How You Can Become a Blogger to Earn Money?

Today we will talk about how you can become a blogger to earn money. The word “blogger” appears in the modern lexicon more and more often. We use it in different ways and in completely different spheres. Here, we will talk about who these people are and how to become a blogger to earn good money. So, a blogger is a person who keeps a blog. He can shoot the author’s videos, write articles or do other activities. However, do not confuse bloggers with the usual content authors. The first, unlike the latter, do not simply describe an event in their work but express their personal opinion about it.

What does the blogger do?

1. The most traditional option for such personalities is to write their own articles. As I mentioned above, these texts should not simply describe an event or phenomenon, but also the attitude of the author himself to it. This can be a forecast for the future, an original conclusion, criticism, advice, etc. As a rule, bloggers work in the political sphere and express their attitude to various laws, political parties or significant events in the country and the world.
To write articles, simple aspiration and a developed civic position are not enough. Ability to describe the circumstance and express your opinion concisely and beautifully, in order not to offend the reader – these are very important qualities of a blogger-copywriter. If your articles are interesting both in content and in the style of writing, then you will certainly become a successful blogger whose opinion will be listened to by many.
2. The second option is to shoot your own videos. You can place them on your YouTube channel and untwist it. An important point: if you want to become a blogger, then you must show yourself in your videos. The fact is that if a company advertises its brand, then the blogger advertises himself. If nobody knows him in person, then what’s the point of doing this? It’s worth changing the site on which you host the content as well as you need to start the promotion from scratch. If you still need a presentation or a slide show, you can shoot yourself at the beginning and at the end, and show your presentation in the middle. In this case, the audience will remember you, and you will be able to show all kinds of graphics, diagrams, photos, etc.
3. Another option for a blogger is comments or entries on the forums. This is suitable for those who like to simply express their attitude to a particular phenomenon, rather than write an entire article. You just need to go to the site, where this article is, read the material and leave a voluminous comment. However, it is very difficult to develop such methods, and it’s almost impossible to make money.
4. If you do not want to shoot yourself on camera, you can make an audio recording, however, this method is currently not so popular, and it will be difficult to promote yourself as a good blogger because nobody sees how you look.

Blogs against the media!

At the present stage, people tend to trust popular bloggers more than journalists. The fact is that the media managed to discredit itself, disclosing deliberately false information. In addition, many people understand that TV channels and newspapers are bought by the government or private businessmen, which does not add objectivity to them. Bloggers, of course, can also be bought, but the vast majority of Internet users do not understand this truth yet, and therefore believe everything that is written in popular blogs.

How does a blogger earn money?

The question of this article is how to become a blogger to earn money, so now I will tell you why Internet journalists get money.
Typically, the main profit of a blogger is advertising on his website or YouTube account. Also, sometimes, there are orders for the publication of an advertising post on a highly visited site or a social network page.
The meaning of all income is reduced to one word – advertising, and whether you want it or not, but it will also appear on your blog if you aspire to receive money.
There is also such kind of earnings as “payment for silence”. The essence of it is that a politician or a businessman pays popular blogger money so that he does not strongly advertise a certain event or fraud.

How to become a blogger to earn money? Practical advice!

1. The first thing that any blogger needs are a formed worldview, which, by the way, is absent in most people. His thoughts and views should not be borrowed from somewhere, but be the result of his own mental work and a thorough rethinking of the facts. Otherwise, your opinion will be of no interest to anyone. In addition, it is not necessary that your views are accepted by readers. Popular bloggers are also those people who are constantly criticized by the masses. After all, a negative image still carries the same popularity.
2. The subjective civic position for a blogger is like a broomstick for a janitor, i.e. a tool for generating income. Without it, blogging is impossible in principle, and an undeveloped position with a lot of “blank spots” will not give you the opportunity to answer readers’ questions. Before you start writing the first record or taking the first video, you need to sit down and think about how you feel about this or that phenomenon, what would you suggest to change and what advice you want to give.
3. Popular bloggers often appear on various TV shows. As a rule, they act as experts, and sometimes even represent the interests of a certain group of people.
4. It is desirable that you use several instruments of self-promotion. For example, you can write articles and post videos on YouTube, and the information in the article and the video can be about the same. In this way, you will attract a lot more viewers and readers, especially if you link the two tools with links.
5. Making posts and making videos is not all. People leave their comments, post the response videos, and some even frankly “troll.” In doing so, you must constantly respond to any praise, criticism or question. In this case, you will be a real person in the eyes of people, with whom you can establish contact, communicate, ask a question, etc. If you do not do this, then at some point people will doubt that you are actually a real person.
We hope that these tips were useful for you and you learned some interesting for yourself!

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