Online Surveys For Making Money


Online Surveys For Making Money


Considering all the alternative methods, paid surveys are the easiest and fastest ways to make money online. You are expected to answer some questions and/or express your opinions. It is not only easy but also takes a short time to complete. Anyone can complete the surveys in any way using a mobile phone. You just need an internet connection. Because of these advantages, this is a highly preferred way of earning extra money.


Why Do Companies Pay For Online Surveys?

Marketing a new product without taking the opinions of potential customers is so risky. Before investing a lot of money into a new product or service, businesses should test it somehow.  The process of testing a new design, product, service or marketing strategy is called market research.

Market research is significant for business to understand whether it is worthy to invest before losing a huge amount of investment costs. They are willing to spend a huge amount of money on this testing procedure like focus groups, product testing, interviews, surveys, etc.

Nowadays, online market research is one of the most popular ways for market research due to its low cost and less time taking procedure. Especially online surveys can easily be conducted so the business can reach millions of people in a very short time. While online surveys via e-mail costs around $2,500 to $5,000 for 200-person, it is between $5,000 to $7,000 via snail mail and $15,000 for phone surveys.

The money paid for surveys is an incentive for customers to answer questions. It is a win-win marketing strategy since while potential customers earn extra money, online surveys for money reduces market research costs for businesses.


How Does The System Work?

Companies prefer to work with intermediaries to distribute the surveys. You can involve the system by signing in these intermediary platforms.

  • You will get the surveys generally via e-mail.
  • The companies generally prefer de-identification.
  • Some of the questions are multiple choices while others are open-ended.
  • The survey may proceed according to your answers.
  • The surveys are time constraints. You are expected to answer questions in a given time. It is expired, otherwise.
  • There are two types of payments: online surveys that pay cash and make payment by points/gifts.
  • The surveys can target everyone as well as specific demographic profiles. The second category generally pays more than the first one.
  • There are some questions analyzing the consistency of your answers. If you answer dishonestly, then you will probably be expelled from the system.


What Should I Do?

Online Surveys For Making Money


There are many platforms and applications that promote cash or points in return for your answers. Unfortunately, some of them are fake which sending you spam or even viruses. Because of this, you should search and find confidential platforms.

  • Don’t pay anything to register survey systems.
  • Signing more platforms will increase your chance to obtain more surveys and get more money.
  • Be honest in your answers, otherwise, you may be disqualified.
  • Fill the surveys in the given period, otherwise, the time will expire. If this is a repeated case for many times, you may be disqualified.


How Much Time Should I Spend?

Generally, surveys take just a few minutes. Some of the detailed researches may need 5-10 minutes, but not more on average. The total time you spend depends on the platform you are using, the number of surveys you obtain and your availability.


Who Can Do This Job?

There is no specific qualification to take online surveys. However, some companies focus on specific demographic groups. Accordingly, more preferred customers may get more questioner than others.


What Are The Requirements?

In fact, the only requirement is good access to the internet.

If you prefer surveys for only cash the payment system used by the website should be available in your location. In general, websites use PayPal for payment. However, PayPal is forbidden in some of countries.


How Much Could I Earn?

The earnings are more or less the same in all the platforms. You gain per survey and the amount depends on the length of the survey. Most of the survey platforms make payments after you accumulate a minimum amount.

In some systems, you accumulate points or gift cards as you fill the surveys. You can spend these points in specific cities for shopping.


Most Paid and Secured Platforms

As mentioned above, it is significant to find confidential platforms and applications. Here are some of the most popular and recommended ones to make money from online surveys.

Online Surveys For Making Money



In the online survey area, it is one of the most respected companies. The company is working for more than 12 years. You get $10 bonus for registering. For each survey, you get Swagbucks (SBs). You accumulate SBs and you can convert them into cash or gift cards. The cash payment is made through PayPal.

Survey Junkie

It is one of the easiest platforms that you can quickly start making money. You accumulate points and these can be converted into cash. Each of the surveys is between 100-200 points. The threshold for payment is 1,000. It is equal to $10. The payment is made through PayPal.

Vindale Research

It is one of the best paid survey sites and it is in the game for over 12 years. Vindale doesn’t use a point system. Instead, everything is cash. You get $1 as you sign up. Furthermore, the site is paying more than most of the other sites.  Each completed survey offers $0,25 to $0,50.


It is one of the most popular sites. You are expected to share your opinion in return on points. There is a My Survey Rewards Catalogue where you can get your gifts according to your points. The gifts include Amazon certificates, Macy’s, restaurants, etc. If you prefer, you can be paid through Pay Pal.


The site is in the industry since 2007. There are more than 7.5 million members and increasing each day. You get points in each completed survey, then you can convert them to cash, gift cards or other offers.


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