Make Passive Incomes with Affiliate Marketing


If you have a laptop or computer handy, there are loads of different models of earning you could try your hand at. One of the most tried and tested methods, that can work for amateurs and multi-millionaires alike is: to make passive incomes with affiliate marketing.


Affiliate Marketing

To make passive incomes with affiliate marketing sounds complicated but the idea is simple.

There are three people involved (usually)- the consumer, the merchant, and the affiliate.

The consumer is whoever is making a purchase. The merchant is whoever makes the product. And the affiliate, the one that connects the two, is you!

Whenever someone buys something from the merchant, you get some of the money.

So for example, I might have a website about dogs.

I might write an article titled ‘top ten dog toys for energetic dogs’.

On this page, I might mention a few dog toy products that you can buy on Amazon.

In this case, the merchant is Amazon, and the consumer is anyone that comes to my site.

So if 400 people viewed the article, and 20 of them went on to place an order at Amazon through the link I provided, I would get paid by Amazon!

Imagine 20 people bought a dog toy worth $15 (random number!).

You might get a $1.20 commission for each order.

So when 20 people order, you earn $24.

Now imagine if you had more like 4000 people viewing the article, and 200 of them placed an order.

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You would earn $240!

But it doesn’t stop there.

Imagine you have TEN articles like this on your site, and they are each earning you in the region of $200–300 a month.

That’s a four-figure monthly income right there! ($2000–3000).

Of course, it takes a lot of hard work when you’re starting out but if you’re up for the task than in my opinion it is the ideal choice. You have loads of time ahead of you to get ahead of the competition and I would definitely encourage you to take that opportunity!

You can get started for free, with no upfront costs, unlike other ventures.

AND the best part is, this is PASSIVE income. So you are earning even while you’re not working.

Now this is DEFINITELY NOT a ‘get rich quick’ scheme and you will most likely find the journey difficult, but it is very rewarding and can reap huge rewards.


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