Long-tail Keyword Planner The Quickest Way to Find Readers


The long-tail keyword planner discovers the low search volume with weak competition, but regular website traffic. The long-tail keyword is a secure path to be a success for a beginner if you realize the fact. The quickest and easiest way you can find readers.

Make sure the myth of long-tail keyword planning is beyond your headache. You might have high ambitions for digital marketing success. Your ambition makes you ignoring low search volume keywords. At the starting point of the blog journey, you might focus on high search volume keywords.

High authority websites work with keywords that have high search volume. They invest enormous money where beginners can’t compete with them.  Beginners don’t get access to the world of online competition. So, beginners choose the low search volume keywords to stand out on the existing market. 


Long-tail Keyword Planner: The Quickest and Easiest Way to Find Readers


The article is a guideline to avoid fears and doubts on how to use a long-tail keyword planner? It shows you how to find your audience. Your audience can find you faster.

The long tail has 4 or above 4 words that make long-tail keywords, the main source of organic traffic. Plan with longtail keyword how to drive organic traffic.


  1. What are long-tail keywords?

Keywords definition is a group of words that use in a search query on a search engine. 1-3 words a group together make search keywords. 

Long-tail keywords, people use four or above four keywords together for a more specific search on a search engine. The header keywords are great concepts that have large search volumes. People search for a particular query. 

For instance, Health is an industry where weight loss is a big idea keyword. Weight loss tips come up with more definition than weight loss. ‘Weight loss tips’ is still a big market. And weight loss for women is a smaller market than Weight loss tips.

Weight loss for women over 50 is the best long-tail keyword you can do business.

  1. Health -[90,500]
  2. Weight loss -[135,000]
  3. Weight loss tip -[18,100]
  4. Weight loss for women -[1,900]
  5. Weight loss for women over 50 -[590]

Look at the above keywords dressing how to create long-tail keywords. Health is an industry. Weight loss is head keywords. 

We come up with weight loss for women over 50, which has 590 search volume in a month. We leave weight loss -[135,000], weight loss tips -[18,100], and weight loss for women -[1,900]. Because of having a high search volume that stays around high competition. 

These are the long-tail keywords examples on how to create or find and use long-tail keyword and plan how to use them.


  1. Keyword research.

People make research deeper to get inside out. Keywords research is in finding out the niche related keywords people use for search queries. Keywords are a group of words users write on a search engine for a search query. 

People search for what they need. They write words intent a search query. What people, write, and how? 

For instance, you need to know on a long-tail keyword. Look at the image asunder. I write a long-tail keyword and enter the space button. 

Google shows me ten more keywords suggest. To get ideas on how different ways people search for a long-tail keyword. If you write ‘a’ after space, you will get ‘a’ related more info. Thus, b, c, and d.

Longtail Keyword Planner: The Quickest and Easiest Way to Find Readers

Google long-tail keyword suggestion for planning


Can you find long-tail keywords related to keywords from A-Z? 

Yes, you can find by free online keywords finder tool. https://keywordtool.io/ 

Long-tail Keyword Planner

Long-tail Keywords panner tool


The tool has a great feature. I use it for a long time. Because of using a free version, you don’t get search value. The right-bottom corner, you copy to clipboard button. 

To discover the keywords search value, you can use another tool: https://searchvolume.io/.

This Long-tail Keyword Planner tool gives you 800 keywords search volume at a time. 

Long-tail Keyword Planner

Longtail keyword planner with search volume


  1. Keywords suggestion -119
  2. Question -30
  3. Preposition -29 156 keywords I collect from the above tool. I give it there to get a result.

The Quickest and Easiest Way to Find Readers

Keywords search volume


Look at the above picture, I copy and paste on notepad file to remove format behind the text, then copy-paste again on Excel file. I have done here a few data processing.


Keywords analysis:

Long-tail Keyword Planner

Keywords search volume in the Excel sheet


First color: I have collected a long-tail keyword list by using the Google keywords planner. There is no exact search volume but search volume range ‘min to max.’ But I need accurate search volume. 

Second color: I collect fixed search volume from the above tool again for keywords from Google keywords planner suggested.

Color third: I remove long-tail keywords from the keywords list. For the remaining keywords, I collect search volume. 

Color forth: I choose the keywords from the third color. These keywords are after removing the long tail keyword. 

The main picture of keywords research on how many ways and how many times people search for a long-tail keyword. In the analysis of the keyword, you should understand the mechanism.


  1. Keyword research tool: Long-tail Keyword Planner

Creativity and brainstorming are the best tools for keywords research. 

Take a look at Quora, Reddit, and Amazon’s review for keywords research. 

Google’s autosuggest, people ask, and ‘search-related to’ are well enough to attain long-tail keywords. 

But few tools make your research deeper, faster and help for bulk jobs at a time. So, you can use a keyword generator. Finding keywords means you give head keywords, and keyword generator tools give related long-tail keywords. You need keywords search volumes, competition status, and how to plan driving traffic. 

Free long-tail keyword planner tools: 

Free Keyword search volume: 

Free Keywords content ideas:

You need a keywords list, long-tail keywords around your niche topics, or head keywords. The keywords need to have search volume and low competition. The keyword research example, using free online long-tail keyword tools. 

You will use those keywords to write content. 

Keep in mind that keyword suggestions and keyword suggestion tools, keyword search, keyword search tool, and keyword search volume are the same things I have done above the article.


  1. SEO strategy: long-tail keywords.

The SEO strategy is how to optimize your website and webpage on SERPs. Using long-tail keywords is one of the best SEO strategies. You can avoid competition and earn traffic. 

 A long-tail keyword is a group of words users write on a search engine for a search query. The long-tail keyword has four or over four words. It uses for more specific search queries. 

Google is the best place to discover long-tail keywords. The long-tail keyword has weak search value and low competition. Please keep in mind that the long-tail keyword needs to have search volume. 

The quickest and easiest way you can find readers through a long-tail keyword. So the long-tail keyword is the best SEO optimization your webpage on SERPs.

The research says the most Google users use long-tail keywords that have around ten monthly search volumes. Can you believe it? 

But, it becomes hard to understand the long-tail keyword strategy for beginners. Keywords, search terms, or keyword phrases for search queries to finder your audience faster on SERPs.


  1. Long-tail pro.

Long Tail Pro is a powerful keyword research software. And long Tail Pro allows the user to generate hundreds or thousands of unique “Long Tail” keywords in a matter of minutes based on 1 single root keyword or multiple root keywords at once.


  1. How to find long-tail keywords? 

The following keywords are the same thing. People find keywords in different names. So, don’t make confusion with them. 

  1. Long-tail keyword search. 
  2. Long-tail keyword research.
  3. Long-tail keyword generates.
  4. Long-tail keyword suggestions.
  5. Long-tail keyword planner.
  6. Long-tail keywords find.
  7. Long-tail keywords tool.

People use tools to find long-tail keywords. So every keyword above, you can use a tool such as long-tail keyword research tools. 

So, you discover or research long-tail keyword through different tools.


  1. Long-tail keywords amazon:  

Amazon is the source of products. The products are, to sell online. Affiliate marketers want to sell their products online. So, they search for their keywords. 

Amazon keywords research is a hot job these days. Please note that Amazon keywords are buying keywords. So people choose it so much. 

People search for long-tail keywords in the Amazon. How to discover its long-tail keywords? Amazon is great! Right? 

amazon keywords

Amazon keywords


Look at the above image. When you use this tool, change the tab to the Amazon. Now set on Google. You can change the source of the country. Everything above stays the same. Just you need Longtail Keyword Planner tools.


  1. Content map and sales funnel:

Between intent to buy and finish buying many actions, buyers take many steps to buy. These steps, you can call the buyer’s journey. 

The buyer needs an idea, price comparison, and shopping. Thus, they close to buy. You can call the sales funnels. Every step or layer, buyers use different long-tail keywords.

For instance, What is, How to,  is for getting information. The top ten, best of or cheaper of, these are for buying decisions. The specific product price is to buy. 

So when you collect a long-tail keywords list for your website around your niche topics, you need to distribute them according to sales funnels. 

A content map is a plan with keywords and a time-schedule when you create which content. Your persuasive writing content nurtures your visitors, turning into customers. So, your content needs to be sales funnel layers based. Thus, visitors reach customers.



If you don’t understand the long-tail keyword plan, you can’t stand out online marketing. The long-tail keyword planning is a fundamental idea of online marketing.

This article shows you how to find long-tail keyword and planning from head keywords or niche topics. And how to use them. You should read it over one time if you think you need it. 

Using a long-tail keyword on content is another skill. It needs a content map and sales funnel ideas. Your keyword list you need to distribute according to the sales funnel’s layers. 

Create content with the nearest few long-tail keywords. Your keywords place layout over the content. It works well when SEO strategy with long-tail keyword planning.

I am waiting for our comments on how you enjoy the post. Or your best ideas we can learn from you. Please leave a comment. 


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