How to Make Money from Affiliate Marketing Online?



I wasted almost $2000 on useless methods to make money from affiliate marketing online.

It all came at the worst point in my life back in 2016. I had lost my job as the company I worked for had shut down and I had just been approved for a mortgage for a house.

Needless to say, I was desperate for money. I tried surveys, buying and selling crypto-currencies and even taking on gigs on Craigslist, but every time I was getting scammed or not making anywhere near enough for what I needed.

I am telling you my story so you know that you need to be careful. You can make a great income online from affiliate marketing, but you can also LOSE money too. I did…. at first.

Things started turning around for me in 2016 when I read answers about how to make money from affiliate marketing online. Affiliate marketing is when you drive web traffic to a company’s products or website and they give you a commission when someone buys the item or signs up to an offer.

With Affiliate Marketing you can make over $500 per week online. You will need a little information on how to avoid expensive mistakes and use a good strategy. I will share my experience and the method I use. It may not be for everyone and you need to put in some effort at the beginning but, the best thing about this method is free to start.

Also, probably the most important thing is you can get paid into your PayPal account. If you don’t have PayPal, don’t worry I’ll show you some other ways to get paid as well.

More importantly, I’ll show you how this is a long-term passive income stream which is important because you want to generate money for a long time while doing minimal work.

Affiliate marketing works on a laptop and you can do this from anywhere in the world so let’s get started.

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Step 1–Join an Affiliate Network

There are plenty of companies that will pay you to link to their products and give you a commission when someone buys. There are even companies whose business model is designed this way. These are affiliate marketplaces with loads of products for you to promote. Examples include popular ones like Clickbank, Commission Junction, and Maxbounty and there are tons more.

For my method, you join a marketplace website called This website has great reviews of 4 stars out of 5, 7 out of 10 and there are more reviews online. Essentially, this is a reliable website to make money from.

This is what you need. Do your research and find a good website that has a very good reputation and has been around for years. I now have friends that were making money from this website back seven years ago. It’s been around for a long time. It’s tested, it’s proven to work, and it’s proven to make money for many people and you can get very high payouts from this website.

So how high are the payouts? Very high for some products. They start at $45 per sale, and some of them are $50, $60 up to $70 per sale so you don’t need many sales to make $100 a day, even $200 a day. That works out to $500 to $1000 a week. It’s only possible because of the very high commissions that these guys will pay you. I love this marketplace and many people have not even heard of it before and it’s got very good reviews:

how to make money from affiliate marketing online

Their products are highly converting and they give you all the landing pages and everything you need to make money with this method. They’ve got exclusive offers that are not offered anywhere else. They’ve also got advanced tracking and recurring income.

This means you make a passive income from recurring commissions but not only that, a lot of their offers are in multiple languages so this isn’t just for people that speak English. You might be from a country like France or another country and you don’t speak English very well.

That’s no problem, you can find offers to promote that will pay you for promotions in different languages and possibly your language. It’s for these reasons that I love this website.

So the first thing you want to do trying to make money from affiliate marketing online is going to and you want to sign up as an affiliate marketer.

how to make money from affiliate marketing online

Go through the fill in the information and sign up and they will take you through all the steps you need to get your account started. Once you’ve signed up and have been accepted, you’ll want to go to my account and you want to go to billing.

In the billing section, it will say “payment method” and there will be multiple payment methods that you can use.

These include: bank transfers, Payoneer, Check, Wire or you can use PayPal which is what I use. You can get paid into your PayPal account from this website. Few other affiliate marketplaces offer this.


Step 2: Find Products To Promote

Now the next step guys are critical you want to go back to the dashboard and you want to go to “offers” and you will see different languages like Belgium offers Croatian, Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, etc.

You will also see different categories like skincare, email offers, men’s health weight loss, pet health, cosmetics, and absolutely all sorts.

You can also find the latest offers as well as featured offers. So what I would recommend you do though is went to view featured offers this means that these offers are making the most money at that point in time.

So once you click on a featured offer, you can see the CPAs of the offers. CPA means “cost per acquisition” which is the amount of commission that you will receive for each offer you convert into a sale.

Once you click on the CPA, you will see your “affiliate link”. This is the URL to the product that contains a hidden referral code unique to you. You can use this URL (or tracking link) to drive traffic to the offers and when they convert, the conversion commission payment will go to the affiliate with the referral code (that means you!).

  how to make money from affiliate marketing online

Let’s take an example of Idol Lips which is a Lip Plumper converting at $50. So when you put this link into your content into a browser and people go to this link, they will be directed to the product page, put in their information to make a purchase and you will get $50 for converting each sale of Idol Lips. $50 is a very high payout and all you need is a few those per day to make money.

Let’s just look at the numbers real quick. Let’s say you do two sales per day.

That’s $100.

You multiply that by seven you get $700, so that’s $700 per week.

However, let’s bring it down to $500 because there might be a few days you don’t make two sales – you might even make more than $700, but let’s just say $500 per week you could easily make $500 per week with this once I show you the traffic method you need to use below.

You don’t have to make a lot of money with this, but it becomes very passive because this is YOUR affiliate link and it’s unique to you. All you need is constant traffic of interested people clicking on your link.

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Step 3: Get Free Traffic to Your Affiliate Link

I use the immense power of Google to get highly engaged and highly converting traffic to my affiliate links. Google gets 40,000 search queries every single second on average, that’s mental!

Over 5 billion nearly 6 billion searches per day that’s crazy so we will use this traffic. The beauty is that it is FREE traffic, and it’s organic traffic, not paid traffic. This makes it high converting, and it becomes passive traffic as well.

If you go into Google and you type in “how to get big lips” you’ve got these suggestions:

how to make money from affiliate marketing online

If you type “how to get fuller lips” you’ll get even more suggestions as well. So what you want to do is you want to start a free website or a paid one. I’ll tell you more about the advantages and disadvantages of both in a second.

You want to create a website similar to this:

how to make money from affiliate marketing online

Notice how simple it is. You don’t have to make anything complicated, you just need a good layout with a few of the keywords appearing in Google suggestions sprinkled once or twice into an article about 500 – 1000 words. I do this myself but you can even find someone to write the content for you and maintain your website for as cheap as $5 on Fivver.

Now let me explain what you want to do is do articles based on these topics because people are searching for this information right now.

They want a product that will enlarge their lips. You can write about “how to get plumper lips”, “how to get bigger lips”, “how to enlarge your lips overnight”, “how to get duck lips” or whatever. Each of these can be topics for an article that fills your website with content that people are searching for every day!

Remember, once they click on a link in your article, they will go to the landing page of the product they are interested in and if they buy, you earn a commission for the sale!

This is what to make money from Affiliate Marketing online is….. can you see it’s power? 


Free vs Paid website options – which is more successful?

Like I briefly touched on earlier, you’ve got two options when it comes to affiliate marketing websites.

  • For the free option, you can go to and you can start a free website and start posting articles. The biggest advantage is that this is free.
  • The paid option involves getting your domain name which I recommend you do if you can. This is because Google will like your website a lot more and it will show up higher on Google search results. This is because with a domain name you will build “domain authority” and this will give you a huge advantage in getting traffic compared to competing articles on free websites. Here’s an in-depth description of how search engines use domain authority for site rankings.

There are now so many companies where you can buy a domain from so thankfully this means it’s now cheaper than it used to be. The company I use is They give you a free domain and you only need to pay for hosting for less than $3 a month. 


One more great tip that I will give you that I found to work exceptionally well is to use Comparisons and Time in your article writing.

  • For comparisons, I mean you want to write articles comparing two products versus each other. So, for example, if you were creating a website on “how to get bigger lips” you could write an article comparing Idol Lips to another related product(s) which people are searching for a lot. Then you provide affiliate links to all the products you compare in your article! You could even compare the “top 5 lip plumpers of 2019” or even do a “best lip plumpers for 2019” series.
  • For a time, I mean you could put the year after the current year in your titles. For example, you could write about “how to get big lips in 2020” while still in 2019. This will mean that you may be the only one writing about your particular topic yet and your website will get more attention from search engines. As 2020 approaches and when it finally starts, you will see a surge of traffic before your competitor websites.

A blog or website can transform your life and I would highly recommend it. There are lots of ways to monetize a website, but few can compare with affiliate marketing and methods similar to the one I have just described for you. It worked for me after trying so many other ways of making money online with little or no success.

Good luck in your efforts to make money from affiliate marketing online!


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