How To Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing?


How to make money online with affiliate marketing? How does affiliate marketing work for you? To make a desire, you have nothing to beyond it. So desire what you wish. It may be hard to achieve the goal, but yet possible. Do you have an interest in affiliates? I had it then. After that, I have been doing an affiliate until now. My earning money comes from it.

If your answer is yes, keep reading. You will learn how to turn your dream into reality. I’ll show you the REAL and HONEST way to make money online through the affiliate. Let me know what you are looking for in affiliate success?

Whether are you searching for some actionable ways? How can you invest money, effort, and spirit in affiliates? Or, some simple methods or top secret or automation. Do you like to make money without investing skills, efforts, and money? 

If yes, STOP your reading. I have nothing to tell you, or you don’t find anything you need in this post. Save your time. 

Still here? Nice. Let’s get started.

Affiliate marketing is hungry for effort, patience with a persistent, and realistic mindset. In this post, I shall show you.


How to Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing?

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01. The Basics of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing basics are you help people without asking for anything in return. Helping people without asking in return is your fun. Guess what? Feel stuck? We’ve established that in our life. You’ll NEVER earn money, REAL money, on the web if your main focus is to make money.

Why will people help you to buy your product? Do you have any answers? Clear answer. Pay to focus on what I’m about to say? Internet marketing works on trust. The only way to make money is by gaining people’s trust. Why do people trust you?

Help people for FREE. “Hi Martin, how will I make money if I solve people’s problems without money?”

The answer is obvious. You help them solve their problems, and they help you buy your product.

First, you should come up with solving their problem for free. That is because people keep trust in you. People will throw their money at you when they trust you. And they buy the products you sell on your blog. Serve and help are two different things. People serve each other for payment. In contrast, people help each other for free.

Keep in mind helping people is your goal. Making money through affiliate marketing is a result of helping people for free. Got it?


02. How does affiliate marketing work?

Affiliate marketing works when people keep trust on you. Your aim is to help people for free on how to build trust in you. How is it possible? People get your help.

You need to have your own website. You write several articles to solve a problem from different angles. For example

  1. How can unskilled people make money online?
  2. How can students make money online?
  3. And how can mums make money online from home?
  4. How can highly educated people make money online?
  5. How can people make money online on a part-time basis?

One problem: how to make money online?

From different angles: unskilled people, students, mums, and part-time basis. One solution isn’t for all groups of people, such as unskilled and highly educated people. You need to help people more efficiently and effectively. These groups people search on Google looking for their solutions to the problem they have. More chances are, people will find you in the search results. People will click on your article, they read it, and get their problem solved. 

Excellent! You have done two meaningful things. People find you, read your post, and get their problem solved. So they keep the trust in you. They hunger for getting more from you. Tremendous! Your business wheel gets started moving on. 

The moment you help someone, especially if it’s for FREE, you get the proven way INSTANTLY, how people come to you, you can help them, they keep trusting in you. Right? 

Read that last sentence once more. Achieving trust is about how you make money through the affiliate? When you help people for free, they keep trust in you, and they feel compelled to help you. To realize the affiliate top-secret, read the below line 100 times:  “I solve problems and help people for free.” 

How To Make Money Online


03. Get started a blog

The blog is mandatory. Though, it’s what most people don’t do. You MUST start a blog before you do anything with an affiliate. People spend hours searching for ways to make money through an affiliate but never really start a blog. That means;

  1. They search for an easy path.
  2. Without investment
  3. Get rich overnight scheme
  4. Something like without efforts
  5. Make money faster.

These are not the ways you turn your dream into reality. More analysis makes you paralysis, which means you can do nothing. You need to take action. Countless tutorials are available on the web. 

You have no budget to invest! Stop reading right now. Build your realistic mindset, be sincere, and then come back here. 

Don’t worry about the design of your blog. You don’t need a premium theme until your blog doesn’t have content and can’t drive traffic to your blog. What’s the result? 

You have a fancy store, but it doesn’t have a single customer. So save your money, wait for getting traffic, and then buy a premium theme at $100. In a nutshell, your first job is to create a blog and include more content.


04. How to create content?

Write more posts, drive more traffic, and you can earn more money. How to earn more money? 

Easy answer. Write more blog posts. Don’t move aside. Commit, you will write posts for the rest of your life as long as your heart is pumping blood. Then I can promise you will be a success.


05. What should you write posts about?

Learn your audiences about why they cry, when they feel pleasure, and what is their hobby. Furthermore, what is their heart-burning pain, unfulfilled desire, and fear to avoid loss? 

Write to solve them for your audience.  Your readers want to know your real-life experimental result or success. They want to know your history, the ideas you proved in your life, and why & how you apply them to achieve the goal. 

You read other articles, then you copy it and paste on your blog post, and your blog is going to earn money. Don’t think like this. You read other articles, use the ideas in your life, and share it in your post about why & how you applied in your life. Thus, you are going to teach your readers.

Read how-to articles from other blogs. You apply them in your life.  And you share your success or loss story on your blog that will FLOOD your bank account with money. Trust me, I know that. What do you think I know about some magic formula or money-making secrets?

No, my friend. All I do to make money — first I learn, then I apply it in my life, and then I share the result on my blog posts. Thus, people get educated and entertained in your posts. If it lacks either, don’t publish content. Work on your post until it’s ready.

Write That Works for Your Article


06. How to monetize your blog?

You can monetize your blog to sell your digital products on your blog. And you can also sell other products through affiliate links or referral links. Your blog visitors read your posts, they spend time on your blog, so they keep trust in you. That is why they will buy whatever you write for them. The selling platform is ready now.

For example, you are a mum blogger. You write about child care. If you write an ebook on parenting with more examples, images and you convert it into PDF format, this is your ebook to sell. Another example, your blog is about how to improve your writing. Your blog has visitors. If you write a guide on advanced writing skills from existing your posts by updating else more. Your readers must buy it, no doubt. 

Do you know how I earn from an affiliate? Sign up for Fiverr. Does it work, ever? Yes. It works for me.


07. Affiliate Marketing: Writing skills 

You need to write quality content, SEO friendly, and search intent content. What exactly is quality content? 

It must have a few things:

  1. Write your post with 1,500 words long or more
  2. Short sentences
  3. Short paragraph
  4. No grammar and spelling mistakes.
  5. Add subheads
  6. Add Images
  7. And add video if possible
  8. Reader intent solution
  9. Reader persuasive writing
  10. Easily readable writing. 

Keep in mind that readers become scanners. They have no time to read more. They have short attention spans. Your post needs more exposure, visibility in SERPs, and reach to its readers. 

Write what your readers want to read? What do they write in their search queries? And you should write what and how you search for their solutions?


08. Search engine optimization

SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO strategies are for identifying your content according to users’ search intent. So Google can show your content with the ranking position in its SERPs. So you need to drive traffic to your blog. Sources of traffic are different asunder.

  1. Social media organic traffic
  2. Social media paid traffic
  3. Google paid traffic
  4. Google organic traffic
  5. Referral traffic and traffic from backlinks

Google search traffic is organic traffic. This is the best solution for affiliate marketing. How to drive organic traffic to your blog?

  1. Keep your blog updated through a technical audit
  2. Prepare the blog mobile-friendly
  3. Pay focused on on-page SEO
  4. Increase outreach strategies.
  5. Backlinks and internal links
  6. Increase social signals.
  7. Improve your expertise on your niche
  8. Increase your trust among your audience
  9. Keep blogging persistently
  10. Build loyal audiences

Don’t make a mistake here. On-page SEOs are not all solutions you need.

Social media


09. Social media

New affiliate marketers can earn traffic from social media faster than organic traffic. Pinterest is a visual search engine and social media. Beginners can provide traffic faster. Twitter, Facebook, and Quora are a good traffic source.

After publishing your blog post, first share it on all social media accounts. Social engagement is a social signal. Social signals impact Google ranking. 


10. Email Marketing

People are saying, “Money is in the list.” Email marketing is one of the most successful marketing ideas. You can build your audience, keep them engaged, and increase your revenue. As an affiliate marketer, you should stress on email marketing from the beginning. Do you know how to create lead generation? 

Discover your real customers.  If you can recognize your audiences, you can find out their info with emails. Lead generation is the latest and actionable step to reach your prospect. Highly filtered lead generation can increase your revenue. So pay attention to email marketing. 

  • Free Email Hunter chrome addon is an email extractor.
  • GMass bulk email sender.
  • You can send free fifty emails daily.

Lead generation isn’t hard jobs, but yet most people ignore it. 


11. Online business vs. Online jobs.

Most beginners can’t understand the difference between an online business and online job. Online jobs are more comfortable than in online businesses. If you need urgent money, online jobs are your solution. Within one month, you can earn money selling the Fiverr gigs. 

Upwork is one of the best and secure job marketplaces. The freelancer and freelance writer can earn money through outsourcing in the Upwork job marketplace. Some people are getting paid for hour basis jobs.

GPT [Get Paid To] sites are other solutions for the people who don’t have skill and education. You can work by signing up in Swagbucks for money from home. 

Part-time users and who need to make money fast, extra cash, and income, they can earn money by taking online surveys in survey sites. 

PTC [Paid To Click] sites are the best ways to make money online for unskilled and uneducated people to work from home.

Entire digital marketing is an online business. It needs a website, traffic, and monetization process. Affiliate marketing is Lucrative, but you need a profitable niche. You need to have expert skills in a niche market, niche audience and niche products, and services. You need to complete an online course on affiliate marketing.

Bloggers can earn passive income from different ways to advertise, monetize to sell your digital products, and Google Adsense. Bloggers can sell online courses on their blog. That is a hot monetizing method for a blog. You can earn money from video tutorials through the YouTube channel.



In conclusion, affiliate marketing is not for all people. Think about whether you are fit for that. A successful affiliate marketer easily earns $100 daily. 

You need to learn about affiliate first, and then you can earn. To create a blog and design with Amazon products is not an affiliate. It doesn’t work for you at 0%. Do you know SEO? 

How to move your blog to its customers? That is the foremost part of affiliates. What I said above is a list of jobs. What to do? And what not to do? If you have no time, the affiliate is not for you.

Affiliate marketing is labor-intensive, hard work involved, and time-consuming jobs. You need to have a budget. It is business capital, not for expenses. You can earn in return for investing money as capital later.

People who need urgent money should go for online jobs. The affiliate is a business that means digital marketing. It takes time, effort, and patience with persistence.  


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