Long-tail Focus Keywords: Your Way To Success in Top-Ten


It remains hidden. Nobody can reach there if you are a beginner online. You have no pass to go there. You are in the sandbox, passing a provisional time. How do long there? Nobody knows either.

Online business is on an organic traffic stream. You get success if you are one of the top-ten. How to reach you there? Long-tail focus keywords are your way to arrive in top-ten.

90% of new bloggers are failures. Most of them are an unrealistic mindset. But the most genuine bloggers struggle to get the hidden path to arrive there. They are failures. They need SEO tools, an understanding of local SEO, finding SEO keywords, and a powerful SEO strategy.

Google itself is a business. It needs quality service to offer its users. It must make sure how to achieve quality services.

Everything is on the net. Nothing gets hidden because of that you need to discover any secret, method, and even auto-switch-button online. Everything you get untapped on the web.

Whey can’t people catch the myth? How to get accessed at the top-ten of SERPs? Business is in there. Sure.

In this article, I shall try to show you more simplify how to achieve the goal. Your post can stand out on Google’s first page.


Long-tail Focus Keywords: Your Way To Success in Top-Ten


What are the ranking difficulties for a new blog?

  1. A new site has not long aged.
  2. So, it can’t earn site authority.
  3. It can’t earn Google’s trust yet.
  4. High authority sites are on SERPs.
  5. It has low-quality content because a blogger can’t write readers’ persuasive quality content.
  6. As a new blog, it has no social signal, social engagement, and shares.
  7. It has no built-in niche audience.
  8. The blogger has no niche idea, niche market, and niche audience.
  9. It has a poor content.
  10. The new blogger has no SEO skills.

Most new bloggers have no skills in blogging, writing, and SEO keywords. So they first take the wrong turn to go nowhere.

Beginners don’t discover the precise and concise success path for a new blog.

Most new bloggers don’t invest money where it needs. Most of them use free platforms.

And most of them are part-time bloggers. They can’t finish their daily jobs.

And they are on pending jobs.

New bloggers make a hurry to achieve the goal faster. And they blog to become rich.

Therefore, is there a way to go beyond ranking difficulties?

How to get access in the top-ten in the ranking?

I am a new blogger. Can I get the ranking top-ten?

Is it possible? Can I hope it?

What is top-first? What is top-3?

Don’t worry. The good news is that Google isn’t against new-blog. Google wants quality services. You need to keep Google happy. Obey the rules. Don’t go the wrong way as clickbait, black hat SEO, and something like spammy.


How to stick with on top-first, first-3rd, and top-ten?

The game, you need to play. Ready? Sound cool?

You need creative skills. Creative people can discover the hidden path.

Those people know how to think. They know how to dig deeper into research.

Do you know the keywords research? How to find long-tail keywords? How to focus them over the content?


Long-tail keywords on how to focus:

Follow the guide about how to stand out top-first in the SERPs. It needs a precise and concise step you take action. You find speed bumps and sharp curves on the way to success. You need to make them flat and straight aligned to achieve the goal.


Come up with ultra-low competition long-tail focus keywords.

How can you reach there? How did I do it?


Step 01: Google keywords planner:

Google has free keyword research tools. I collected keywords idea for long-tail keywords through the keyword tool. It gave me 90 keywords asunder.

Long-tail Focus Keywords

ultra-low competition long tail focus keywords


Step 02: How to find keywords in various search volumes?

I chose long tail focus keywords. I checked the keywords on how much ultra-low competition long tail focus keywords on Google. 

And I have to check in 4 ways

  1. Google search:About 23,400,000 results
  2. Google search exact match search: About 166 results
  3. And Google search INTITLE: About 5 results
  4. Google search INURL: About 5 results

Search check 1 + 2:

Keywords exact match

Keywords exact match


Search check 3 + 4:

Keywords in title and URL

Keywords in title and URL


In this form, I have researched 8 keyword phrases asunder. Take a look at the image and analyze the variation. You must understand the keywords research deeply.

Keywords research

Keywords research


Step 03: Long tail focus keywords over the content:

This is a post outline. I write the post in this framework. 

Tips to Get a Release Headache of SEO Keywords


How to focus long-tail keywords over the post?

Op-page SEO is still a matter. Don’t ignore it.


Place 01: Title tag:

I write, “LONG TAIL FOCUS KEYWORDS: Your Way To Success in Top-Ten.”

I use exact keywords in the title’s first.


Place 02: focus on the first 100 words on top of the article.

I use exact keywords in the first 65 words.


Place 03: An H2 tag

I use it like this How to focus long-tail keywords over the post?


Place 04: An H3 tag

I use it like this, come up with ultra-low competition long-tail focus keywords.


Place 05: An H4 tag

I use it like this, Step 03: Long tail focus keywords over the content:


Place 06: Meta tag

Look at the below image. It is in place at 10. How I focus on long-tail keywords? What about the post is, Google and its users follow meta description? You should write it carefully.


Place 07: Image alt tag text

Image alt tag text

Image alt tag text


For WordPress, from where you upload images using for your posts, you can see the form of how to write about images. Look at the above image. How to write image details. I keep the image file name with a long-tail keyword.


Place 08: Breadcrumbs title

Please note that the breadcrumb’s title is not mandatory.
A path so you can use it here.

The Breadcrumbs title, path

The Breadcrumbs title, path


Place 09: Closing paragraph

Look at the below image on how to use it? You use one or two times in the closing paragraph. Using one time is the best. Don’t follow how I write. Follow, I put one time here.

The ultra-low competition

The ultra-low competition that is long-tail focus keywords spread out over quality content.


Place 10: Post slug

Look at the image. The title tag, slug, and meta description, you can find. Please note that I use keywords from the first words of title and meta description. It is not mandatory. You need to place their exact focus keywords.

Long-tail focus keywords in meta tag

Long-tail focus keywords in the meta tag


Do you know about the SEO industry?

An SEO expert in my bio makes me shy. SEO is a multibillion-dollar [$80BN] industry. It is a time consuming, hard work involves, and expensive industry. And more competition works behind the SEO scene.  

The following specialists involve and work in this industry.

  1. SEO expert. 
  2. SEO specialist. 
  3. SEO professional. 
  4. SEO consultant. 
  5. SEO adviser. 
  6. SEO Company. 
  7. SEO Agency. 
  8.  SEO service provider. 
  9. SEO fellow. 
  10. Great investor in SEO. 

The above ten SEO specialists work on high ranking websites. Can you imagine how sharp obstacles you need to overcome? Then, have you desired to get access to top-ten?

So, ranking on the first page is a tough job. How much do you prepare? What resources and weapons do you have? Long-tail focus keywords are your way to arrive in top-ten. Can you measure the pressure and job load?


What is the keywords research?

People need in-depth data for anything they research it. Your research is to find long-tail keywords. LT keywords have dizzy search volume, but tolerable competition. How to avoid high domain authority websites?

Google Adwords keyword, Google Adwords keyword planner, and Semrush, Ahrefs & Ubersuggest, they are all research tools.  A searcher gives you Voice search, Search terms, Paid search, and Monthly searches and so on  & so forth. Google Autocomplete keywords suggest are reliable data for a Webmaster.

Thus, the LT keyword has the potential to produce traffic to sell products. And Its traffic volume is a few, but it is saleable.


The features of long-tail keywords.

  1. LT keywords post spread out to your readers over the world.
  2.  LT keywords are how people search on the net.
  3. LT keywords generate a contextual relationship with your content.
  4. LT keywords have more loyal conversion rates.
  5. LT helps you rank for single keywords.
  6. LT keywords fuel your blog energy.
  7. Ranking for long-tail keywords develops a powerful conversion funnel.
  8.  Long-tail focus keywords posts contribute more value to the readers,
  9. LT keywords are on how you outrank the competition.

How to figure out long-tail keywords around your niche topics? 


How to discover long-tail keywords?

Google gives us incredible keyword research tools. The tool is full-free of cost. A blogger needs to be a professional user of this tool.

If you have a Gmail account, and a website connected with Google Analytics, you can get access to the tool.


Google keywords planner: 

People search for keywords ideas to write a blog post. If you put your seed keywords in the tool, it sends you relevant keywords report. The report has decision making data. You can use the keyword research tool.

Link: https://ads.google.com/home/tools/keyword-planner/

YouTube tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZaXjdGuE2eE



Google keyword planner tool

Google keyword planner tool


First, you learn how to use it. Watch the tutorial video, with a thought, you can understand how to use it. 

Look at the above image. Try to understand various search filters and report columns. How much you are an expert to use it. The following are the main topics.

  1. Keywords you provided.
  2. Keyword ideas.
  3. Avg monthly search volume.
  4. Competition: The status is High, Medium, and Low.
  5. Download the keywords idealist as a CSV file format. 

Here is the main point is to get keyword ideas with month search volume.


How to Define Search Query Intent?

What is the search intent? How does google detect it? The search intent is a ranking factor.

For instance, writing skills, what does it mean? Look at the below image. I write writing skills on google but I don’t hit the enter button. 

Google suggests a few searches intents to choose the next step to find search intent. 

But if I don’t want the next intent and I hit the enter button, how does google give us search results?

Search intent – Google search

Search intent – Google search


After hitting the enter button, what does google give search intent? Let’s go for checking.

Google search results in writing skills improvement. How to improve writing skills? 

When do you write content on writing skills, what topics, you will write?

If you don’t understand the user search intent, how will you write the article? Why does google give your post ranking?

Search intent – Google search

Search intent – Google search.


You can’t write keywords for search intent on Google. Why? That is the next? How do you give the answers? For instance, you write on google writing skills improvement. Look at the below image.

Google suggests the next search intent ideas. If you hit the enter button, what will be google’s search intent? OK?

Search intent – Google search

Search intent – Google search.


In this stage, can I say my intent? Writing skills improvement courses are in pdf. What result comes up with it? We will see.

Look at the below image. Google gives ideas to improve English writing skills. Not for pdf, apps, activities, website, and course. 

Think, if you write content on writing apps, or books, or websites, can you get ranking? So choosing the right keywords is one skill, and pick the right search intent is another skill.

You can’t stand out online marketing if you don’t be an expert on search intent. 

Search intent – Google search intent

Search intent – Google search intent


Why people search for Google? What are they looking for any website, answer to a question, and intent to buy something?

Google has become more and more qualified to define the search intent of people.

How to optimize your content for search intent? It can be so hard to define the search intent. Long-tail focus keywords are your way to arrive in top-ten with the right user search intent content.


Google search console:

Search console has intensive keyword suggestions, a potential list of keywords, and search queries. Your blog posts get the impression on search engine results. The keywords have already gotten search engine optimization, most possible of gaining organic search traffic.

Google Search Console query keywords-min

Google Search Console query keywords-min


SEO Yoast is the best plugin to use of keywords distribution perfectly. Researched keywords also use in CPC and PPC.



Everybody wants to stand out online on Google’s first page, top-ten, and even within top-3. But It needs to earn google’s trust and website authority.

It needs to have the reader’s intent of high-quality content. To get ranking, you need long posts with insightful data and an enormous high-quality backlink.

But new bloggers don’t have website authority, high-quality backlinks, and the reader’s persuasive writing skills.

How can they arrive there? Is it possible or not? I don’t give a guarantee, commitment, and sure success path. I have discussed the method I am using. The ultra-low competition that is long-tail focus keywords spread out over quality content.

You can check whether it works for you. Every blogger, blog, and niche is unique. If you change on your way, it may work for you.

After implementing the above method, what you get the result, let us know. If you have more ideas, let us know, we will learn from you. Leave a comment.


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