How You Can Monetize Your Blog?


Anything is possible. A few years ago, the word “blog” did not exist in most people’s vocabularies, and now it seems that everyone is expressing themselves with an online journal. You may have heard stories about people making money with their blogs. It’s true! Here are some tips on how you can monetize your blog.

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Here what helps The bloggers succeed to monetize their blog

  • An author with a significant background in journalism providing a network of readers and connections to jump off from.
  • Because of the above good writing skills, including self-editing.
  • A good understanding of what people will read
  • Understanding enough about niches to make you think she doesn’t have one, she does
  • At the beginning of the blogging venture, she had a standing column on PNN (now defunct) called “Ask the bloggers” which provided a powerful source of traffic which they paid her for.
  • She is a published author of a few books, including the bestseller. It is not some slapped together ebook expanding on her blog material.


Most of the successful blogs fall into one of three categories

Most of the successful blogs you see are not “a dude with a laptop” type of operation. They fall into one of three categories:

  1. The blogger is a professional writer that has outsourced managing the physical site and its promotion to other people. They invested significant funds on day one to have the best shot possible.
  2. The blogger has a significant background in advertising or promotion. They build the site, provide the image the site is built around, and farm out most of the writing to people they pay. Again this is an investment with no guarantee of a return.
  3. The blogger is part of a blog network. These can be formally set up via a promotion or publishing house, but sometimes bloggers set them up all on their own. The network has said six blogs run by six different people that all pool resources. The pay for content or site support collectively depending on their weaknesses. They cross-post on each other’s blogs so all ships float. They also recruit under bloggers or pay for content collectively under the guise that a network brings more exposure than a single blog.

Over 90% of the successful, independent blogs out there fall into one of these three categories. That leaves the “dude with a laptop” type deal fighting over the crumbs. It is a lot of birds fighting over very few crumbs.

The bloggers clearly fall into the first category, though because of the design of the site not being all that great I don’t think she paid that much for site management probably called in favor instead.

Honestly, if she has convinced you, this is a personal blog she did an amazing job.


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