How You Can Make Money Through Your Facebook Page?


According to the newest policy of Facebook, to enable monetization with Facebook you need a page that has 10.000 Followers pages and 30.000 views in the last 60 days. ( Minimum one minute ) .

How to make money with Facebook page?

I have an offer to earn money with Facebook fast and safe that is Buy Monetize Page. It’s the best-optimized way to focus on making money with Facebook, even you don’t want to find followers and views in a hard way as a beginner.
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you should refer to pay for 10,000 followers and 30,000 views package, it’s also good but monetize Facebook page is better. Before you buy anything, I will share some tips to get views and followers free the first.
There’s a lot of ways to get fake views and followers page, but where can you get real views and followers page?
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1 . Eligibility for Monetization Facebook videos

1 ) Publish regular video with up to 3 min or more, create engaging content.
2 ) At the least 10 thousand followers on your Facebook page, you can not use Facebook profile.
3 ) All videos in your page, total video count should be 30 thousand views ( views only count when it view more than 1 minute in the last 60 days.
4 ) Meet with Facebook eligibility standards
You can save a lot of time if you skip this step by pay for Monetize Facebook Page.

2 . Ad Breaks for More Creators

Facebook is now giving access to its Ad Breaks program to more users.
The program will be exposed more broadly in stages, starting with creators who are creating longer, original content that encourages audience engagement and retention.

3 . Communicate with your visitors 

Although Facebook’s exact algorithm for who sees your content isn’t clear, there appears to be a correlation between people with whom you regularly interact and people who frequently see your posts in their News Feeds.
You can increase the chances of friends seeing your content by liking and to respond to their comments on your content ( or on theirs).
Liking and commenting on other friends’ posts will also help your friends see your posts.

4 . Post videos regularly

You don’t want to flood your friends’ news feeds with posts or videos, but you should try to post at least once a day.
If you’re taking the time to curate short, amusing, and/or meaningful posts, this is actually harder than it sounds!
However, consistently posting will lead to consistent followers.
Designating a theme for your posts can also help keep your posts consistent.
If you do this, make sure that you monitor the general reaction to the topic posts, and be prepared to change the theme if you’re not getting the followers that you want.

5 . Get More 10.000 Like Page & 30.000 Views To Monetized on Facebook

Well, if you want to build your page and making money with it, then yes of course.
Because according to the newest policy of Facebook Adbreak, your fan page needs to have 10 .000 like pages & 30 .000 views to enable monetization with Facebook video.
You can get it in a normal way but it’s not the optimized way to enable and many people ignored this step and change in the simplest way. It’s safe and fast to monetized soon with Facebook.
Just buy 10 .000 Followers page & 30 .000 views from a reliable service provider and you will be fine.
When people will notice a number like few thousand followers attached to your page, they will immediately think that it’s a high-authority page in that particular niche.
So they will check out your page, and if your contents are, then they will definitely end up Liking it and sharing your contents, it’ll help you to earn much money from your good contents.
So yes, you can purchase some Facebook Likes or Followers to capture people and also to increase your Facebook ranking.
But remember, you should never, ever, ever buy Fake followers. Because fakes followers are usually created with the help of certain Bots. And using bots-generated Fake followers is a violation of Facebook TOS.
So when you invest in followers, ensure that you are buying Truly followers that are driven through Organic Promotion.
I know the genuine company that I’m using to get more followers and viewers for my page and individual Facebook, they can generate a good product to provide for everyone.
Their supporters and policy of guarantee are so good.

6 . Buy Facebook Monetize Page & Make Money with Good Contents Video.

Fabricate good videos is the most important thing to get money with Facebook, it’s the same with YouTube when your page has videos and good contents, it’ll attract people gradually, Facebook appreciates those videos.
You’ll get enough 10,000 Followers and 30,000 views required of Facebook and Facebook will review your page then if it’s good, they’ll enable monetization on Facebook. When your page has followers stable, it can be large revenue from viewers. Facebook set up the ADS on your video the same with YouTube set ADS on videos.
But I have the best-optimized way to get Facebook page monetized fast and safe, you can save a lot of time at first that is Buy Monetize Facebook Page. When you publish video on the monetized page if right that time it really attracts many people, Facebook will count
the views and add for revenue. I think you should you purchase Facebook Monetized Page.
If it isn’t your choice, you can refer 10,000 Facebook Followers & +30,000 views to monetize Facebook, it’s also a good choice.

7 . Engage with Your Community

Some of the biggest e-commerce brands don’t engage with their customers. That gives even the smallest retailer a huge competitive advantage.
Engaging with your community isn’t only about customer service like responding to questions about delivery times. It’s also about building relationships.
And there’s no better way to do that than to be a bit playful or respond in a way where the customer feels like they’re chatting with their buddies.
Netflix is a great example of a brand on Facebook that regularly engages with customers.
Their comments are almost always hilarious which makes you want to engage with the brand.
By engaging with your followers, their friends might end up following you as a result

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