the right time to talk positively about cryptos but if I add up the profits I’ve taken since I first invested a few years ago then it’s still rather handsome, despite the ugly twists and turns the crypto market has taken this year. That notwithstanding, I still think it’s more than possible to turn a pretty penny from your laptop by just watching markets and timing things right.

Keep your major coins in a secure, offline wallet, and then leave play money on the exchanges to do your wheeling and dealing. That’s what I’ve done, and it’s worked out pretty well.


Social Media

My online 2nd income journey began through building my Instagram accounts. I was initially just a photographer and photography teacher but then I put a lot of effort into building my Instagram profiles and reached 70,000 followers in 12 months and I’m well over 130,000 now (across multiple accounts). Here are my 2 main photography accounts

Once you’ve built big profiles like that, then lots of companies and individuals get in touch with you to do work for them or do collaborations.

Build Your Quora Profile

By offering helpful, insightful answers on apps like Quora, people see your value. I have reached over 2 million answer views now and over 1 million views this month alone. When that happens you can get invited to be a Quora Partner, which helps you earn money through Quora answers and questions.

I speak English and Japanese so I’ve been invited to join the Quora Partner Program in both languages. Double the earning potential!

You can also then use all those answer views to promote yourself. Upwork, which you can reach at is a great place to pick up writing work. And when you’ve had over 2 million answer views on Quora, lots of work flows your way. And all you need to do it is a laptop…..

I’m now the Top Ranked Quora Writer for a number of categories, including Digital Photography. That has helped me get writing work related to photography with sites like Fstoppers, for example. You can see all my Fstoppers photography articles by clicking this link.


E-Books and E-Guides

Sell your knowledge. I’ve written a couple of ebooks on various things and now sell them online. Now I make sales almost every single day.

You just need a topic that people are interested in learning about, then you become an expert about it. Once you’ve done that, you write an ebook explaining how it’s done and…..voila!! Sales!



As I said at the start, making $2,000 a week from your laptop is more than achievable. I don’t make that much coz I have a full-time job I love and have no intention of giving up. But if I doubled or tripled my efforts on all things I’ve listed here, then I have no doubt I could do it.

Don’t forget to click the links in this answer for more info, or follow me if you’d like more help and expansion on the ideas I’ve given today.

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