Launch a Website and Make Money Online


Web hosting makes you delighted to be the owner of a website. Does your website make you happy? Do you wonder ever? The best web hosting quality turns your site into a performing machine. What does quality web hosting mean? Web hosting quality, do you know elements?

People know how to purchase, and where to purchase web hosting. But they don’t know about what are website quality factors. Despite what you think, your earning potential is endless. But your carelessness is responsible if you are a failure.

If you are near to launch a website, keep reading. Here is what you need. You can make the right decision for your future online business website such as blogging, affiliate, and digital marketing. Bloggers need on-page SEO, domain authority, and perfect user experience. So web hosting is a matter.


Launch a Website and Make Money Online

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Tips 01: Why do you launch a website?

People launch a website for the following things.

  1. Your website is for a web address.
  2. It is for a curiosity
  3. It is also for visiting card element
  4. Do you ever think you need a website on how to increase sales? 

Every big company needs a server engineer. Server engineers never involved earning money directly. But a webmaster’s job is how to increase online sales. Or your marketing team is highly trained in growing online revenue. 

  1. Who launches a website to increase sales? 
  2. Do your sales increase after launching a website?
  3. Why not?
  4. How possible?
  5. Do you wonder about it ever?

90 % of affiliate marketers are failures. Why? We don’t know SEO strategy. SEO means search engine optimization strategies on how to reach your audience. SEO never works without a high-class hosting plan. Hosting is a place where you need to spend money as much as you can, or you should spend as much as it needs.


Tips 02: How to increase sales with a website?

Is it possible to increase ROI? If you ask this question these days, we can measure how much backdated you are. Over the world, people invest money on the website as much as people make it in the industry. Does it make you surprised? Is it true? YES. I know.

Do you have a garment industry? Do you have a jute industry? You both have websites. But you never earn a single dollar through the website. However, it is possible to reach your prospects through your website. Your website can bring your customers from every corner of the world. Unfortunately, you don’t know that.

Over the world, every business is dependent on websites, even dolls or toys or gift cards. Whereas we expert garments across the world, we can’t reach our buyers through the website. If you have no ideas, you should invest money to achieve the strategies.


Tips 03: Why are our affiliate markers failures? 

Now people stand out in the online labor marketplace such as GPT sites, PTC sites, Fiverr, and Upwork. These are all online labor marketplaces. We are offline labor as well as online too. We don’t get access to online business. If you claim we have, OK. But these are of poor quality. We can’t defeat world competitors. Can we?

They don’t get traffic. Ready buyer traffic. Highly filtered traffic. Why? Online business strategies we don’t know. Well. Do you know the following things?

  1. Helping people free is your fun.
  2. You just need to build a loyal audience.
  3. How to make them active?
  4. Do you know about the buyer’s journey or sales funnel, or conversions?
  5. Do you know how to reach ready buyers?
  6. How to convert traffic into leads, leads to customers, and then customers to sales.
  7. How to generate search traffic or organic traffic?
  8. Do you have a branding idea?
  9. Do you have ideas of international SEO and local SEO?
  10. How to write reader intent, user intent, search intent, and keywords intent quality content?

If you have pro skills on the above topics, you deserve an online business. It makes me surprised when I see students have T-shirt e-commerce. They earn money from the site. But the T-shirt industries don’t have an eCommerce site. If you can learn affiliate marketing strategies for local-based, you can earn to live. Or, if you can focus on the global market, you can be a millionaire.

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Tips 04: Why can’t BD people stand out in digital marketing locally or globally?

Digital marketing is a gigantic idea. It needs years of practical experience. Every big industry should develop skilled hands about how to increase export through online marketing?

If you say we are almost ready for digital marketing, but researchers don’t say that. I found many keywords’ volume are 1000 to 10000. But it has no focused content. Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, quora answer, and so on are on the first page of SERPs. Highly targeted contents are not over there. 


A niche marketing expert can earn money from blogs in varied ways. They have no time to come up with the YouTube channel asking to press the bell button. Furthermore, we are not ready to pay the affiliate that is an online business. 

If you want to earn affiliate marketing, you must build your website by affiliate experts.  Don’t misguide with affiliate pro. Who is earning decent money through an affiliate?


Tips 05: Digital marketing needs pro services.

What is pro service?

To create five web pages, you need to spend $1000, such as Homepage, About us page, Contact page, Privacy policy page, and Terms of services page. You don’t get ranking if you don’t have the above five pages professionally. Homepage and About us page, you need in-depth research to write. Whereas you can write these two pages within two hours, you can.

Yesterday I watched a case study. The demonstrator said he spent $1000 to write the Homepage only. If you ask me what you want to develop in the basement of an affiliate blog, I need $1000. Otherwise, I have no time. So there are two things asunder.

Get service for creating an affiliate basement blog with one post gets ranked on the first page on SERPs. After that, you nurture the blog to earn money. When you get the service, you ask them if you need a few blogs posts rankings. Blog post ranking means, in all aspects, your blog is OK to Google. 

If they tell you, a new blog doesn’t get raking. I will say they don’t know the latest SEO. A new blog will get ranked on the first page if the topic is micro and create user intent content with 2000 words. I proved it ten times.

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Tips 06: Google Search Traffic.

Without having the organic traffic, you can’t succeed in affiliate, digital marketing, and blogging that mean online business. If you say, organic search traffic comes after a year. I will say you don’t know updated SEO. 

Without backlink and web page rank, you can generate organic traffic with high-quality user intent content. It is possible. I proved it. The aim of keyword research is wrong. Misleading. 

Our keyword research means discovering a long-tail keyword that has good search volume but low competition. In contrast, it should be what your audience urgently needs and how they search on google for their needs. Discover the audience searching keywords. So you don’t get traffic. Readers. Web visitors.


Tips 07: Choose the right hosting plan.

That is the first and foremost step, where people make mistakes. After that, any strategy can’t elevate you later. With this mistake, you will fall into the black hole of the web dark. Nobody can elevate you later. That is the first you need to win. This wining leads you to the next success. Why? How?

Google takes the first index with the mobile. So it needs a first-speed quality server platform. Hyper super-speed hosting is costly. If I say, the quality speed server is a mandatory element to success in your online business. I am right. You can’t prove me wrong. So you will fail in your first step. 


Tips 08: What is the main solution?

Your first solution is the following things.

  1. You choose high-quality speed hosting with a start-up package.
  2. Build your blog by an expert who gets started with organic traffic. 
  3. If you say it is not possible, I will say I can promise.
  4. After that, you will get a tutorial for your next job to earn money.
  5. If possible, they get you started earning money.

It needs $1200 to $1500 service fee with two months of delivery time.

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Tips 09: How much you can earn monthly?

Your monthly income is related to your skills, efforts, and creativity. Your blog is fully qualified for earning money. If you can’t earn it is your fault, look at the below where you are?

  1. You think websites can earn money. NO. NEVER.
  2. You can earn money by using a qualified blog, your skills, and creativity. People don’t want to work. In contrast, they search for something to do automated. 
  3. You spend time with your girlfriend, and your blog will earn money for you. How can you imagine it?
  4. Your wake up time is 11.00 AM.
  5. You are addicted to video games, movies, and porno sites. So the affiliate is not for you.
  6. You are a team leader of the gag group you never touch online business.

I spent two years indoors without having a mobile. When I saw the rising sun in my online business, I got relaxed. Till now, I spend 12+ hours daily on my laptop. 

That is a mission where you have to win. The affiliate is a Get Rich Business. But it is not a Get Rich Overnight scheme. Online business is a time-consuming job. Hard-work involved. And a labor-intensive job.


Tips 10: How to start? Where to start?

Discover the SEO service specialist. Who can make you get started with affiliate business? 

Step 01: SEO service provider.

First, you go to an SEO service provider who gets started with organic traffic. 

Then buy a domain and hosting. The domain name must be niche-oriented and SEO friendly.

Step 02: Buy a high-speed web hosting.

Step 03: Organic traffic or Get started selling.

The SEO service provider must give you starting organic traffic.



Web hosting is a fundamental element of your online business. Don’t set up your blog. You will lose the first professionalism of your website. The first setup is a core concept of success in your business. 

So you need a specialist to configure gaining organic traffic. To get started, starting income is the best service offer. I am ready for that. People who are not ready to spend money as business capital Fiverr is the best platform to get jobs for them.


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