How to Write Blog With SEO Friendly Post Title?


Could you imagine ever? A blog with SEO friendly post title could keep you alive in an online business. A blog post alone might be a full source of your business.

Traffic is the blood of online marketing. The title keeps traffic in a running life. But how to craft a title dazzling? The eye-catching title is a matter. 

In this article, I will show you how to craft blog titles that grab readers’ attention. You can learn how to write eye-catching WordPress blog post titles.


What is an SEO post title? 

The blog post title definition means what topics you want to explain in your post. The title can focus on the entire blog post. And the title should be catchy and SEO oriented. 

SEO Post title attracts the reader and gets access to the blog post. So, the title has a great job. It needs to craft sharply.

Step 01: The ingredients on how to create a title.

You need ingredients to craft a title dazzling. The title needs polish to dazzle. 

The following elements you need to arrange before creating a title.

  1. Niche topic: Pick a niche topic, so that your readers want to read. It needs research to discover urgent needs.
  2. Keywords: For niche topics, you need selected keywords. 
  3. Long-tail keywords: Keywords should be long-tail and relevant.
  4. Synonyms of keyword phrases: The best SEO practice is to use keywords synonyms. 
  5. Power word list: Do you know the power words? Do you have a power word list? Do you know how to use power words in a sentence?
  6. Sensory word list: Do you know what sensory words are? See, smell, touch, hear, and test expressing words. Right? 
  7. Emotional words list: Do you have an emotion word list? How to use them in a sentence? 
  8. Target audience: Everybody doesn’t read your articles. If you target everybody, you target nobody. So you need to target the perfect audience.
  9. Offer or commitment: What is your proposal for your quality content? And do you offer a unique solution? People read what they need.  
  10. Visual elements: Images attract readers. The video keeps readers engaging. And the infographic is a super motivated ingredient.

The quality ingredients can make desired products. To create the best title, you need quality stuff. Right?


Step 02: Blog post title generator:

People find title generators. Blog post title generators give us titles using a different format, words, and purpose. You can get ready hundreds of titles with a minute. 

  1. Hubspot link:
  2. SEOPressor:
  3. FAT JOE:
  4. Title Generator:
  5. The Hoth:

The above five tools you can use. Different title generator tools give you various ideas, making you easy to make a decision. 


Step 03: Blog titles analyzer

How powerful and effective your title is, you can measure by these headline analyzer tools. It gives you the title total score. The title analyzer tool makes you sure that crafting your title with proper elements.

  1. Share through:
  2. Capitalize my title:
  3. A M. institute:
  4. IsItWP:

Amazing tools ever, you can find. For a long time, I used them. Now I can calculate it. Sure.

Guess what? Sound cool?


Step 04: How to write an engaging title?

To choose a blog post title is a very tough job. The title should be more engaging. To make a title, you need an auto-generator tool and an SEO plugin.  

You need WordPress plugins such as Yoast or Rank Math. The SEO plugin can help you customize your article title how you want.  

Your meta description is the article title and long-tail keywords. 

How to pick up a list of post titles in a post? You need to use PHP and HTML code for WP_QUERY. So you can collect a list of post titles from your blog.   

Every day you need to practice creating post headlines from different angles. 

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Step 05: Effective SEO title guide:

You need a checklist to generate titles. The proper guideline makes your title appealing. Following decorative elements, you can use to craft a title dazzling.

  1. Sentence length: The title size is not so small or long. Google displays the first 50–60 characters of a title tag. Your title should be between 50-60 characters.
  2. H1 tag: The title needs to stay in the H1-tag.
  3. Subtitles: The entire subtitles together explain the headline. 
  4. Click bait: Title must not be false, click bait, and spammy.
  5. Surprising: You can make surprise your reader through a title.  
  6. Emotional touch: Emotional touch is a cause of success and even a viral post issue.  
  7. Focus keywords: You haven’t used Focus keywords before.
  8. Unique title: The title should be specific. It is your creativity. How to check uniqueness? Search the title on Google with double-quotes. 
  9. Long or short: 50 – 60 characters in size. Simple.
  10. Readable with easy words: People can read easily. Don’t use hard words or long length words. Right?

Perfect use of above catchy and SEO oriented title factors, your title gets a good score that works for you.


Step 06: Blog Title templates: 

People also use blog title templates. Hundreds of SEO title templates you can find on the web. 

Here is an example of how can you use a word GUIDE in a different format to get various actions. 

You need to fill blank space with keywords and use more words to make a sentence.

  1. The Ultimate Guide to __________
  2. A Comprehensive Guide to __________
  3. The Complete Guide to __________
  4. The Definitive Guide to __________
  5. Beginner’s Guide to __________
  6. An Essential Guide to __________
  7. In Depth Guide to __________
  8. Detailed Guide to __________
  9. A Practical Guide to __________
  10. A – Z Guide to __________


The above templates are examples of how to use the Guide. You can create other templates with other words How-to.


Step 07: Article title formula or title pattern:

You can choose the article formula. Another style is for you to use. 

The guidelines of formulas are here. Check them out. 

You can follow the guide to create an SEO article title. Awful formulas you can use.

  1. Use Numbers: Title with numbers is a formula, “10 tips to improve writing skills.”
  2. Include the word ‘Guide’: Ultimate guide to writing skills.
  3. Solve a Problem: How to drive Facebook traffic to your blog?
  4. Avoidance of Pain: FAT burning tips: organic weight loss.
  5. Change The Reader’s Life: How to become a freelance writer?
  6. Fear of Failure: 10 tips for organic traffic: cut fear and doubt.
  7. Use Negatives: PERSUASIVE WRITING SKILLS: Don’t mistake else more. 
  8. Prediction: Write a story in a day after 30 days, you become a writer. 
  9. Offer to Help: Free download- A course of persuasive writing. 
  10. Be Controversial: Blog post length: how short or how long?
  11. Things I Wish I Had Known: I lost a year because I had known about how to blog?

I Did It and So Can You: Write a story in a day up to 30 days. I did it so you can.

Things You Didn’t Know: Who else more don’t know how to create a catchy title? 

The above title tips are fundamental ideas. You must practice on your own. It makes your brain wider how to craft the reader’s attention-grabbing title. 

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Step 08: Blog title examples.

A fresh example of titles is for BLOG POST from different angles. Read and determine how to build titles on your own.

  1. The Ultimate Guide To BLOG POST
  2. How I Improved My BLOG POST In One Day
  3. Get Better BLOG POST Results By Following the 3 Simple Steps
  4. Sick And Tired Of Doing BLOG POST The Old Way? Read This
  5. 7 Ways To Keep Your BLOG POST Growing Without Burning The Midnight Oil
  6. World Class Tools Make BLOG POST Push Button Easy
  7. Why My BLOG POST Is Better Than Yours
  8. How To Make More BLOG POST By Doing Less
  9. Old School BLOG POST
  10. If You Do Not (Do) BLOG POST Now, You Will Hate Yourself Later
  11. Warning: These 9 Mistakes Will Destroy Your BLOG POST
  12. How To Turn Your BLOG POST From Zero To Hero
  13. 10 Tips That Will Make You Influential In BLOG POST
  14. Got Stuck? Try These Tips To Streamline Your BLOG POST
  15. How You Can (Do) BLOG POST In 24 Hours Or Less For Free

You can delete the previous post’s headline and renew it with an engaging SEO post title again.


Step 09: Headline formatting

The SEO headline may need decoration to improve sparkling. You can use WordPress’s CSS for font, size, weight, and color.

  1. Font: What genre of font family you choose.
  2. Color: Black, Maroon, and else more.
  3. Size: 20 to 26px is common.
  4. Bold: Yes
  5. Title case font: Title case
  6. Clickable: The title may be clickable.
  7. Error-free title: Free from grammar and spelling mistakes.
  8. List title: 10 tips on how to improve writing.
  9. How To: How to improve persuasive writing skills?
  10. Top Ten: Top ten paid writing course.

Something craziness is the wrong idea. Natural flow is the best policy. So don’t do anything excessive. Be basic, and keep it basic.


Step 10: SEO friendly title:

Only the eye-catching title is not enough for SEO. How to craft an SEO friendly title? Do you know?

  1. Long-tail keywords: Wondering How To Craft SEO POST TITLE Dazzling? – How To Craft SEO POST TITLE.
  2. Keywords setting: Organic Traffic: 10 tips on how to drive to your website?
  3. User intent solution: Title offers a solution to what your audience search for it.
  4. Perfect length: 50 to below 60 characters is the length. 
  5. Use keywords synonym: How to create, how to drive, how to generate traffic?
  6. Topic what readers want to read: How-to, list of, cheap of, top-ten, and guide are SEO friendly titles. 
  7. Target audience: Organic weight loss for women over 60.
  8. Get social share: The title entices readers share it.
  9. Get CTR: High click-through rate proves a high-quality title. 
  10. Defeat other titles: Same topics, two articles, one title defeat others. 

Therefore, you put title keywords in the slug, permalink, or post URL. Title in URLs is the SEO friendly URL, but the size is a matter.

One article, but different titles:

  1. 10 Tips to improve your writing skills.
  2. 10 Tips to improve your dazzling writing skills.
  3. 10 Tips to improve writing skills on how to increase traffic.
  4. 10 Tips to improve writing skills on how to get financial freedom.
  5. 10 Tips to improve writing skills on how to change lifestyle.



Writing is an art. It needs science too. 

And persuasive writing needs philosophy and even psychology.

Crafting an eye-catchy SEO title is purely Art and Science. You need to have human behavior psychology. How to control or motive or influence them. 

People become addicted to auto title generator tools. They use tools to create titles. Crafting a dazzling SEO post title is playing with words. 

I am eagerly waiting to hear from you on how you feel reading the post. Or your big experience can share with us as if we can get help. Leave a comment.


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