Practical Tips How To Make Money Online


I shall tell you a mysterious story of the gold mine of online income. Shall I? Well. If you have a little interest in your heart about online income, you should keep reading to the end.

For the sake of clarity, online income is legit, genuine, and verified income method over the world. Don’t waste your precious time to test whether it works for you.

On the whole, decide on how to learn, take action on how to improve your skills, and then process experiments you learned.


How to make money online?


Step-01: Fitness for online income

Define your goal:

Tips-01. People come up with a higher dream of rapidly getting rich overnight. They look for online income to get financial freedom. 

They want to leave 9-5 jobs. And they believe — no skills — fewer efforts — tremendous income. These are not true and applicable at all.

Tips-02. Online income is to live, but not to get rich. A beautiful distinction between offline and online jobs is ‘Work From Home‘. Nothing else more you get online. In contrast, you require meeting competition over the world, high-quality jobs, and professional skills.

Your fitness:

Tips-03. You will find various jobs, different income levels, and require distinct skills in the jobs marketplace. Every job is not for everybody. Nobody can do everything. So pick the best job for the right person.

Tips-04. Before getting entrance into online income, your first action is to determine how many skills you have. And then pick the job fully aligned with your skills. Be careful, don’t mistake here. Right? 

Realistic mindset:

Tips-05. You can find no push-button, no auto-switch, no top-secret, and even no bypass road on online income scheme. Software that makes your job easier and faster is online scammer traps.  

Tips-06. You need skills, persistent efforts with a patient, and a budget. How to earn money without investment is the wrong mindset. If you work offline, how much money you can hope.  Online incomes are the same as an offline job. 

Tips-07. Reading online success stories and watching YouTube hot videos, people turn into an unrealistic mindset. Online income markets are sensitive places. People don’t meet physically with each other. So it needs reliable sources and faith.

Tips-08. In my practical life, I have seen nobody can succeed in online income without having a realistic mindset, effort, and clarity. You will get blocked on your ways. 


Tips-09. Online means slow. Proof your skill and earn your credibility. Without skills and efficiency, you can’t proceed to forward. The people who have an urgent need to build job careers, they must fail. No doubt. Sure!

Tips-10. Online success is a reward for maturity. Maturity comes after gaining experimental knowledge. So be cool, keep going on, and learn what works for you and what doesn’t work for you. Your urgent need keeps you on the mistakes. Get you frustrated, and then get you failed.


Step-02. The skills you require to have for online income

How To Make Money Online

English skill:

Tips-11. If you want to get higher-level jobs, you need to have English language skills. People who have graduate or postgraduate degrees can improve English reading and writing skills. Which job-career needs English mandatory, you have to learn.

Tips-12. For instance, GPT program jobs don’t require having expert level English skills. If you want to be a blogger or affiliate market, or content market, you need to have professional English skills.

Training Method:

Tips-13. Be careful, learn from here and there on Google and YouTube. You can learn nothing that is not skilled or gets trained. So you never measure the full business process. 

Tips-14. In contrast, the USA, Europe, and Australia have a high level and costly online training course.  They never think of doing online income without completing the courses. Whereas people in other countries already invest money without skills.

Tips-15. The problem is that in most countries cases, where to learn? Who teaches you? Do they have online experimental skills? For instance, you learn SEO tips 2020 from videos. In the videos, they ask you, request you, and almost beg you to subscribe, like, and press the bell button. Is not it? 

Tips-16. But in the real case, SEO experts have no time being a presence on the videos. But in the truth, they earn money through videos, not from SEO skills. So they can’t teach you about SEO skills who don’t earn money by using them. It needs experimental knowledge.  

Tips-17. For instance, I watched a video that’s title was something like this– send an email and earn $10,000. I clicked it to watch. When he requested to click on the subscribe button I could understand, he needed to get the video more watched. He earned money from videos, but he couldn’t teach others anything.  

Tips-18. If he taught me the real fact, he could not have time to teach me. He could send more emails and earned more money. Have you understood the hidden secret? So our people can’t learn what they need that compels them going forward.

Tips-19. And then how can you learn? Don’t search here and there randomly. We have no money, is enough to get inspiration. In your niche industry, who are pro bloggers and success in their business, discover them, follow them, and make them mentors.

Tips-20. For instance, you want to be a blogger, Jon Morrow is a teacher of pro bloggers over the work. You want to be a writer, Henneke is for business writing, and Sarah CJ is for a story, novel, and fiction writer. Learn from them. They have proven skills. Sarah makes me a writer. Henneke makes me reader persuasive writer.


Step-03. GPT program for Short-time job:

How To Make Money Online


Tips-21. In all honesty, keep it your mind that online income related to all concerns they desire you keep involved, stay longer, and be persistent. Without persistent efforts with a patient, nobody gives you scope to slide one step ahead. Most beginners don’t realize the matter quicker.

Tips-22. For instance, you have a FB page. You stay for a long time on Facebook. FB keeps records of your activities. So FB algorithm identifies your motive and desire. Become socially aligned with your business, such as you give likes, comments, and shares. So FB itself helps your profile and page reaching your audience. 

Tips-23. If you are a commercial, but not to be social such as you share your posts to get readers, engagement, and shares, you never spend time to promote others. It is proven, your posts and profile don’t move a bit.

Tips-24. I have seen in my practical life when I share valuable and quality content, the FB algorithm lets the post, reaching its readers. Since the algorithm knows who is searching for this kind of information, it sends them.

Short-time job: Online earning from GPT program sites

Tips-25. Suddenly you get free for a few hours, such as 3-6 hrs. Can you earn online income during this time? YES. You can earn. Follow GPT program sites for jobs like watching videos, reading emails, or paid surveys.

Tips-26. Besides, you get a few hours daily, so you want to earn extra pocket money ever. In this case, you should spend a month to visit at least ten GPT sites. And work at least ten class jobs. Choose one or two sites. And then keep doing selected jobs.

Tips-27. After selecting two sites, learn everything about them to become an expert on them. For example, you choose paid survey jobs. When you get a login, surveys come one after one.  When the site assumes you are an expert, it sends you more often surveys, high rate surveys, and relevant surveys since you are more professional than others.   

Tips-28. People want to be rich faster. They can’t tolerate slow jobs. They need everything faster without having skills, efforts, and efficiency. So they are moving and moving here and there. They can select nothing for permanent. 

Tips-29. You need to understand online trends, rules, and motives. Keep doing. Success is ahead. Money comes to its ways when you are fit for it.

Tips-30. The people who are HSC and below HSC have no working skills such as a graphic designer, they are qualified for GPT program site jobs.

Do you know who search for short time jobs? When people search for urgent cash, for cash, earn cash, make extra money, some extra cash, extra income, some extra money, and earning money, GPT program jobs are their solutions.

Do you know? What do they search for 

  1. Getting paid
  2. Get paid for
  3. Survey sites
  4. Get paid to
  5. Online surveys
  6. Taking surveys
  7. Spare time
  8. Ebates
  9. Cashback

They must stay on GPT program site jobs.

Tips from 25 to 30 are full guidelines to earn online income for unskilled and less educated people. If you are in this group, read these five tips for ten times. 


Step-04: Part-time job for skilled people:

How To Make Money OnlineGPT program site jobs:

Tips-31. Irregular people should stay in GPT jobs. They can attend a job when they have time. You can also work for a few hours. You can withdraw if you have $1 in your job site account. Pay attention to be professional on your site and job. 

Build skill for a part-time job:

Tips-32. To make an online income, you need to have skills. Multi diversion skills are a weak point in an online career. That is not a credit, but professional skill is a credit. Choose one career, build professional skills on it. And then create a task as such nobody could create the same before.

Tips-33. I can discover the secret path to be an online income success when I could understand I have to differentiate myself from others and create unique offers for my audience nobody could create it before.

Tips-34. The uniqueness is the way of online success. How to compete with your competitors over the world? How to outreach high authority in your industry. Most failures fail for this reason. They think I  have done it. But buyers get more special offers than yours.

Tips-35. For example, I am an SEO expert. Now I can guarantee a ranking with long-tail keywords within 30 days. You need organic traffic to be a success in digital marketing. If I challenge for first-page ranking with 30 days for below 20 DA site, people come to me. This guarantee skill works for online business.

How to be exceptional in the job market in your kills?

Tips-36. For instance, you are an expert SEO. You want to differentiate yourself from others in the job market. How can you be? Nothing riskier. It is not rocket science. The creativity is its solution. Such as you read 500 articles. Read 10-20 articles daily and write one. After three months, you are a hero in your market.

Tips-37. For another example, you are a professional graphic designer. How can you differentiate yourself from others? Watch 300 YouTube videos. Watch ten videos daily and design one. And then upload it for free design. After three months, you can be a global designer.

Tips-38. How can I become a writer? Sarah, my writing mentor, email me to write a short story daily nonstop for 30 days. After 30 days, I can attract philosophy in my writing. That is a gold mine for me as a writer.

Tips-39. Standing out to make an online income on the crowded market is almost a challenge for people. Without sacrifices, can you hope to achieve that goal? The lazy, time killers, and addicted to games, play, and GF-BF can do a precious online job.

Tips-40. Save time avoiding unnecessary jobs, leaving various engagement and ignore time killer activities. How much can you get free, refresh and mental coolness? REMEMBER! It needs persistent efforts with a long patient.

To get an idea for search intent is crucial online marketing. When people search for jobs asunder,

  1. Make money from home
  2. To make money online
  3. Ways to make money
  4. Making money
  5. How to make money
  6. Way to make money
  7. Making money online
  8. Ways to make money online
  9. How to make money online
  10. Ways to earn money
  11. Way to earn money
  12. Start making money

They are fit for part-time jobs.


Step-05: How to take an online career as a full-time job?

How To Make Money OnlineCan you take an online career as a full-time job?

Tips-41. YES. You can. You have the question since you don’t know the online job quantity and earning levels. People are millionaires outside our country. But we are still online labors. Why our Genius– Talented– Highest Dreamer– are not here? Did you find engineers, doctors, and professors who are bloggers? They don’t know they have a field online job market. 

Tips-42. An SEO specialist can earn a million dollars in a year. Keyword research specialists also can earn that. In a rich country, they have SEO service companies, keywords research companies, and ranking service companies. They are earning passive income, get financial freedom, world travelers. Where are most people?  

Tips-43. People usually have an interest in affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is not so easy as they think. It has complexity, but it is not a problem. In the truth, they don’t know how affiliate works. 95% of the affiliate are failures. So you have to learn how to proceed and step by step the working process.

Do you know the people who are looking for a full-time job search for asunder? 

  1. Fiverr
  2. Upwork
  3. Freelancer
  4. Google AdSense
  5. Freelancing
  6. How to start a blog
  7. Monetize websites
  8. Online courses
  9. Freelance writing
  10. Affiliate programs
  11. Good money for a freelance writer 

They should stay on full-time jobs. First, they learn skills and then earn money. Even though these are long processes, but people will get a permanent solution. 

Tips-44. REMEMBER! Nobody can stand out online marketing without having writing skills. Only grammatically correct English doesn’t work in digital marketing. Reader persuasive, keywords-intent, and quality content are writing skills if you can write.

The first step to enter into a full-time online career:

Tips-45. First, you need to be an English writer. Most people think I know English writing. I studied in an English medium school. The first wrong turning point. They never get access to the online deeper. Your academic English and present digital marketing English are not the same. I want to say sky-height difference. 

Tips-46. When I learned my English is not perfect for digital marketing, at that time, my blog had 120 posts. I deleted all posts. And 1600 Quora answers connected to 120 posts. So I deleted 1600 answers. Can you imagine what is called to improve writing skills? 

The second step to enter into a full-time online career:

Tips-47. The next step is to be a blogger. Blogging is a basement of all online income sources. It needs to complete a blogging course. Blogging defines you, where is online money? And how can you achieve it?

Tips-48. At this stage, you require a blog. DON’T USE FREE PLATFORM TO EARN ONLINE INCOME IN ALL CASES. You don’t compete online competitors over the world with free stuff. YOU SHOULD HAVE A BUDGET TO BUILD ONLINE CAREER.

The third step to enter into a full-time online career:

Make Money By Online Courses

Tips-49. Choose a specific business goal. Such as it may be asunder.

  1. Professional SEO 
  2. Keywords Analyst 
  3. Ranking & organic traffic
  4. A niche blogger
  5. Copywriter
  6. Storyteller
  7. Course writer
  8. Ebook writer
  9. Mastering social media
  10. Content marketer

Work with the original buyer. The best online earning in most countries is from GPT program sites.

Tips-50. Do you know? Clarity, generosity, and following Google is sure successful ways to proceed forward with an online career.  Keep online mentors and follow them, ask them, and promote their products & post. Thus, your online career will be lucky.



This post makes your online income career mindset in the right direction. Pay focused on learning first, building skills, and then helping people without interest. Nowadays most online earning in most counties is from GPT program sites.

If you need more information, you may read my blog posts, whether you get what you need. 

We are eagerly waiting to hear your opinion. We want to learn something from you.


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