How You Can Make Money on YouTube Without Showing Face?

You sure can earn lots of money from YouTube without showing your face. Not everyone wants to show their face when getting started on YouTube and that’s totally fine.
I have evaluated some of the YouTubers who started with voice over videos and now have millions of man. Some of them are now creating face-cam videos and others are still making the same voice-over videos still with million subscribers.
When you are not showing your face on your videos on whatever niche you are on, you would have to use your voice (human voice) though otherwise, I can’t guarantee you making with a computer-generated voice.

So how to get started to earn money on YouTube without showing face


Pick a niche

YouTube has become a competitive platform and almost every niche is crowded with creators. So I would suggest you start in a niche that is relatively less competitive and a specific niche as it would be less competitive.

Create Videos

The next step would be to create amazing videos in the niche. Make sure you try and get idea from the existing videos on the topic and try to stand out.
As you don’t have to worry about the camera, make sure to use a good mic for voiceover. This doesn’t mean you will have to get an expensive one.
Then create amazing videos and use Powerpoint slides or animation or even screen recording or free footages for video and add the voice over.
Also, don’t be afraid to publish your videos. I know the initial videos won’t meet your expectations but when you keep creating content the quality will improve for sure.

Promote Your Videos

This is the toughest rush to get viewers to your videos when you are just starting out.
But you can share your videos on the Facebook groups related to your niche, in your blogs or websites and Reddit and even on Quora.
When you have built a quite good subscriber you can start showing your face or just go on with just your voice.

Monetize your Videos

After you have got a good number of subscribers and views in your video you can monetize your channel through various methods.
You can apply for the YouTube Partner Program to show ads on your videos and earn from it.
You can also earn from other methods like affiliate marketing, merchandise, paid promotions as well.
So that way you can earn money from your YouTube channel without even showing yourself.
Believe me, don’t be afraid and go ahead and publish your first video.


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