Make Money Online Doing Nothing

The easiest way to make money online is by doing nothing and let the internet do everything for you.

Sounds ridiculous?

Well, not exactly, but in the beginning, you may need to do some serious work, working a few hours a day if you’re already working in a full time 9 to 5 grind.

Can you spare some 2 to 5 hours a day working on something that will eventually give you that financial and time freedom you’ve always been dreaming about?

Can you sacrifice your quality time now to secure your financial future instead of watching your favorite TV program?

Can you sacrifice your quality time now to secure your financial future instead of spending it with your buddies at your favorite pub?

I know I would. In fact, that’s what I did many years ago and today, I can boast of the financial and time freedom I am presently enjoying.

  • I wake up when I want.
  • I go where I want.
  • I make the friends I want
  • I work for whom I want when I want.

Most of this time you will spend it building a system that will do the work for you while you sleep, but after that, you might as well just relax and take a vacation. And maybe fire your boss before you do it…

The first thing you must determine is how much money you want to make online.

Let’s say that you want to make at least $5,000 dollars per month. That’s $167 per day. This is a very modest amount of money to make online considering people are making millions of dollars online.

Unless you want to complicate this, you only need to sell 10 items that cost $16.70 each or one item that costs $167 per unit.

It’s easier to sell 10 items that cost $16.70 each because it feels more comfortable in the customer’s pocket when they buy an item at $16.70 than at $167 per item.

Scale this system to 100 items per day and you have $1,670 per day! With such money, you can live anywhere in the world without having to work again, in a 9 to 5 daily grind.

The idea is to find one method proven to work and keep repeating the same.


That’s what it is, really!

Let’s examine ways to make this kind of money online.

Here’s what we need:

  1. A laptop
  2. An internet connection and,
  3. An offer or product to sell.

There are millions of product offers to sell online. In fact, there are more product offers to sell than there are consumers of those products. Besides, there are literally thousands of affiliate networks you can join for free.

However, we shall not sell every product offer we can find or join every affiliate program we can find. There is a more effective way.

The most effective way is to research and select a particular niche. Then build a system around that niche and begin promoting affiliate product offers to that niche.

We must select a product offer or niche that’s already proven to work.

The best products or niches should satisfy the following requirements:

  • Eliminate pain or alleviate suffering.
  • Enhance pleasure or increase comfort
  • Eliminate embarrassment
  • Provide convenience

Next, we shall need a method to promote/sell the product.

By far, the most cost-effective, low risk and highly effective and profitable way to make money online is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is performance-based marketing where you earn a commission or share revenue based on your marketing efforts.

There are several types of affiliate networks, but 80% of affiliate networks use the following compensation methods:

  1. Revenue sharing or Pay per Sale (PPS)
  2. Cost per click (CPC) or Cost per mille (CPM, cost per estimated 1000 views).
  3. Cost per action (CPA),
  4. The remaining programs use other methods, which are rare.

The affiliate network you sign up with depends on the product or service you wish to promote.

To find affiliate networks and which products or services you can promote, just head over to Offervault — a great directory listing all major affiliate networks.


The System

Let’s build the system.

The system will comprise:

  1. An affiliate network where we get our affiliate link.
  2. A website or some kind of web presence. This could be anything e.g. a website or a social media account. Facebook pages, Facebook groups, Instagram, or Twitter will do well.
  3. A web traffic system, an email list, or an audience.
  4. A sales funnel to collect emails and generate leads.
  5. An autoresponder to send emails and promote your offers
  6. A Paypal account to collect money.

Then just share your affiliate link with your audience, email list, Facebook friends, Facebook groups, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp messenger, Instagram account, Pinterest, and just about every other forum you can find on the internet.

Then watch as commission earnings begin to flow into your PayPal account or whatever payment system you choose.

That’s it, really. We don’t have to complicate it.


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