Influence Strategies to Boost Engagement on Facebook


Nowadays social media is proving to be one of the most valuable ways to build strong relationships with your audience. Through Facebook engagement posts, you can personalize content in a way that makes people feel more connected to your brand, especially when you partner with influencers.

Forty-two percent of brands say they measure their ROI by looking at audience engagement, which is why marketers want to provide valuable content that piques interest. Working with influencers does just that, but it also bolsters trust and credibility in your brand. In fact, 63 percent of people trust influencers more than the brand themselves, so their partnership is key to developing a great marketing strategy.

To boost engagement on Facebook, try the following 3 influence strategies.  


Influence Strategies to Boost Engagement on Facebook


 1. Create a Giveaway that Generates Buzz

The idea behind giveaways is to create a buzz about your brand. With forethought, you can develop a giveaway that creates a lasting impression while providing value to your audience. They’re also actionable–and taking action is key to developing awareness around your brand.

Boost Engagement on Facebook Tip #1: Create a giveaway that generates a buzz. #marketing #facebook – Twitter

Developing a giveaway requires a strategy that begins with the basics of knowing your audience. This will be a key driver to determine everything else from what you give away to how you promote the posts. The goal is to increase engagement, which is most effective when targeted to the right audience.

To prepare for a giveaway, start with this checklist:

  • Identify your target audience to help you determine what product or service to include in your giveaway
  • Determine the type of influencer you want to partner with based on your target audience
  • Decide who internally will manage the giveaway logistics
  • Establish the aesthetic and deliverables you want for your Facebook engagement post (i.e. photo, text, colors, entry form, call-to-action)
  • Choose how you want to promote your giveaway

Choose the Type of Giveaway

Giveaways can take many forms, so choosing one that serves your target audience and influencer is important to boosting engagement.

A few questions to consider before you create a giveaway are:

  • Do you have a product that people want?
  • Does the giveaway offer compelling enough content for people to take action and enter?
  • Will the giveaway provide value to your brand?
  • What role in your campaign do you want the influencer to play?

Once you answer those questions, develop a giveaway that serves your specific audience. For Facebook engagement posts, here are a few giveaway examples.

Like, Follow, and Tag a Friend Contest

If your goal is to boost brand awareness, this giveaway is perfect because it’s actionable and encourages sharing with others. In the post below, DownEast asks entrants to ‘Like,’ Follow, and tag-a-friend. You can set terms best for your audience, but this ensures that the post will get seen.

Influences Strategies to Boost Engagement on Facebook

Image via Facebook

Link to Enter a Contest

One of the simplest ways to engage in a contest is to click-to-enter. This giveaway is great for an audience that knows your brand and wants more from it. In the example below, entrants are sent to a landing page that will also encourage them to take further action.

Influences Strategies to Boost Engagement on Facebook

Image via Facebook

Take a Selfie and Share Contest

A selfie contest is a great way to engage your audience while organically creating user-generated content (UGC). This giveaway helps to foster a sense of authenticity around your brand.

Influences Strategies to Boost Engagement on Facebook

Image via Facebook

How Do You Choose a Winner?

The type of giveaway you run will determine how you choose a winner. Options include choosing a random winner from a pool of entries, choosing from comments on an engagement post, or using a content software that simplifies the process of running social media giveaways. If you’re not using software, it will help to have a person dedicated to managing the giveaway.

Adding live streaming to a giveaway winner announcement is one more way to increase engagement. Announcing a contest winner live encourages entrants to tune in and engage. Live streaming is also a great way to announce the terms of a giveaway to generate buzz long before the winner is even announced.

Choose an Influencer Who Aligns with Your Brand

Finding the types of influencers who connect with your target market is vital to the overall engagement. A variety of factors contribute to who you choose as an influencer, like who their audience is, compensation, and if they are a nano-, micro-, macro-, or mega-influencer.

A micro-influencer is perfect for a giveaway campaign because they have more followers than a nano-influencer and higher engagement than a macro-influencer.

2. Create a Strategic Sponsored Engagement Post

Whether you’re creating a giveaway or simply collaborating with an influencer on social media, you want to have a strategy for creating content and promoting your post. If you plan to create a Facebook engagement post, make sure that you and your influencers align with their guidelines.

Boost Engagement on Facebook Tip #2: Create an influener sponsored post. #influencemarketing – Twitter

Choose the Type of Post

There are two ways to execute an engagement post: a sponsored post on your brand’s page, or a post on the influencer’s page. Choosing which one will depend on the goals you’ve established and who your influencers are.

Sponsored Post

A sponsored post allows you to post content from an influencer in your feed, so it doesn’t disrupt the user with ads or pop-ups. These posts are a great way to target specific audience segments and get accurate metrics on engagement.

Creating a Facebook sponsored post includes choosing an audience, a budget, format, and customer actions. Facebook suggests running campaigns for at least five days.

Influencer Post

When an influencer is responsible for creating a post on their page, they need the following information:

  • Terms of the giveaway: type of giveaway, prize, rules, when it closes
  • Content such as images, copy, or hashtags to include in the post
  • A mood board or look book that represents your brand’s style to ensure that influencer-generated content is on-brand

When an influencer is posting, make sure you have access to measurable results so that you know how the campaign performs and how it affects ROI.

3. Livestream for Better Engagement

Video is a cornerstone of building brand awareness and reputations for influencers because the video has a way of personalizing a brand. Video is more conversational than a static image or text which encourages the audience to engage more. Take mom influencers Cat and Nat who built a following with their engaging, humorous videos about motherhood.

Influencers Cat and Nat live stream videos

So, why live stream a giveaway?

Boost Engagement on Facebook Tip #3: Have your influencers livestream an opening, giveaway, or a behind the scenes event! #videomarketing #influencermarketing – Twitter

Influencer Marketing and Live Streaming

Partnering with an influencer to create live streaming content enhances overall engagement. One way to do this is with an influencer takeover. Rather than streaming on their account, they are a part of your brand’s live stream. Optionally, the influencer can live stream directly on their account to engage with their audience.

Which Platform to Stream On

When it comes to streaming marketing, Facebook and Instagram are the most popular channels. With both, users are notified when a brand they follow starts a live broadcast and will track the number of viewers in real-time, including comments so that the host can engage with users.

While each provides value, Facebook has the added option of saving and sharing the video at a later date. Instagram only makes the video available for 24 hours after it broadcasts. Engagement posts on Facebook Live prove successful because users watch videos “3 times longer than pre-uploaded videos.” That proves to be incredibly useful in developing video strategies, especially when partnering with influencers.

Best Content to Live Stream

There are several options for live streaming content. Whichever form of content you choose to share, it’s sure to create a more personal connection with your audience and develop a sense of trust in your brand. Here are some ideas for content to include in your live stream:

  • Reveal a new product or service
  • Offer Q&A sessions
  • How-to or tutorial
  • Interview an influencer
  • Contest results
  • Guest takeovers, such as an influencer offering advice or insight on a specific topic

With any content plan, it’s important to have a way to measure how posts perform, especially if you collaborate with an influencer. Using our comprehensive influencer marketing software will help you streamline recruitment and reporting, and create successful strategies that boost ROI and engagement.


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