How To Make Money Blogging?

If you would have told me that you can actually make decent money blogging when I first started my blog, I would not have believed you. The truth is, though, there are hundreds of thousands of bloggers on the internet who are making tens of thousands of dollars. Yeah, all from blogging. So, before I actually talk about how to make money blogging, I want you to know a few things.
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1. This is not a “get rich quick” scheme.

I have been blogging every single day for over a year. For the first five or six months, I made absolutely zero money from my blog. Even now, half of the money that I do make is donated to Mental Health America, so the amount that I actually pocket is barely enough to cover the expenses of running my blog.
There are going to be articles out there that will tell you that you can make $5,000 per month blogging after just a few months of doing so. While you can make a lot of money blogging, just know that the odds of doing so are slim to none. I mean, there are millions of bloggers on the internet. If it was a “get rich quick” scheme, trust me, we would all be rolling in money.

2. Don’t let money be your focus.

Blog because it is something that you actually enjoy doing and because you want to bring value to the lives of others. If you start blogging just for the money, your audience will see right through that and the audience engagement that your blog receives will be low.

3. Focus on a specific niche.

I chose the “self-improvement” niche because I am constantly trying to improve on the person that I am and because I also want to inspire others.
You might be asking yourself “Well, what does making money through blogging have to do with self-improvement?” Look, I don’t know what you want to achieve over the course of your life. I am just trying to show you what you can actually achieve by putting your mind to something and believing in yourself. If you want to make money blogging, I just want to show you that it can actually be done. It’s not easy, but it can be done.

How To Make Money Blogging?

Okay, so now that I got that out of the way, how do you actually make money blogging? After you get your blog up and running (if you need a tutorial for how to do so, click here) these are the five most common methods to start earning income from your blog.


One of the most common ways to make money blogging is through advertisements. There are two main types of ways to make money through advertisements: CPC and CPM.
  • CPC Ads: These are also known as Cost Per Click ads. What this means is that you place an advertisement banner on your blog, and if somebody clicks on that advertisement, then you get a certain amount of commission.
  • CPM Ads: These are called Cost Per Impression ads. Again, this requires you to place an advertisement banner on your blog, but instead of viewers needing to click on it in order to make money, this option makes it so that viewers only need to see the blog in order to make a commission. So basically, you would earn a certain amount of commission based on how many people see that ad instead of being based on how many people click on the ad.


  • Google Ad Sense: With Google ad sense, there is no minimum amount of monthly views that you need. As long as you have a developed blog and Google approves it, you can be earning money through displaying ads on your blog in no time. Again, the money won’t be a substantial amount, but it will be something.
  • Mediavine: With Mediavine, you need at least 25,000 monthly viewers in order to be accepted into their network. While the qualifications are more difficult to be accepted, the amount of money that you can earn in generally larger.
  • Adthrive: Adthrive is the most challenging network to be accepted by as it requires a blog to maintain at least 100,000 monthly views. While it’s not impossible to get there, it will take time to develop a large enough fanbase in order to be accepted by Adthrive.

Affiliate Marketing:

Personally, I believe affiliate marketing to be the easiest way to make some extra income with a blog. Affiliate marketing is when a blogger develops a connection with a company, directs their readers towards the products from that company, and if their readers buy something, the blogger will, in turn, get a commission.
Let’s say for example that I recommend ordering something from Amazon or I link a product on Amazon like this book for example.
If you click on that link and buy something from Amazon in the next 24 hours, I will earn a certain commission from that. It doesn’t have to be the product that I recommend, it can be a commission from anything that you buy, just as long as you use my link, of course.
Amazon is one of the easiest companies to be accepted as an affiliate. Other companies such as Target, Apple, Bestbuy, eBay and SiteGround all have affiliate programs as well.
Before placing a link, make sure that you know the guidelines for the affiliate program. You can’t spam links on social media or earn commission through a family member using your link. It’s strange, but somehow all of these sites can tell a lot of information about you.
Lastly, make sure you know how long the site’s cookies last. This means that if I direct you to an Amazon link, you have 24 hours to but something before the cookie in the browser goes away. This means that I wouldn’t earn a commission if you buy something after 24 hours.
While Amazon has a cookie that lasts 24 hours, other companies like Target have ones that last for 7 days, and SiteGround’s lasts for a month. So if you click on a link, exit out of the window, and go back to the site a few days later to buy something, I would still get a commission.

Sponsored Posts:

Another way to earn income with blogging is through sponsored posts. This is when a company pays a blogger directly to promote their product. It can be through private advertisements on the blog, the blogger telling their audience that the post was brought to you by the company that is sponsoring them, or through pictures either on the blog itself or on the blogger’s social media profile.
The amount of income that you can receive from sponsored posts will depend on the company and the size of your audience. Obviously, big name bloggers are going to make more through sponsored posts as opposed to bloggers who only get a few thousand views per month.
If you think sponsored posts will be more up your alley but you are just starting, you are going to have to do the majority of the work. Big name bloggers have companies come to them asking to sponsor a post, but when you are just starting out, you will need to go to companies and pitch an idea to see if it would be worth their time.

Digital Products:

Digital products can be anything from eBooks, courses, all the way to printables. Let’s say that you write an eBook that you think an audience would like and decide to publish it. You can either publish it for free, or you can publish it on Amazon or your blog for a specific price.
The same goes for courses and other educational products and printables. If you have knowledge on a specific topic that you think others would of interest in learning more about and would actually pay to learn more about it, you can make a course on how to master that interest. You would be surprised at how much money you can actually make through these methods because the size of your audience doesn’t actually matter all that much.
Let’s say that you create a course and sell it for $30. Well, if you only have 100 viewers on your blog and only one person buys the course, that’s $30 right there. If 10 people buy it, that’s $300. To make $300 through advertisements would require tens of thousands of daily viewers for the month, and if you want to make $300 through affiliate marketing, you would need people to buy roughly $10,000 of products through a certain company just to get $300.
As you can see, while it does require more work to create digital and education products, the payout is a lot more substantial. Plus, you can run all of it through PayPal, which means that no other company can take any part of your earnings.


This is similar to educational products, but if you believe yourself to be an expert on a specific niche, you can also become an online coach. Whether it be personal training, making passive income, personal growth, if you are experienced and trusted, people will pay good money for your advice.
Coaching is another way to make good money while having a small audience. If you charge $100 per coaching package and only have a few clients, that is still going to pocket you a few hundred dollars.
Now, again, it is not easy to become a coach in any niche, especially right off the bat. You have to prove that you are knowledgable in the niche in which you are trying to become a coach in. The unfortunate part is to prove you actually know what you are talking about, you are going to have to give out some advice for free at the beginning. You are going to have to publish numerous helpful posts about a specific topic, and will probably want to give out some free educational products as well.
The reason coaching can make you a good amount of money, though, is because your client is paying you directly instead of paying a company to receive your knowledge.
To get started, offer your services and a few coaching lessons for free. Ask that your clients write a testimonial on your behalf for your services. This will also help to show that you can be trusted and that you actually have knowledge on the related topic.


Medium is another way to make some extra money from blogging, but again, it is not as easy as some make it seem. There are many Medium bloggers who are making over $10,000 per month from publishing content. All of the money comes from subscriptions, so the more that subscribers engage with your content, the more money you can make from their subscription fee.
Example — Medium costs $5 per month to subscribe. If you read a total of 10 articles, then the $5 would be evenly distributed to the authors. If you read two articles from the same person, then that person would earn a dollar. An easy way to put it, your $5 subscription fee is distributed amongst the authors that you support by how much you applaud it, if you leave a comment, and how much time you spent reading it.
To give you some insight into how challenging it is to actually gain an audience on Medium, I have been publishing all of my blog posts on Medium as well. Over the last six months, I am making on average $60 per month. So it’s not bad, but it definitely won’t allow me to retire any time soon.

Do What Works For You

What works for somebody else may not work for you. Try different strategies, see which one gives you the best option to make some money, and focus on that one strategy.
The last tip I have for you, don’t start blogging solely for the money. If you do, people are going to see right through you and will immediately click off of your content. This isn’t going to benefit anybody, including your morale.
Blog because it is something that you enjoy doing and because you want to help teach others the skills in which you have mastered. That is probably the best tip that will help you to make money in the long run.

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