Make Money Online with App Re-skinning

App re-skinning is the process where some changes are made to an app’s graphics, but after that its code is retained. With app re-skinning, you can work with some existing app and made some changes to its design and artwork, change music and sound effects, or rename it.


What are the best resources to learn more about app re-skinning?

Strategies used to make money online building apps 2 or 3 years ago no longer work. These days the mobile app market is ever-evolving; app developers and marketers can’t do anything about this process but to adapt.

Nowadays advertisements are still the most popular monetization model for mobile apps. Advertisements still work, so do in-app purchases and subscriptions. What changed are the strategies in implementing these three app monetization models.

While mobile app development isn’t a smooth process that provides an instant result to the developers. These days the trend is shifting to an alternative method, known as mobile app re-skinning, and it is a lot easier than developing a new full-fledged mobile app.

To do that, an app developer must have an in-depth knowledge of Java (Android) or Objective C/Swift for iPhone apps along with the functions of various app development tools. Without having proper knowledge of algorithm and coding, nobody can’t proceed to the top level of development.

While developing, you must go through many laborious tasks from keyword research, brainstorming, coding, designing, etc. After you finish developing the app, you will have to promote it, shell out updates, fix bugs and so many more things. But this is not the end of the process; mobile app development also burns a hole in the pocket because of expenses in subscription for tools and software. Depending upon the specification of your app, the expense bar may cross $10,000 or higher.

So, Internet Marketers started finding alternative ways in the app development process, and this gave birth to mobile app re-skinning. As you know, mobile users are by far more than desktop users, which means the Ad industry on mobile apps worth Billions of $$. That’s why mobile app re-skinning could be a very Profitable Online Business if it’s done right, and it is a comparatively much easy task than developing a mobile app because you won’t need in-depth knowledge about coding and tools. App re-skinning has paved the way for both programmers and non-programmers to get a foothold in the mobile app development market.

So, you can easily use an old app and make some changes in its blueprint and architecture alongside some modifications in the music effects.

Because of these renaming and modification tasks, it is denoted as a mobile app re-skinning. In app-skinning, it would be even better to hire a programmer, to make some slight changes in the coding area to add more functionality and sophistication to make a better app than the original one.


Make advertisements work for your app

It is estimated that by 2020, mobile app advertising will garner a total revenue of $53.4 billion per year. This will be approximately 65% of the total advertising revenue derived from mobile.

This means that there isn’t a shortage of advertisers. The issue lies in how much each advertizer is going to spend in a month.

Are they willing to pay more or less? Most of the time, this depends on the ad network. Don’t just stick on one advertising network just because it is familiar. Conduct research to establish your ad network’s performance compared to others.

Also, focus on driving more downloads on your app. The ad network you use won’t matter if your app isn’t consistently gaining downloads.

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